How to Use iMac as a Monitor?

There are times when one wants to have a second display monitor for different purposes. But that second monitor cannot be easily found, or one cannot have a spare monitor all the time that can be used. However, there are different things that one can use as a monitor in case if there is any need. One of the handiest things when it comes to getting a second monitor as your display is your iMac. A lot of people might be surprised as an iMac cannot be generally used just like a monitor because it is a display screen by Apple, and it has its own features as well.

However, there are times when you can use the iMac as your secondary monitor because it is the best you have got. And the display screen works perfectly fine when it comes to using it as a secondary monitor option. But the question that arises next is that is there any possibility that you can use your iMac as a monitor screen for any purpose that you want, whether primary or secondary? And the answer to it is yes, the iMac can be used as a monitor, but there are different steps involved in it, which you need to do in order to get the use of iMac as a display screen. The iMac can be used as a monitor with the help of Target Display Mode.Learn How to Use Laptop as a Monitor for Xbox?

The Target Display Mode is easy to start using with different system requirements that you can find around. The system requirements that you need for this is a Mac notebook or a desktop that has a mini display port or a thunderbolt port. Apart from this, you will also need a mini display port cable or a thunderbolt cable for connection purposes. An iMac supporting OS X v10.6.1 or later is also needed for the complete setup. The first step that you need to do is to turn on your iMac and make sure that the other Mac is also logged in. once you are done with it, then connect the thunderbolt or the mini display port between the two computers.Learn What is a Freesync Monitor?

After you are done with this, press the Command and F2 key together in order to use the iMac as a display for the other monitor. Once done, everything will then be automatically connected, and you can easily work whatever you want to work on. However, if you need to exit from the monitor screen display, then you simply have to press F2 along with the command button. Once you have disconnected, you can end the connection by taking out the thunderbolt cable or the mini display port.Get Best Curved Monitor for MacBook Pro
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