How to Connect Canon Pixma mx490 to Laptop

The Canon Pixma Mx490 is one of the best multipurpose printers that are available in the market. It makes printing pictures or documents easy and simple. Canon comes with several connectivity options. You can easily print your documents, scan your documents, and even fax using the canon Pixma.  You can also use your phone or table to connect to the printer using the wireless connectivity of the Canon Pixma printer. The Canon document feeder has time-saving features and is fully integrated to give users maximum capacity of paper sheets. Once Canon is set up, it can easily be connected to a wireless connection and you can easily print your documents using the WIFI connection on your laptop or your smartphone. The best part about the canon Pixma is that it can be connected via both wireless and wired connection, so if you want to keep the Canon branded printer on your desk and connect the canon using a wired connection you can easily do that, or if you want to keep Canon in your office and print documents wirelessly you can do that too. 

One of the best features of the Pixma is that Canon has pre-installed My Image Garden software. The canon software has all the essential printing features such as special filters, allowing you to print in full HD, etc. Canon also has features that let you organize your photo in calendar view using its facial recognition technology. Canon Pixma can be set up in your home and your office wirelessly or using a wired connection. Here we will tell you ways on how to connect Pixma Mx490 to laptop. 

Learning how to connect Canon Pixma Mx490 to laptop 

If you have recently bought a new canon and their printer or you work in an office and you want to connect your work laptop with the office canon printer. Whether you want to connect to the printer using a wired connection or go wireless you would need knowledge on how to connect to it. Do not worry we have you covered, here are the instructions on how to connect a canon printer to the computer or laptop both using a wired connection or using a wireless connection. You can either go through both of the methods and try the one you like or you can skip and go to the method you are looking for. 

Step#1: Downloading the printer driver

The first step of the setup your canon Pixma and its printer requires you to download the setup or software for your printer. The software or the setup will make it easy for you to connect your Canon printer to your laptop or pc. The setup is available on the canon website. All you need to do is visit the website using your web browser and download the setup. Here is how you can download your canon Pixma setup: 

  • Visit the Canon to setup the printer website and go to the downloads tab 

  • In the downloads tab search for your Canon Pixma Mx490 

  • The search will produce a link to your required setup software

  • Download the correct setup software in your required language and compatible operating system 

  • After the downloading complete now you need to install the canon software. 

Step#2: Setup the Canon Pixma driver 

As you have now downloaded the required canon printer driver, now you need to setup the software. The setup of the software is easy. All you need to do is click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions which appear on the screen. After that, you need to plug your canon printer into the laptop using the USB cable. As soon as you will plug it in, the laptop will recognize the printer using the setup software you installed previously and it will be connected and running. Now you can use your canon branded printer to print documents, scan them or fax them to whoever you want too.

Setting up the Canon Pixma Wirelessly on windows 

If you do not like the clutter of cables and want to keep your canon printer to be connected wirelessly you can do that too. As canon Pixma MX490 gives you the option to connect your laptop wirelessly by connecting the printer to your WIFI. Here is how you can connect your laptop wirelessly to your printer: 

  • If you haven’t downloaded the canon software you need to download it from the official website to setup the printer.

  • After downloading the canon software, setup the software 

  • After the step up, you need to select your wireless connection when the screen appears

  • Your canon printer will automatically connect to the wireless network after you fill in the network key
  • Windows will now recognize the printer as a device and now you will be connected to the canon printer wirelessly 

There could be some issues when you are trying to connect to the canon branded printer using the wireless connection, however these common issues can occur if your network is down, or any other node is using the printer. Other than that, the wireless connection should work fine and without any issues with the canon branded printer. If you face any issues while connecting to the printer using a wireless connection, we suggest to study the manual for any possible solutions or switch to the wired connection to fix the issue. 

How to Setup Canon Pixma using the WPS method 

You can also connect the canon branded printer to the WIFI using the WPS method. This is the easiest method which will allow you set up your printer wireless without any issues. It does not require any printer software and any other things. It just requires the WPS enabled and a stable internet connection hence the easiest way. You need to make sure the WPS button is there on the printer if not you won’t be able to use this method to connect your canon branded printer

Here is how you can connect the printer using the WPS method: 

  • Place your printer in a convenient location and turn it on.

  • Check and make sure that your printer is present within the range of your router signals. After that, provide the power connection to your router.

  • On your canon branded printer Control panel hit the ‘Setup’ button and after that, select ‘Wireless LAN Setup’ for your device with the help of navigation keys. 
  • From the available ‘Wireless LAN Setup’ options, click on the ‘Ok’ button and choose the ‘WPS Push Button’ method on the Pixma 
  • In the next step, you are supposed to click on WPS button present on your router to setup the Canon Pixma MX490 printer for the device.
  • After going through the above setup step, now you need to click on the ok button on your printer control panel.
  • Now, you would able to see a message ‘Connected’ appearing on your screen. Hit the Ok button to complete the setup process and continue with the printing operations.
  • On your laptop, open the Network list, choose the router network a click on the ‘Connect’ button to setup the printer with your canon
  • Once you have successfully connected your laptop to the router, you need to setup the printer software on your device for easily managing the printing operations.
  • To download the printer setup software and drivers, you can visit the Canon official website and enter your printer model number and download the appropriate setup software
  • After that, setup the appropriate drivers for your device to have the best printing experience.


The canon Pixma Mx490 is one of the best printer that one can buy. Canon Pixma can print 7 to 8 web pages at 8.7 pages per minute and it can print graphics from 2 to 3 pages per minute. This means Canon Pixma has a fast-printing speed and they do not lose their quality either. The scanning of the documents is quick and in the best quality that is available on the Canon Pixma. The color printing is of high quality and can compete with the best of the best printer that are available in the market. Canon Pixma also offers Google print mode where you can print documents and pictures directly from Google and air print mode which allows you to print directly from your iPhones. The quite mode on the Canon Pixma comes in handy when you are printing at night and do not want to wake any one up while the wireless printing gives you the option of eliminating the wire clutter. Canon Pixma also has features like copying a document automatically, along with an auto sheet feeder. The scanner offers to convert the scanned file directly into a PDF, able to scan directly from the network and can let your password protect the PDF files. 

The setup process of the canon branded printer is easy, anyone can setup. The instructions to setup the canon branded printer given in the above article. We hope the guide was elaborate enough to help you to connect and setup your printer software. Now you can easily setup your canon branded printer in your house or in your office with ease. It is up to you whether you want to setup the printer wirelessly to the laptop or use a wired connection to setup your laptop. The setup works both ways for the printer as they are one of the best and reliable printer in the market. The guide contained both ways to setup the printer to your laptop using both wireless connection and wired connection.


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