How to Connect Brother Printer to WI-Fi ?

Brother Printer

Brother is the most prominent brand of printers that apprehends the heed of many people. Most of the Brother printers are all-in-one printers as it can do many things at a time such as print, scan, fix, and copy. It provides the best quality of print outs. Furthermore, you can execute printing even at your home and office. If you want help with Brother Printer Wi-Fi Setup, then you can take the help of professionals. If you have bought a new Brother printer and want to connect it to the Wi-Fi, then this article is perfect for you.Multifunction Color Laser are good as they are multifunction


Well, if you have previously makeup or attempt to configure the wireless connection for your printer setup, you much reset the wireless card first. A wireless printer uses a wireless card that connects the device to the network that the printer will use. Nevertheless, if it’s your first time using the wireless printer then connect your printer to the Wi-Fi.Pigment Ink Printers are too good for office and personal use. Resetting your Wi-Fi connection on your Brother printer includes the following steps:

  • Turn your Brother printer’s switch on.
  • Press the highlighted MENU button on the Brother printer’s control panel.
  • Select the NETWORK type and press OK.
  • After pressing OK then Press RESET.
  • Select YES from the following options.

Tada! Your wireless card is reset and is ready to use your Wi-Fi connection for the brother printer.

Brother Printer


There are some really major steps you should be careful about while connecting your Brother printer to your Wi-Fi connection without the USB cable and the steps are as follows:

  • Turn your Brother printer’s switch on.
  • Press the MENU button from the given options of the Brother printer’s control panel.
  • Select the NETWORK type and press OK.
  • Select WLAN for the Wi-Fi connection and press OK.
  • Select SETUP WIZARD and then press OK.
  • When you see the “WLAN ENABLE?” option, select the ON to enable the network.
  • After searching thoroughly, choose the network name on the screen.
  • The Brother printer will ask, you whether you want to you WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) or not. Select NO.
  • Select the network password option and enter the password.
  • Download and install your Brother printer’s software either from the CD or you may also download it from the official website of the Brother.
  • After the successful setup of the printer, you can print a test page to check if the recently set up brother printer is working properly or not.


You should be aware of the Wi-Fi name and key of your wireless network and you can find this detail on the side of the router of your Brother printer. The screens may be different depending upon the operating system of your Brother printer and your Brother printer’s machine. The genuine thing is Brother printer’s system keeps updating their drivers so make sure you always have the updated drivers of the Brother printers. You need to go to the Brother driver download page and find the drivers of your specified taste accordingly. For example, the Windows version of Windows 32-bit.

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