Logitech C930e Vs C922 2021 Comprasion Get the Best

Logitech C930e Vs C922

Who of us is not familiar with the name ‘Logitech’?? All of us are. They are probably the most famous and trusted manufacturers for Webcams and launch a series of webcams with a lot of variations and unique features so you have a great variety to choose from, depending upon your choices and preferences.

You can benefit a Logitech Web camera or webcam from conducting everything from job interviews to conference calls or simple video calls with your loved ones using video calling software such as Skype.

Processing and usage are also simple, Install a Logitech webcam on your computer, set the angle and you are ready to slay.

All Logitech webcams are efficient in their performance but which one you should choose is a question though. Don’t worry as we’ve come up with a comparison of two capable webcams by Logitech.

Logitech C930e Vs C922


Logitech took a promising start in the year 2012 with the Logitech C920 which, undoubtedly, was the best webcam of its time but then in the next 5 years, Logitech’s top webcam lineup expanded and they launched 7 webcams one after one.

5 of them were business webcams that include C930E, C920-C, C925E, the Pro and the Brio whereas the other two were consumer-grade webcams under model name C922 and 4k Pro.

To get a good start, let’s get started with a comparison table that will give you a clear view of the difference between the major specs of both webcams.

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General Specs and Features Overview:

Launching Date: C930 was launched in 2013 whereas C922 is relatively a newer model launched in 2016. Both models are apparently close to each other in many specs but C930e overweighs a little as it was designed by keeping in mind the professional and business needs of the people.

Type of Webcam: Logitech started probably in 2012 with its first webcam and then in the next 5 years it launched a total of 7 webcams out of which 5 were for business and commercial needs and the other 2 were for personal or home use. C930e is more capable and efficient and due to its high build quality, it’s made for business purposes whereas C922 is a normal-grade webcam made for gamers, streamers or normal household personal use.If you want to build a quiet Pc get Best Quiet CPU Cooler

Logitech C930e Vs C922

FOV: FOV of a webcam is actually the field of view or angle that can be covered by webcam. It’s actually a coverage range a webcam covers. In that scenario, C930e is a wide-angle webcam with a 90o angle that is capable of covering a whole business or multi-people conference with someone cross the screen whereas C922 cuts the edge here with a very standard 78o FOV.If you want to get best laptop try check HP envy x360 vs HP pavilion x360 Comparison

Logitech C930e

Logitech C922

Shutter type: A shutter is a piece of cover that restricts webcam’s unintentional activity like accidental picture capturing or hacking. And in today’s time, it’s quite necessary to choose a webcam with an efficient shutter for privacy. Here, again C930e leads the category as it features an extended shutter whereas C922’s specification is unknown in this regard.

Screen Resolution: Probably the very first thing that a layman considers in order to decide on quality is the picture quality of video delivered by the webcam. Both of the webcams, in this regard, features a good 1980x1080p resolution which is quite efficient in delivering a clearer, sharper and bright picture quality with much-balanced contrast.

FPS Ratings: FPS stands for Frames per Second speed and it actually describes how seamlessly a video call will be delivered with less or no freezing, slow down and blurring. Here, C922 wins with a great margin as it has 60FPS speed whereas the competitor C930e only features half of this at 30FPS.

Operating System compatibility: Both models equally support any operating system of the computer including Windows, Mac, Linux or any other. That makes them both completely versatile and reliable as it can attach to any of your devices without a problem.If you got 9700K CPU we have a list of RAMs for it

Cord length: Both of the web cameras come with a good 6’feet long cord which ensures seamless attachment and positioning between plug and computer so you can use your call time with the ease you wish to have.

UVC Capability: UVC is referred to as USB Video class and it describes devices streaming videos. C930e leads in UVC capability with 1.5 whereas C922 has a little less UVC value at 1.1. But both are sufficient in this regard and declaring a difference between both is quite difficult.

AVC, MJPEG, and SVC: AVC stands for Advance video calling, MJPEG stands for jpeg picture movie which plays jpeg images one after one in a video form and SVC stands for Scalable video calling.

Both webcams support AVC and MJPEG but C930 wins here only by a hair as it supports SVC whereas C922 doesn’t. SVC is particularly good for live streaming if your endpoint also supports it. Although not everyone requires an SVC as it’s necessary for video coding only.

Other Features: Other than these stated specs and features, both webcams offer glass lenses, auto-focus at 20 steps, same 2 Omni-directional Microphones and same noise reduction technology that eliminates surrounding low wave noises and hence improves overall crispy sound quality.Want to build a Pc which does not make noise ? check which are the Best Quiet Pc Cases Of 2020 For Quietest Pc Build

Carl Zeiss certifications:

Carl Zeiss certification for a product means that the instrument is a quality build product that has the ability to come up to expectations to ensure reliability. To our expectations, C930e comes with the certificate whereas the certification of C922 is unknown.

The Bottom Line:

As we have reviewed both Logitech webcams with all the specs and features a webcam could offer. C930e seems to be the winner in almost all the categories except a comparatively low FPS. But this low FPS doesn’t dominate at the overall picture and audio quality due to the effect of other solid specs.Want to enjoy gaming without any problem get Best Lightest Gaming Mouse

Therefore this one slight cut edge is negotiable for a high-quality high-resolution business-class video quality with a wider view angle so you can cover more in your office and conference rooms or even homes.

But if you have to use it for normal functioning but demand great picture quality with no blurs and slowdowns, or if you use more online gaming and video streaming, C922 is a great deal for the price.

Preferences are yours and so is the choice.

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