How to Add Album Art in Windows Media Player?

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Get ready to add all your favorite album art in the windows media player! If you want all your favorite images and videos to be stored in one place of a window media player, then heading to our described methods is the best option. Let’s waste no more time and move towards the discussion!

What are Album Art Requirements?

If you want to use or add the image file as the latest album art, you should have the album image in such an album format that is fully compatible with the Windows Media Player. Hence this album format can be either in JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, or TIFF.

Most of the time, it might happen that the album art or media information which has been adding up will be correct! But this is just because it has been downloaded when the CD has been ripped or available in the embedded album file version. This is very much possible if you are buying music from any online store. Somehow, the album art file available on the CD or the hard drive is either missing or incorrect. This can be a significant issue when the CD is ripping because it is not well-known or has various album songs.

Tip for How to Add Album Art in Windows Media Player

Suppose you want to make sure that all your album art files are fully updated and organized after adding up. In that case, you have to update the album media files after changing the album art or the media information. To make it happen, you have to click the arrow below the Library tab and then choose the option; windows Apply Media Information Changes.


You should not be using any automatic Find Album Info features if the song has been ripped out initially being part of the mixed windows CD. This is all due to the album art files available on that original album CD having been linked. In this way, even if you choose one file album to get changed, the rest of the album or the Windows Media Player files will be changed instantly. The only solution would be to redo it. You can update the media info or the album art to use the manual album procedures.

Helpful Methods on How to Add Album Art in Windows Media Player

Now without wasting any time, let’s discuss how to add album art in Windows Media Player. Let’s get into the discussion below!

Method no 1: Manually adding Album art with Windows Media Player 12

  1. To add album art, you have first of all to be running the Windows Media Player.
  2. Now you have to click the option of music tab in the Windows Media Player.
  3. In the following option, you will be dragging the album or image you are looking forward to adding to the Album Art icon.
  4. This is how the specific album gets added into the album art.

Method no 2: Manually adding the album art by using Windows Media Player 11

  1. First of all, you have to run the Windows Media Player.
  2. In the next step, you have to click the album art option or the album library on the top bar in the Windows Media Player.
  3. Choose and right-click on the right which you want to update and then select the album art option of Advanced Tag Editor.
  4. Choose the album art picture tab’s option and then click the “Add” option in the Windows Media Player.
  5. You will be navigating into the album or image you want to add to the album art and then click “open” in the Windows Media Player.
  6. Click the option “apply” and then click “OK.”


Method no 3: Let the WMP look for the Album Info (WMP 10 and 11)

  1. First of all, you have to run the Windows Media Player.
  2. Click the option album library, which is on the top bar in the Windows Media Player.
  3. Choose and then right-click on the album art file which you want to update.
  4. Select the option of “Find Album Info” in the Windows Media Player.


These were a few of the methods with which you can easily add the album art into the Windows media player. We are sure that all the methods we have discussed right here for you are simple and easy to follow. You don’t need to scratch your head all the time to apply them. Just follow the Windows Media Player steps, which we have mentioned here, and you will be all set to cover it up. Go for it now!

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