How to Install a Second Hard Drive ?

Second Hard Drive

This article will tell you that how you can install a second hard drive in a computer. One should keep this thing in mind that installing another hard drive is not possible, but yes, you can replace it with the existing hard drive, but this will risk the voiding of computer’s warranty. Some people don’t like to go through all this hassle, so they should prefer to get an external hard drive and you can use them in any sort of computer or even in Mac.Installing a second hard drive is not an easy task but you can use External Hard Drive for Video Editing easily it will take only few second you just have to connect hard drive through USB cable

Second Hard Drive

Method to install a second hard drive :

  • The surety of having a Windows desktop is really important as modern laptops do not have the capacity to have another hard drive. We can take the example of Mac in which there isn’t space to have another hard drive. External hard drives are best for them.If you are a gamer then there are many Hard Drives that are specially made for gaming
  • Then turn off or unplug the computer for safety as it is very dangerous to make some internal changes while the computer is on. Keep that in mind that the fans of your computer should also be off and then you can proceed with the work.
  • Then open the case of your computer, this can vary according to the model of your computer so it would be better to ask. If you know how to do so, then it’s fine.
  • Now coming towards the mounting space, The actual hard drive of the computer will be in a rack of the computer case and there will be a similar rack case in the computer and there you need to place the second hard drive.
  • Slide the other hard drive in the mounted space and make sure that it will get fit with the first one and the cable side of the hard drive should face you. May be you need to tighten up the pace with screws.
  • Now find the attachment point of the hard drive and attach the hard drive properly.
  • Plug the one end of it at the power supply box with power cable and then plug it into another hard drive. It is usually present at the top of the case..
  • The connections should be tightened properly, otherwise it will do a short circuit later when you will plug in the computer.
  • Plug in the computer now and the actual work starts from here.
  • Open the disk management window and right click the start menu. There will be a pop-up menu.
  • Wait for the window to appear that will tell the initialize disk box. If it doesn’t appear then you can also refresh the task.
  • Click OK to proceed with the task.
  • To make the second hard drive useable, press the right click on the second hard drive and click the option of new simple value and then click next.

After the completion of this process, there will be a second hard drive on the desktop for work.

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