How to Fix Left CTRL Key not Working on Windows?

Many users Are Reporting they are suddenly not able to utilize the abandoned CTRL-key in their notebook or computer. Some users are still saying that if they join with an external keyboard, the CTRL key still does not work. The issue isn’t exclusive to a particular Windows version because it is confirmed to happen on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

What’s causing the left CTRL Key Not Working’ issue on Windows?

We looked into different consumer Reports and examined various repair strategies which are generally suggested by impacted users. As it happens, several unique scenarios may cause the apparition of the issue. Here’s a listing of Possible offenders that May Be responsible for this problem:

  • Physical keyboard issue — Prior to focusing on other possible offenders, affected users must start with ensuring they aren’t managing a faulty keyboard button. The simplest to check if this is accurate is to join another keyboard and see whether the issue remains happening.


  • The issue results from a poor Windows upgrade — There’s one special Windows upgrade aimed at incorporating additional shortcut choices which are known to trigger this problem using all the left Ctrl button. In cases like this, you can solve the issue by installing every impending Windows upgrade — this is likely to ensure you install the hotfix for this issue.
  • Corrupted / Improper HID Driver — The HID driver is frequently in charge of the apparition of the issue. A tainted case may break the performance of a few keys. Affected users have noted that they were able to repair the problem by reinstalling the driver with Device Manager.

In case you’re looking for a repair That will look after this problem, this guide will give you various different repair strategies which can allow you to fix the issue off. Down below, you will come across many different repair strategies which other users at a similar case have used restore the standard performance of the Left Ctrl key.

For the very best outcomes, we recommend that you adhere to the prospective repairs below in sequence because we ordered them by efficacy. At some point, you need to encounter a method which will solve the issue irrespective of the culprit that is causing the problem.

Let us start!

Method 1: Assessing for a physical problem

To Make Certain You don’t Adhere to a lot of troubleshooting measures to no avail, so you ought to start with making certain you’re not handling a physical keyboard problem — a faulty button.

With this in mind, start by Linking another keyboard and see whether the issue remains happening. If you are limiting the issue onto a notebook, plug into a USB keyboard and see whether the abandoned CTRL-key is useable.

method 1

If the issue persists even Using another keyboard, it is apparent the issue isn’t being due to a tangible issue. In cases like this, proceed to the following method under.

Method 2: Install each pending Windows upgrade

The following step is to Make sure that you’re running the hottest Windows version. Several changed users have reported the issue ceased occurring and also the CTRL key started functioning once they installed each pending WIndows upgrade to make sure that they had been operating to the newest build potential.

How this method Was effective for a few users indicates Microsoft has maybe introduced a hotfix for this specific issue.

Here’s a Fast guide on Ensuring that you just install every pending upgrade:

Press Windows key + R into Open a Run dialog box. Next, form”ms-settings: windows update” within the text box and then press Input to start the Windows Update tab at this Settings program.

As Soon as You’re inside The Windows Update tab, then click Check for Update and wait patiently until the first scan is full.

  1. The scan amounts up which upgrades are pending must be installed in your own computer, follow the onscreen drives to put in all of them. If you are motivated to restart before getting the opportunity to set up every product, do this but be certain that you return to the exact same display at the following startup to fill out the remainder of the update installments.

method 2

  1. you figure out how to set up every pending upgrade and restart your computer and see whether the issue is solved in the next startup.

If the abandoned CTRL-key is Not working, proceed to the following method under.

Method 3: Reinstalling HID Drivers

It’s also likely that you are viewing this error because of a keyboard driver issue. Many users who were also encountering the problem have reported that they were able to have this repaired after reinstalling and uninstalling the HID drivers with Device Manager.

Here’s a Fast guide on Using Device Manager to reinstall the Keyboards drivers:

  • Press Windows key + R into Open a Run dialog box. Next, kind “devmgmt.msc” and media Input to start the Device Manager utility.
  • As Soon as You’re within Device Manager and scroll through the list of set up Items and enlarge the drop-down menu related to Keyboards.

method 3

  1. Right-click on HID Keyboard Device and select Uninstall Device in the recently appeared context menu.

Verify your intention Of entering the driver by clicking Uninstall once more, then await the procedure to finish.

  1. Repeat step 4 and step 4 with all the most HID Drivers which you have installed onto your computer.
  2. Restart your computer to Permit your OS to Inform the HID drivers throughout the following startup chain and see whether the issue has been solved.

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