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Samsung is a very famous brand that does not require any introduction, and its products are widely used all over the world. They are extremely user-friendly and provide great value for money.

Samsung laptops are top of the line in the competitive market. The thing that adds more value for a Samsung laptop user is that it is not only very easy to handle, but it is very simple to factory reset Samsung laptops too.

Now, you may be thinking that why do we need to factory reset the Samsung laptop?

Well, sometimes, the laptop functionality and operation start lagging, and it slows down. At times, the problem with rebooting Windows starts occurring too. That is when you know that your laptop needs to go for a factory reset.

You may think that it is a very difficult process, but in reality, it is very simple and just requires a couple of steps.

There are several methods through which you can find a way about how to reset Samsung laptop:

Methods about how to reset Samsung laptop:

Before you proceed with the procedure of the reset of your laptop settings, make sure that you save all your important data files on a backup drive. This is important because when you start to factory reset your laptop, most of your data will be erased or deleted. Now, if you have anything important that you do not want to lose because of the resetting and relaunching of your Windows, it is advisable to have it all saved beforehand on a separate disc, CD, or any other computer.

Method # 1: Launch the Samsung Recovery Program:

  • Press the Esc key on your keyboard. Hold it for a while until the Samsung laptop begins launching the restore system.

  • Once the restore system opens, you will see the Recovery Solution program.

  • Select it and run it.

Samsung Recovery Solution program is basically a unique restoration system that the company provides. Mostly it is used for the recovery of the Samsung password.

  • Now, press the F11 key.

  • This will automatically begin the Samsung factory reset.

Method # 2: Through the f4 or f7 Key:

These keys are considered the “hotkeys” for any laptop. Whenever you press either of them, they will automatically run the system restore program without any trouble. By running this program, all your data will be gone once the computer reboots, and then you will be able to access the Samsung laptop without the need for a password.

This is a fairly efficient method to launch the System Restore program. However, the keys may differ from one brand to the other.

METHOD # 3: How to do the resetting of your laptop with the help of a CD:

  • First off, you need to buy a Windows

  • Next, you will have to put it on your laptop’s CD player.

  • Make sure that your laptop is turned off at this point.

  • Once the CD has been inserted into the CD ROM, you can now switch on your laptop.

  • Now, press the F8 key. Keep pressing it until your computer starts booting and you get to see the Boot menu on your display. This key may differ from model to model of your computer.

  • Once you enter the Boot Menu, you will see the option to Boot from CD.

  • Click on this option.

  • After following several commands, you will have to choose the option to “Press Enter to set up Windows.”
  • This prompt will lead you to a page where you will see various other prompts regarding the installation of Windows.
  • Remove all the partitions and choose “Format the hard drive.”

You will have to manually select and delete all the old partitions.

  • Select the “Unpartitioned space” for your

  • With the help of your arrow key, press C simultaneously, create new partitions in this unpartitioned space in your Windows.
  • Now choose one of the newly created partitions as the Primary partition. This is where you will be installing your Windows

  • When your computer asks you about your preferred file system, choose NTFS.

  • You will have to wait for a bit until your Windows installs properly. You will also see some more commands and instructions that will help you finish the process easily and securely.

Method # 4: How to Factory Reset Samsung Laptop When You Have Windows 10:

For Windows 10, the method is simple but a little different from other operating systems.

  • First off, connect your laptop with its charger.

  • Now, after saving all the important data aside in another drive, click on the Start button.

  • This will take you to the Settings.

  • There, you will have to choose the option of Update and Security.

  • On the left sidebar, you will see the Recovery option. Click on it.

  • Now, you will see an option to “Reset this PC.”

  • Click on this option and Get Started.

  • Your computer will ask you if you want to keep your files or remove everything.

  • Choose “Remove Everything.”

  • Now, your computer will again give you two options: Whether to just remove your files or remove files and clean the drive.

  • Choose the option of “Remove my files.”

This way, you will format the C Drive. If you choose the option to “Remove files and clean the hard drive,” your entire hard drive will be wiped clean, and no partitions will remain.

  • In case you have recently upgraded your Windows from a previous version like Windows 8/8.1, you will receive a warning prompt here. Just click on “Next.”
  • Now, click on Reset when the computer asks you again and just follow through with the instructions.
  • This entire process takes up some time, and once the reset is complete, your computer will restart.

METHOD # 4: Revamp your laptop having Windows 8/8.1:

  • First off, go to the computer Settings.

  • Click on “Change PC settings.”

  • Now, a new window for various PC settings will appear. Go to the bottom of the left sidebar and there you will see the option of “Update and Recovery.”

  • Click on it.

  • Now, you will see three more options for recovery. Choose the option of “Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows.”

  • Click on “Get Started.”

  • When a new window pops up, just click on “Next.”
  • Now, you will see another prompt that will give you some options. Choose the “Just remove my files” option.

This will reset your Drive C completely.

  • Your computer will ask you one final time to confirm if you want to reboot your PC. Just click on the “Reset” button.
  • This process may also take some time until the computer is reset, and the Windows have been reinstalled safely.
  • Once the process will finish, your computer will restart and after that, it will work as a completely new computer.
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