HP Stream Laptop 14 Review 2020

From time to time we have all seen ourselves browse through 100s of laptops in the electronics department for the best value laptop for small everyday activities such as streaming media and usage of basic productivity, college, or maybe a gift for a loved one. Chances are that you have already come across the HP Stream Laptop 14, which is an ultra-affordable 14-inch windows laptop available in four bright color variants, such as blue, gray, white and purple, to catch your eyes in the dull store shelves. HP introduced this low-powered budget laptop so that it can target the whole market effectively, to grab the attention of users who don’t prefer spending too much on their electronic devices. Surprisingly the laptop is powered with Windows 10 and as compared to other chrome books of a similar category, the HP Stream Laptop 14 is a very budget-friendly choice, with a considerable performance to aid newcomers or light technology users. The laptop comes with complimentary 1TB of one drive cloud storage and office 365 personal, to get you kickstarted with the best windows experience.

With prices skyrocketing during the coronavirus pandemic, this laptop is a perfect buy for those who have the patience to work with a low powered CPU, minimal RAM and 32GB of flash storage. It is easily available in all big retail stores, including online e-stores such as Amazon, with attractive deals. Look at the HP stream laptop 14 review to contemplate if this laptop is a perfect fit for you!

HP Stream Laptop 14 Review Unravel the Chromebook’s Slim, Light, and Bright Design.  

The HP stream laptop 14 has a striking design, with a 14-inch body, that is exceptionally thin, very light and easy to hold in comparison to other chrome books of the same range. The laptop weighs at 1.4kg or 3 pounds, which is easy to transport in your bag, without making it too heavy. The laptop also comes in a smaller size, at 11.6 inches, which is around $20 cheaper than the 14-inch version. The smaller version is one short of the USB ports provided in the 14-inch version due to its size. However, other than one less USB port, the 11.6-inch version of the HP stream laptop also has the exact same features, performance, storage, design qualities and components as its larger counterpart.Get Best Laptop for Roblox

HP Stream Laptop 14

The HP stream laptop 14 is made from plastic materials. The plastic material used in its construction is a soft plastic, however, the laptop itself is quite sturdy. The controversial material used is to keep it safe from damages. The laptop also has ridges on its lid to give it texture and added grip for an easy hold by its users. It also displays funky colors and comes in 4 color variants which include bright blue and a sultry purple with a white chiclet-style comfortable to type on the keyboard and a highly responsive one-piece touchpad with movement tracked in all four corners. The keyboard has soft haptic feedback, with a light pressure point making it remarkably easy to touch and nice to press. All these perky and prominent features make the HP stream laptop 14 a perfect inexpensive gift for your young ones.Read Laptop For Middle Schoolers Reviews

The HP stream laptop 14 measures about 0.77 inches in height, by 13.27 inches in width and 8.9 inches in depth, making it a stock sized, easy to carry the laptop. Its distinctive size helps it fit in all the tiny spaces possible, be it an airline tray table, your car, or in the nooks of your room or living space. Its size makes it a good candidate to be connected with your TVs or desktop monitors to screen share and turn your working space into a smart home.

HP Stream Laptop PC, 14″ HD, Intel Celeron N3060, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC, with free Office 365 Personal subscription for one year.

The HP stream laptop 14 comes with a complimentary subscription of one-year access to 1TB of online cloud storage on Microsoft drive, as well as Office 365 personal. After the subscription has expired, you have ample options for choosing between yearly or monthly Microsoft subscriptions, which fit your budget best. The laptop runs on Windows 10 software, which affirms HP’s dedication on improving chrome books and providing chrome book users with the same experience as that of other laptops, such as the IdeaPad, crushing the idea that you have to pay too much to be able to afford an ultraportable laptop. If you are interested in a budget laptop, this might be the one for you!.

The laptop offers initial storage of around 64GB on an onboard eMMC solid-state drive (SSD) and 4GB of system memory. The eMMC SSD makes the laptop run faster than most budget laptops. After setting up your laptop, you will have 47GB on the drive for personal use. If you require more storage and wish to amplify it, you can do it through external drives, USB devices or by installing an SD card in the MicroSD slot. With the HP Stream laptop 14 you don’t even have to worry about external connections. It has basic connection options that are good enough for a laptop in this category. It comes with a microSD card slot, an HDMI port, a standard headset jack, combo audio jack, one USB 2.0 port and two USB 3.1 Gen ports. Most of the external connections are concentrated on the left side of the laptop. Whereas, the right side is left only for the charging port. Inside the laptop is a three-cell 41-watt battery. However, this battery is non-removable and can be quite a trouble to replace, if need be.Find out which are the Top 10 Best Lga 1150 CPUs

The HP stream laptop 14 features standard wireless connectivity at 802.11 AC WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. It supports the typical fast ac WLAN and easily achieves decent WLAN speeds. Its overall performance is far better than other laptops of this category, especially budget laptops. The HP laptop can easily handle day-to-day tasks and data streams. It has a 1.6GHz Intel Celeron N4000 processor, with Intel HD graphics integrated into its system. It also has a dual-core processor, which does help to speed things up significantly, which would have been trouble otherwise. Further addressing the performance, we note that the display response time, which shows how fast the screen is able to change from one color to the other, is substandard. The screen shoes a relatively slow response rate at 25 ms in black to white, and 46 ms in 50% grey to 80% grey display response time range. Although it is not the most impressive system to have in a laptop in this day in age, however, it is important to remember that the HP stream laptop 14 is aimed at the newcomers with software systems made to give a basic performance.If you do not want noice from your pc get Best Quiet Pc Case

The HP stream laptop 14 comes with a glossy TN LED panel, featuring a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which is pretty fair in the category of low budget chrome books. However, the average brightness of the product is rather low. It is nothing to worry about, as it is expected to be muted in the given affordable laptops price class. It is important to note that something which might bother users is the distribution of brightness, which is pretty inconsistent. The brightness falls by a whole 50 cd/ m² from the top right all the way to the bottom left. The inconsistency can be a considerable bother when working outdoors or in spaces with direct light hitting the laptop screen. Even though most computer company competitors, like Acer, Dell etc., deliver better screen resolution and display results in high end and budget laptops alike, HP does not use PWM to control the brightness. This simply means that the laptop is suitable for users with more sensitive eyes, as it reduces eye strain as much as possible.If you can afford high end gaming laptop then check the list of Best Gaming Laptop Under $1500

One of the most commendable features of this laptop is its battery life. It can smoothly last around 9 hours 50 minutes of media streaming, picture editing, video playback and basic writing or data tasks. The battery life is quite unexpected and marked better than other chrome books with the same features of the distinct budget price range. Furthermore, there were no noise emissions and temperature issues noted during the laptop’s testing. It is passively cooled and does not emit any noise, as it does not have a fan to cool the system. The temperature of the laptop was also notably controlled, even when the laptop was left idle for a long period of time. The noise and temperature control is a huge plus for those looking to work quietly with minimal distractions during their productive working hours.

  • Unexpectedly long battery life.
  • Eye-catching and colorful designs with thin infrastructure.
  • Made from damage resistant material.
  • Inexpensive, as compared to the other chrome books.
  • Cheap construction using substandard materials for a laptop.
  • Dim display, not sharp.
  • Underwhelming performance requires a lot of patience.
  • Small Speakers.

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