How to Use a Laptop as a Second Monitor?

Laptop as a Second Monitor

The monitor is one of the most sought output devices that you can find around. Without a monitor or a display screen, one cannot work on the computer as you won’t have any output that can be displayed. Thus the presence of a monitor is a must and one has to ensure that they do have the monitor to get the desired result that you want. However, there are cases and times when you don’t one just one monitor, rather you would prefer to have two monitors. For this purpose, there are certain protocols that you need to follow.Learn How To Split One Monitor In Two Screens

When you don’t have more than one monitor available, there is no need to be sad as you can get a second alternative when you use a laptop. There are a lot of people who use multiple monitor screens as they want to have an extended view of what they are doing like brokers who have 2 or 3 screens at a time. Thus, this is where your laptop comes in handy as you can easily use your laptop as a second monitor in no time. There are different ways through which you can choose how you can use your laptop as a second monitor.Check How Many Hertz is My Monitor ?

Laptop as a Second Monitor

One of the ways through which you can use your monitor as a second laptop is by going to the properties menu from your desktop once you have done this, go to the settings menu where you will see a second screen. There you will have to drag it to a similar position where your laptop screen is. Once you have performed this action, only there will be a pop message where it would ask you whether you want to enable this monitor or not. At that point, you need to select yes and then click on apply to get your laptop to function as a second monitor.Get Best Vertical Monitor if you do not want a horizontal one

However, there are changes when you want to do this if you are using MAC and not windows. For MAC users the process is simple and easy and you can easily do it. All you need to go is to system preferences and then go to choose options of display. Once you are done choosing it, then OS X will detect the new display straight away. If it does not detect, then you need to click on the detect display button from where you can select an Arrangement in order to reposition the display to reflect reality. There is also an option to reposition the dock wherever you want.
The addition of second monitor from a laptop is perfect for people of different areas as it helps them to use the monitor wisely. If you are someone who has extended work like architects and all, then you need to have bigger screens to work and if you don’t have such big screens then making your laptop as a second monitor is the best thing that you can do. The option can be availed on both MAC and Windows operating system.

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