How To Connect an HP Deskjet Printer to Wifi?

HP Deskjet Printer

HP Deskjet printer offers built-in wifi to its consumers. You can connect it with other devices through a nearby wifi connection to proceed with the process directly. This article aims to present you with a convenient way to help you in connecting your HP printer via a wireless connection while proffering you to ease your life. Learn different ways to Print From Android Phone to Wireless Printer?

Connect your HP printer with a computer through a wireless connection.

First of all, you have to choose the same connection for the printer that you use on your computer. Considering that you have done the ritual, switch on the power button of your printer. By holding the power button on your LCD screen will light open, giving you various options. Click on the setup option and then go to the setup wizard from the menu present on the printers screen. Soon after your selection, a new window will pop up, searching the nearby available networks to connect. From here, you can select your preferred wireless name, click on it and type in the password your wifi holds to proceed forward. After completion of all these steps, confirm the settings, and yeah, you are ready to go. Your HP Deskjet printer of any model will get connected to the wifi through this procedure.Can not afford expensive printer ? get a one that is below $100

HP Deskjet Printer

How to connect an HP printer with windows supportive devices via wifi?

An easy to go set up to connect your HP Deskjet printer is in your hand now. What you have to do is to be patient and considerate enough to make your printing experience comfortable with HP. Let’s get started. Make sure that your printer is on along with your device and a router before moving forward. Now make the connection of your windows with the printer stable. Get your printer connected with wifi according to the method provided above in the first subsection to make it wireless. Now you have to open your searching browser and type in the HP’s URL, preferably, so that you can be enabled to install the driver for your printer on your windows. It will let you to the window listing various models of Deskjet printer, select yours and allow the browser to download. Download the driver and install it to avail it on your windows device.If a special occasion is coming you can use Printer For Envelopes to print stylish envelopes for that event

Here is the installation process of the downloaded driver used for the HP Deskjet printer on windows.

To install the driver, you have to open the control panel on your device by double-clicking on it. A new window will get open with various options to select, but you have to choose to go to the Devices and Printers option. Click on the Add a printer icon that appears on top of the new pop up window near add a device option. By selecting this, the server will direct you to the provided list of all the designed models and series of HP Deskjet. Once you mark the model number of your printer, it will start downloading the prescribed setup on the windows and let you enjoy the wireless printing service through your windows supportive computers, laptops, or other devices. Looking for smart laser printer ? get it here

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