How To Download Custom Content For Sims 4 ?

Custom Content For Sims 4

A lot of Sims 4 players desire to be capable of further customizing the games, whether while building lots or in Create-a-Sim. The user-made custom content will bring new things into the game, but it is simple to get lost in the procedure of downloading it. This guide will teach you how you can install the custom content on Sims 4.

Steps For Downloading Custom Content On Sims 4 :

  • Find The Mods Folder:

Closeout the game > open your Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. The Mods folder, if you installed the game in a default destination, will be in Documents then Electronic Arts then in The Sims 4 and then Mods.Read the full list of Laptops For Sims 4 in 2020

  • Download The Program Such As The Un-Archiver Or 7-Zip:

Lots of custom content is compressed into .zip or .rar files, which you will have to extract before placing the files into the game.

  • Search Around For Sims 4 Custom Content:

You can frequently find a few content websites by utilizing your search engine. A few well-liked custom content sites comprise The Sims Resource and Mod The Sims, and a lot of individuals also share The Sims 4 custom content on blogs like Tumblr.

  • Search For The Needed Requirements:

The custom content needs the users to have something else for content to work, like a mesh or a game pack, and other content might not work with such game patches. Makers frequently write what is required in the content descriptions, so ensure to read the description!

Custom Content For Sims 4

  • Locate The Download Button Or Link For The Content:

Dedicated custom content sites will frequently have the Download button on the page. If your content is placed on a blog or other website that is not dedicated to The Sims content, you will frequently have to locate the link to the download website. (Most independent makers host their files on sites such as the Sim File Share, OneDrive, Box, or MediaFire.)

  • Extract Your File If It Is A .ZIP/.RAR Format:

If your custom content is in a .zip or .rar file, you will have to extract its contents first. (The content has to be in the .package; placing the .zip or .rar into Mods would not work.)

  • Move Your Custom Content To The Mods Folder: 

Choose the .package files. Either drag & drop the feels into The Sims 4, then go to Mods, or right-click them > choose Cut, navigate to the Mods folder > click Paste.

  • Enable The Custom Content In-Game If Required:

If the game does not enable mods automatically, then go to Settings > click other > check the checkboxes that say something like Enable the Mods and Custom Content and Script Mods Allowed > click Apply Changes for enabling them.

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