How to Change Which Monitor Is Primary

Primary Monitor

All the latest versions of the Windows Operating System of Microsoft come with dual monitors support. It means that you might have more than one monitor which is not only connected to your PC but also display screen whatever you need it to display for increasing its productivity.If you are gamer then list of Top 6 Best Monitor For Nintendo Switch is best for you

Windows 10 by Microsoft, the greatest and latest in a long line of Windows Operating Systems, also supports multiple monitors.

Even though, Windows 10 is better in handling more than one monitor which is beneficial for power users as many power users have more than one monitor connected to their PCs.

If you connect more than one monitor to your PC running on the Windows Operating System, it makes one of them the primary monitor and the rest of the monitors the secondary ones. The primary monitor is known as the default monitor Windows which displays everything on.4K 144Hz Monitors are the best one

Thanks to Windows 10 which allows users with more than one monitor to select their primary monitor at any time. It is quite simple and easy to do so. Let’s get started.

Primary Monitor

For Windows 10

For Windows 10, the method to change the primary monitor is explained below:

  • First, Right-click on the Desktop and click the Display Settings
  • Here you will see all the displays in graphical shapes. This will let you easily distinguish the monitor screens from one another.
  • Afterward, choose the display that you need to set as the primary monitor display.
  • And click on main display option.
  • When you find the main display in grey color, it means that the current display that you want to set as the primary monitor was set automatically.


If any graphics hardware has been installed on your PC, it is more likely that the graphical settings override the system’s default monitor display settings. If you are facing the same issue, you can fix it by opening the application and selecting the primary monitor display from the settings.Read 38-Inch Monitor reviews if you want big screen monitor

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