How To Disable Laptop Keyboard

Disable Laptop Keyboard

There are number of mishaps that can happen and then you need to disable your laptop keyboard so that it won’t create any further issues, keeping the fact in mind that it will only work if the laptop is fine. You can use the external keyboard by attaching it with the laptop after disabling the actual keyboard, but it also requires the disability of actual laptop first otherwise the external laptop will not work and may be it will cause any other fuss.Try some Laptops For Nursing Students

Methods To Disable Laptop Keyboard

There are several ways to disable the keyboard of a laptop, but the most suitable ones are as follows with different types also. This will include the procedure for Ubuntu  and Mac laptops.

The Removal :

This method will actually remove the keyboard. Go to your laptop’s start men and type device manager and then press enter. Then click on device manager and locate the keyboard in Device Manager. Click on the “+” sign to access a drop down menu to disable keyboard driver. A restart is usually required to make this permanent or uninstall it.

Third Party Device Manager :

The best way is to install a third-party device manager from CNET. Some people got the success after installing a third party manager for disabling the laptop’s keyboard rather than removing, but a restore disk for your computer is highly advised.

Device Manager :

Open the Device Manager and Select Update Driver. If/when prompted to “check online or use existing drivers”, select “existing drivers only”. Display incompatible drivers or de-select only use compatible drivers. Choose one of them and then restart. Your laptop keyboard and touch pad should now be disabled. The disability of keyboard with device manager also works for the Windows 10.

Disable Laptop Keyboard

Mac Laptops :

By connecting a mouse, keyboard and external monitor the user is good to go by running it in the closed display mode. Keyboard Cleaner is a utility which also helps to disable the keyboard of a laptop.

Ubuntu Laptops :

The keyboard in Ubuntu laptops can be disabled by adding the command at the end of the /home/user/.bashrc file. Whereas, forum users say you can also just add the command in System > Preferences > Startup Applications. This only works with the actual Ubuntu laptops.

The keyboard can also be locked if you do not want to disable it. It can happen by pressing the “CTRL” + “ALT” + “Del” keys simultaneously for a few seconds. If the Windows Security window appears, select Lock Computer. If the Task Manager window instead appears, select Shutdown, then Lock Computer” to lock the keyboard.

Turning off your laptop keyboard is probably a difficult task, whereas it should not be. You will never want to do this accidently as it will cost many other difficulties also. The above mentioned methods include the ways to disable the laptop of keyboard with respect to different types also. This includes disabling the keyboard permanently or locking the keyboard immediately so that it won’t cause much harm.

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