What Processor Do I Have ?


An electronic circuitry that executes the instructions made to program a computer is known as a processor or the central processing unit. The basic operations such as arithmetic, controlling, logic and input/output are done by the central processing unit. The processor works by executing the instructions more than one at a time and it runs the whole computer efficiently. The basic instructions are important in every task and processor provides it in a computer. The faster it does that, the faster a computer operates. Faster computers often translate into increased productivity and efficiency.Read the reviews about Motherboard for i9 9900K

There is only one processor in every computer that is a very main and important part of it. Most of the times the computer’s processors are made by the well known companies INTEL or AMD.

What is Windows 10 ?

With the passage of time technology is getting far better than the previous times and Windows 10 is an example of that which was released in July, 2015 which is a successor to Windows 8.1. There are built-in abilities in Windows 10 that give exposure to the new fields of people from IT department. Windows 10 work in desktops and in mobile phones as well. Windows 10 will not have any successor and the company will update this time to time.Intel I7 is the latest processor you can get Motherboard For i7 9700k 


Steps to Check the Processor :

You can easily check that what processor is working on your computer and there isn’t any need of a proper software or application for that. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you are good to go.

The steps are;

  • Navigate to Settings > System > About.
  • Look under “Device specifications.” The name of your computer’s processor and its speed are displayed to the right of “Processor.”

The Task Manager of Windows 10 also shows detailed CPU information. Right-click your taskbar and select Task Manager or press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to launch it. Click the Performance tab and select CPU. The name and speed of your computer’s CPU appear here.

The most suitable way to check the properties of a central processing unit is to right-click on “my computer” on the desktop. Now click on the properties  and new windows displaying system properties will open. Here you can find the type of your processor and speed with respect to the Windows.

There are some main requirements that are compulsory for a computer to have if you want to experience the best Windows. Processor of 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster compatible processor or a system on a chip (SOC) is required.

Here is a tip to get there quickly, by pressing Windows+i to open the Settings app quickly. You can also press the Windows key, type “About” to search your Start menu for this settings screen, and click the “About This PC” shortcut that appears.

There are several other ways to find the details of a computer. The processor is a vital part of computer that determines and exhibit the qualities and capabilities of a computer.

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