How to Change DPI of Mouse

DPI of Mouse

DPI stands for “dots per inch” that specify the sensitivity of a mouse. The speed of the mouse is directly proportional to the DPI of a mouse. Smaller movements can be easily detected and reacted if the DPI of mouse is high. Pointer speed can be adjusted for tasks of precision  by changing the DPI. Precision tasks can be in games targeting or photo editing. There are some efficient mouse models that give a special button which can be used to change the sensitivity immediately.

Steps to change the DPI :

The mouse with On-the-fly buttons have the feature that when you press one of the DPI On -the –fly, buttons it gives an option to create new settings. The LCD of the mouse will display the settings of DPI.

If there isn’t any DPI On- the -fly buttons in your mouse, then go to the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, then select the mouse that you are currently using and click basic settings, locate the sensitivity and finally make your changes.Check the list of best Claw Grip Mouse reviews

Common Way :

A very common way to change the DPI of a mouse is, go to the control panel and select the view by small icons or view by large icons. Click mouse to open the mouse properties. Select the pointer options tab and In the motion section, drag the slider to select a pointer speed of the mouse. The precision of the pointer helps the mouse pointer to work more efficiently with different lengths that determines how speedily you want to move the mouse. It is usually negative for gamers so it is better to disable this. After this check the mouses if the changes are working or not. After checking click the OK so that it will apply the changes accordingly.

DPI of Mouse

How to Change the DPI in Windows 10 :

There are several ways to change the DPI of mouse in Windows 10, one of the easiest and common way is as follows,

Click the Windows button in the lower left corner of the screen. Go to Settings by clicking the gear icon above the Windows button. Click on Devices when the setting of windows will open, then Mouse. Now click on the blue, underscored “Additional mouse options” to open the Mouse Properties window. Go into the Pointer Options tab. The sensitivity of the mouse is totally adjustable via the Motion slider on top.If you are a programmer then try you should choose best Mouse For Programming

The first few steps can also be skipped by going directly to the Mouse settings. For this, just click on the Windows button and then start the typing in word mouse. The perfect match will appear when you will hardly reach at the second letter. After this you can resume the procedure with step of the mouse properties window. There are some other settings also which you can use to get the desired option for your mouse.Read 2020 reviews of Best Fingertip Grip Mouse

These are some ways that will help in changing the DPI of the mouse in the best and easiest possible ways.

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