How to Print From Android Phone to Wireless Printer?

In this progressive world, where everything is getting digital, printouts are still the most significant part of life for every student, teachers, or administrators, to name some. Yet, transferring the file to the windows first and then getting them the printed file is hectic also. This problem is not an issue anymore as now both the android phones and IOS are supporting printing via smartphone.

How does it work?

It works like scanning your document on a printer’s QR code to get it transferred to the printer via wifi. Moreover, it only needs an assurance that both devices have the same internet connection. It not only aims to ease the life of the third person but also saves the time of the holder, ensuring safety also. Get Best Printers Under $100

Install the Cloud print application if not Built-in.

The majority of Android phones are now proffering with the built-in service along with the IOS supporting mobiles. You can also download a Google cloud application on your android devices to avail of this printing offer. So, if you are having an interest in the portable printers or thinking about getting one, then the suggestion is don’t ponder anymore, only act promptly, you will be pleased. However, our task is to provide you with the most accessible procedure to tackle such printers in a go. 

 How to get prints through your mobile phones by just a few clicks?

Android phones are offering a built-in Google cloud application, but if your phones don’t support it, you can also download it by yourself from the play store. It is the only printing application that is preferable, free of bugs, and any third party involvement. The built-in version has all the settings you can require to get the printout, yet the one you download calls for significant changes to make. Do make sure that both the devices are on the same network. Now add a printer on the application by opening the app settings. Click on the Find printer option. Let your application recognize the nearby printer that is compatible for your device also. After setting the printer, you are ready to proceed with further functioning. 

 How to get your document print from the mobile?

 This printing directly from android phones is not limited to any specific web page to get it printed. It supports every document, image, mail, any other file, and many more, offering you a handy printing solution. Before getting your desired document print, make sure that you have a proper wifi connection, and the printer has a perfect contact with your device. Go back to the page that you want to get it printed. Go to the icon-three dots- and click on the option of print on that tab. 

How to print any web page via an Android device?

To print web pages from Google Chrome or any other search browser is also very convenient. Open the page you want to print on your preferred browser, open the setting menu, click on the share button and a new screen tab will pop up. Click on the printer icon on the same tab to get your print out in hands. 

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