How to Fix Xbox App Error 0x406 on Windows?

Several Windows users Have been not able to get their Microsoft Store buys (particularly games) through the Xbox App. They receive the”We can not sign you at the moment. Try again after ” error accompanied with the error code 0x406 anytime they attempt to sign in using their user account. This isn’t a server issue as the problem is supported to simply happen anyplace. The issue is exclusive to Windows 10.

What is causing the Xbox App Error 0X406?

We researched this Issue by searching at different user reports as well as the fix strategies which are commonly used to fix problems of this sort. As it happens, several prospective offenders will ease this error code. Here are several situations That You May End up in:

Xbox App Error 0x406

  • Glitched Xbox app — Among the most frequent causes which can trigger this error is the app glitch brought on by an abrupt machine shutdown. Whether this situation is applicable, you’ll have the ability to solve the issue by resetting the Xbox app working with the Apps & Features GUI.
  • Corrupted Windows Store or even Xbox App — As many distinct users have reported this issue may also happen because of inconsistencies through an upgrade or the setup of one or both of these apps. In cases like this, you can solve the issue easily using PowerShell to reinstall and reinstall the 2 applications.
  • Corrupted user — One other situation where this problem will happen is an example in which the Windows profile is corrupt, hence the Xbox app can not finish the identification. In cases like this, developing a new user should look after this issue for you personally.
  • The Token Broker support is handicapped — you might even see this error in the event that you previously disabled the Tokenbroker support or a source maximizing application did it to you. Because this support is utilized by most of Microsoft services that need a login. Whether this situation is applicable, then you are able to fix the problem by opening up the Services display and altering the status of this Token Broker support to Automatic.
  • Xbox Identity supplier has been flashed — In case you do not have this application installed, then your PC won’t have the ability to link to the Xbox live system. You will have to get this identification element installed to have the ability to sign in using all the Xbox app along with other related applications. Whether this situation is applicable, then you can solve this issue by simply installing the Xbox Identity supplier in your Microsoft Store.
  • System corruption — Even in more severe circumstances, the issue may also be brought on by a level of system file corruption which has come to impact the log-in process. In cases like this, the suggested fix plan is to refresh all of your Windows parts (either a fresh install or a repair install).

If you are currently trying hard to solve the Xbox App Error Code 0x406this guide will supply you with various different repair plans. Down below, you will come across an assortment of methods which other users at a similar case have deployed to solve the problem.

For the very best outcomes, we recommend that you adhere to the prospective fixes below in precisely the exact same order we ordered them in because we purchased them by efficacy and seriousness. At some point, you are going to see a technique that will solve the issue, irrespective of the issue that is causing the issue.

Let us start!

Method 1: Resetting the Xbox App

Typically, this Specific issue will happen because of some rather standard Xbox app bug. It is often reported to happen after an abrupt machine shutdown although the application was still running. Luckily, the fix with this particular glitch is quite straightforward to carry out.

Several influenced users have Noted that the issue has been solved after they utilized they flashed the app working with the GUI and declared the system. This process won’t force you to shed your purchases or set up applications, but you will want to log-in at another startup.

option 1

Here’s a Fast guide on Assessing the Xbox app on Windows 10:

  1. Press Windows key + R into Open a Run dialog box. Next, kind ‘ms-settings: app features’ within the text box and then press Input to start up the App & Characteristics menu.

Within the Apps & attributes menu, Proceed to the ideal pane and then scroll through the listing of applications until you find the Xbox app. As soon as you view it, then click it then click Advanced Options.

  1. Within the Advanced Options menu of this Xbox application, scroll Down into the Rush tab and then click Reset to begin the procedure.
  2. As soon as you’re asked to confirm, click Reset once more to reset the app.
  3. The procedure is done, restart your computer and see whether the issue is solved in the next start.

If you are still limiting the Xbox App Error Code 0x406, proceed to the following method under.

Strategy 2: Reinstalling Windows Store and Xbox App

The issue is chiefly due to 2 UWP (Generic Windows Platform) applications that you ought to have the ability to look after the issue immediately by minding the 2 packages. Many users who were also falling this issue have been able to fix it by conducting a collection of commands at a heightened Powershell window capable of minding the 2 applications.

doing so and restarting their own system, many influenced users have noticed that the problem had been fixed and they could get their Xbox purchases without even limiting the Xbox App Error Code 0x406.

option 2

Here’s a Fast guide on Launching an elevated Powershell instantaneous and operating a collection of commands which can disable and re-register the Xbox App and Windows store:

  1. Press Windows key + R into Open a Run dialog box. Next, kind ‘PowerShell’ within the recently appeared text box and then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to start an elevated Powershell window. When you are prompted from the UAC (User Account Control), click Yes to grant admin access to this terminal.

As Soon as You’re inside the Elevated Powershell window, then type the following command and then press on Input after every one to take out the setup packs related to Windows Store along with Xbox App:

  1. Following both commands are processed Gradually, restart your computer and await another startup to finish.
  2. Follow step again to start up another Elevated Powershell window, then paste or type the following command and then press on Input to replicate all UWP applications:
  3. Restart your computer Once More and see if the issue is solved at the next system startup.

If you are still Seeing the Xbox App Error Code 0x406 error after you followed the steps above, Proceed to the following method under.

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