How To Split One Monitor In Two Screens

There are times when you need to have more than one screen, but the problem is you don’t have an extra screen. Then what is the ultimate solution for it apart from getting a new screen. The one solution that everyone looks out for is that you can easily split the screen of your current monitor. Thus you will have one monitor but the screen will be split into two monitors so you don’t have to worry about getting a new screen if you want to have more than one screens for your monitor. But the problem is how can you do this with your current monitor.If you are a trading guy try Best Monitors for Day Trading

If you are using Windows 10, then you have an added advantage as there is an option of Snap Assist available through which you can easily split the screen into two and start working. Through the Snap Assist feature, you can drag and drop a window to a part that you want to snap. Once you do this, you can easily split your monitor into two screens. However, before doing this, one has to make sure that the feature is enabled, and only then you will be able to do it. In order to enable the feature, go to settings, and then click on system and then go to the multitasking tab. There you will find the option of Snap Windows. Turn on the feature in order to make it easy to split the monitor screen into two.If you want small screen get Best 21 Inch Monitor

However, if you are not using windows 10, then there will be a different process for Windows 7,8 or XP. If you are using any of the above-mentioned windows, then you will find one option that will help you to split the monitor screen into two. Right click on the taskbar and there select the option of display windows side by side. Thus as soon as you select the option, there will be two windows that will open simultaneously. There is also an option to split the monitor screen with the help of freeware. There are different freeware applications available that you can get, which will not only provide you screen split option but they will also help you with other advanced features as well.If you want to read documents then you can get Best Monitors For Reading Documents

The concept of splitting screen is famous now because we have ultra-wide monitor screens that are now readily available. The more you see it, the more space you find in a single window. However, when you are using two screens, there is an advantage of running multiple applications on different screens so that you can run and work on any application that you want. You can work on any application and the screen split will only show those applications that you are working on. Working on two programs at a time is quite common and one has to think of new ways through which they can get the work done, and the split screen option is just what everyone has been looking for.

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