How Much Does a Gaming PC Cost

Gaming PC Cost

Cost, cost and cost?

Cost has been deciding our choices! It is true. Its reality and no one can deny it. After all, Money has been ruling and will rule the world for ages because it is the source to get meet our necessities and wants.If you can not afford very costly PC then there is a list of Prebuilt Gaming PCs which are available under $1000

We all have a list of wants that consist of branded clothes, visit five-star hotels and setting gaming PCs.

Children and even adults- who are game lovers, dream to set or build their gaming PCs. They save money to get all tech devices, parts, and accessories but at times they give up their plan because of a lack of knowledge due to which they think that it will cost a lot.

So, today’s article is for gamers and game lovers to help them out in accomplishing their wish.

Gaming PC Cost

What are Gaming PCs ?

Gaming PCs are a little different from normal PCs. Unlike them, their graphics and ability to produce frames are better. There is a need for powerful Motherboard and RAM in gaming PCs. Besides, you would need a super-duper CPU.

What do you need to set up a Gaming PC ?

To set up a gaming PC, you would need to buy

  • CPU
  • Graphics card
  • RAM
  • Motherboard
  • Power supply
  • Cooling fans
  • Case
  • Storage
  • Monitor, and
  • Accessories

The first two should be of high quality. It is CPU and GPU on which the cost depends on gaming PCs mostly.

CPU: CPU is the most important part of a gaming PC. Before buying any CPU, judge it on CLOCK SPEED and CORE COUNT. Clock speed is the speed in which it does the calculations and core count is the ability to do several tasks at a time.
Hence, there are three types of CPU based on price: High-end processor, mid-range processor, and low-end processor. The high-end processor’s price is more than $400 while the last will cost you $150 to $350 and $50 to $150 respectively.

Graphics Card: The worst quality of pictures and videos can make your gaming experience worse. It is the GPU or graphics card that creates a difference between two PCs.  Judge the card on frame rate. It can be defined as the number of frames a card can make in a second. The cost of the best GPU is more than $500. So, if you have money then buy GTX 1080 ti or  RTX 2080ti because they can process any game easily without any disturbance. However, if your budget is low then go for mid-range GPU because it will cost you $200 to $500. You can buy GTX 1050ti or RTX 1660. Mid-range and high-end GPUs are good to buy. Do not prefer low-end GPU because their quality and fps is too low.

Answer to the Question:

So, this the total guide about CPU and GPU!
Hence, now I can answer how much gaming PC will cost. Its answer is simple. It depends on what you want. High-quality PCs will cost you $1200, middle ones $500 to $1500 and lower ones $150 to $500. It depends on what materials you are buying to set up your PC.

High-quality PCs are pricey. Lower end Cs could not provide the desired quality. Therefore, the best one is the mid-range ones. You can set up your desired gaming PC within $1500.

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