How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Laptop Screen

Fix a Laptop Screen

Cracked screen or broken screens of laptops are very common accident that happens even if you are very careful with the handling of your hardware. This is unavoidable at times and you run into the issues of broken or cracked screen of your laptop.

But the process to repair the screen of your laptop is not the easiest job. It requires time and it will cost a lot. It is done by professionals that excel in the manufacturing and the building of different computers and laptops. They have different parts of different models and different brands. They will charge you for the service that they are providing and the parts that they will use to fix your laptop. and will ask you to pay more cost.

Wondering How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Laptop Screen?

If you also have a question in mind regarding how much does it cost to fix a laptop screen then you should know that the repair of the display through professionals can cost a lot. As they have skills and have imported and branded parts of the broken display which will have more cost. Therefore, approximately you have to spend few hundred dollars to for the repair of the screen of your laptop as they will charge for the skills and services, they are providing you and they will also charge for the spare parts that they will b using for the repair of the display of the laptop. But if you are comfortable with your skills and information’s about the computers and laptops you can consider the repair of your laptop screen by yourself. As this will cost you less than the half of the cost that you will spend for the professional repair of your laptop screen.  You can easily find the replacements and spare part of the laptops screen for reasonable price on online websites and it will take only few hours for you to repair the damaged display on your laptop rather than giving it to the person as he will take more time and will also charge you more for the services that he is giving you.

Repair of the Laptop Screen:

For the repair of your laptop screen, you can follow the steps that are given below in order to make it easy for you to repair the damaged screen of the laptop. This will help you save cost as you will have to spend half of the cost than that of you will be paying to the professional and it will also save you time and also answer how much does it cost to fix a laptop screen. These steps will guide you to change the LCD display of the device that is broken, cracked or damaged to new screen.


Know Your Model and Assess the Damage and the Cost:

Before starting anything and starting the process of repairing you should know what is wrong with the laptop and what part of the laptop screen needs to be repaired. You need to check the damage and then you need to search for the damaged parts online and then search for the cost. You need to have complete information about the things you will be needing in the process of the repair of the display and the cost that you will pay.

Fix a Laptop Screen

Power It Up:

After assessing the damage power up the laptop and make sure that the display in the only issue in the laptop. And that the system is all good and noting needs to be fixed in the system of the laptop. You need to make sure that the functions of the laptop are proper except for the laptop screen that is damaged.

Inspect the Laptop Screen:

After the power up step do a complete inspection of the laptops screen. You need to check the degree of the damage and if you will be able to fix it. You need to make sure that the frame works of the screen is intact and you do not need to change the framework. You need to make sure that you have all the necessary parts and proper tools for the repair of the display.

Find the Correct Screen:

You need to make sure that you know the model of the laptop that needs to be fixed in order for you to buy a new display. If you are not sure bout the model of your laptop you can go to the Settings of your laptop and check for the serial number of the laptop for your assistance.

You can find the right screen through the serial number. These screens are available on the online websites for a few dollars. All you need to do is search for the screen by entering the model number or the serial number of the laptop that you are using. The cost of the laptop screen is fairly reasonable than that is you get it repaired through a professional.

You may need to take time before you select the screen that you want. Recheck the model number, the brand name of the laptop the size of the display that you are using and any other important information that may be needed to buy the correct laptop screen. If you try to fix the laptop with a wrong display then you might damage some other part of the laptops causing more problems.

Get the Right Tool and Then Open the Laptop:

If you are fixing the laptop by yourself then you should know the basics of the model that you are suing. This will make the process simpler and easier and you will be able to repair your display more efficiently.

Prepare your self with the tools or follow the instructions below for a proper guide;

  • You should have a clean and flat surface that you can work on.

  • A putty knife or an object similar to the putty knife to remove the screen

  • A magnetic screwdriver.

  • A pin or needle will be required to remove the bezel.

  • A small dish for holding the screws of the laptop.

