How Many Hertz is My Monitor?

Monitor Hertz

What is Hertz?

Monitors are an essential part of our computer, and hence one needs to have the best ones with them. Monitors have Hertz in them, which measures how quickly the image can be displayed on the monitor. The refresh rate is also known as Hertz that depicts how quickly images in a video change. Thus the faster the refresh rate that the monitor has, the smoother the video appears to be. Hence, a monitor with a better refresh rate is considered the one that everyone should be using. With a higher refresh rate, there is no lag whatsoever when you are using it.

How do I know Hertz in My Monitor?

Another important question that often arises in the user’s

┬áminds is how they check Hertz in their monitor. Everyone wants to know Hertz to find out how responsive their monitor is. And this particular matrix is essential for playing games as you usually don’t want any lag in the screen when you are playing games. Thus for gamers, they must have monitors that have higher Hertz so that the refresh rate is higher.Read 4K 144Hz Monitor Reviews

To check Hertz on your monitor, you need to follow simple steps that will take you to the final destination. First right click on the desktop icon and then select display settings. Once you go to the display settings menu, there will be an option of display adapter properties. Once you open it, a new page will open, which will have different tabs, and there will be one tab of the monitor in it. Click on the drop-down button that is present and then select the screen refresh rate. Thus, there will be different values of Hertz available and the largest one will be your monitor’s maximum capacity.Get Best 27 inch 144hz monitors

Monitor Hertz

Can You Change Hertz in Monitor?

Another important thing that many people don’t know is that there is also an option at the end of the user to change the refresh rate. There are ways through which you can change the refresh rate or Hertz according to your requirement. If you don’t want higher Hertz on your monitor, then you can select lower hertz value and get going with work. However, the maximum hertz value you choose, the more performance you will be able to get.

How do You Change Hertz in Monitor?

You can quickly increase the refresh rate or Hertz in your monitor as it is not a difficult task. To change your monitor’s refresh rate, you need to right click on your desktop and then open the Control Panel option. Once there, navigate and select the Adjust desktop size and position menu. After you have selected, go to the change resolution menu and click the customize option, which is given at the end of the list.Read Best Monitors for Day Trading Reviews

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