  • An adhesive or some sort of tape to secure the new screen to the laptop

You can also get the display repair kits. These repair kits have everything and every object that you’ll need in order for you to change the laptop screen.

After assembling everything that is needed for the repair of the screen you can start the process to repair the laptop screen.

Remove Any Power Sources:

Make sure that the laptop’s system is turned off and also make sure that the device is unplugged and form the power sources. This will reduce the risk of any electric shock.

This will also make sure that no battery issues are caused during the process of replacing the display of the device.

Remove the Stickers and Screws Carefully:

Now you can start the process of opening the framework of computers or laptops in order to remove the display from the device. You will need a pin or needle to remove the stickers from the framework. You will also need a screwdriver to remove the screws and open the display.

Make sure you are keeping the screws and stickers safe as they will be needed again when you are attaching the screen back to the framework of the device. You need to keep it in a small tray so that they are not lost and you can reuse them when they are needed.

Now Remove the Bezel:

Bezel is basically the borders or the framework of computer or laptops on which the display in fixed. After removing all the stickers are screw gently remove the bezel. Make sure you are gently removing the bezel as it will be needed gain when you install the new display in the laptop.

Be careful while removing the bezel from the laptop as it is very fragile. You need to patient while doing this part of the display replacement. Take the time and then gently remove the bezel from the laptop and set it aside. If necessary, use the putty knife for assistance as it can help you to remove the bezel more easily and it will make the process faster.

Remove the LCD:

This is one of the hardest parts in the repair of the laptop screen is the removing of the LCD or the main display. First make sure that the bezel is completely taken off the device framework. The LCD will be screwed from the left and right side make sure to remove those screws. After that two more screws at the upper corner of the device will present make sure to remove them as well. After making sure that all the screws are removed you can start removing the screen slowly and gently from the framework.

Disconnect All the Cables From the Display:

After removing all the attachments, the screen should be placed on the keyboard of your device. Then is the time to remove all the cables from the LCD. You can find the connectors in the center of the LCD or at the bottom of the LCD. It is usually stuck with the adhesive or some sort of tape. Gently start prying them off the back of the LCD in order to detached the LCD completely from the framework.

Now Insert the New Screen:

Now you can attach the new display to the framework. Place the display face down with the frame so it can fit it perfectly. Now you can reattach all the cables that you have previously disconnected from the damaged LCD. Make sure the screen is perfectly aligned. Now you can start taping it back to its place and using the screws that you unscrewed previously you can start to screw the LCD back in the place.

Reattach the Bezel:

First making sure that the laptop screen is perfectly attached and the sides are secured you can start to reattach the bezel. You need to screw back the screws that you previously removed. Line the bezel with the screen perfectly and then start to screw it back on tightly. Make sure it is lined up and tightly screws on so it does not move from its place.

Now you should now be able to see any cracks or broken laptop screen.

Power It Up:

Now your laptop should be ready to be restarted. Power your device up and then start the device. Put the battery and turn it on. There should be no error with the display and no cracks or broken pieces of the display should be visible. If you have properly fixed the display of the device then the display should work properly with out any interferences or disturbances.

All the steps and points that are given above can help you and guide you with the changing and the repair of the old, broken and damaged LCD of the device to the new display of the laptop and you won’t have to pay extra money and will cost you more for the professional help.

Bottom Line:

Fixing the device can cost a lot of money if you are getting it repair form a professional as he will be needing extra money and will cost you more for the work that he is doing and the service he is providing. He will ask you the money for the display that he is using to replace the damaged LCD which will cost you extra and he will ask for more cost for the part that will be used in the repair of the LCD. Hence, all in all the fixing of the display can be very costly and expensive as the parts of a device are already very expensive. But if you can fix the LCD by yourself it may cost you half of the cost that you will be paying to a professional. If you are confident in your skill to perform this replacing of the damaged LCD with the new screen then you can so it. Screens are easily available online and then you can follow the steps that are given above for you to perform the replacing and repair of the cracked and broken screen of the laptop to the knew screen. This will save you your money, time and energy and it will cost you very less.

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