Edifier R2000DB Review – Bluetooth Powered Bookshelf Speakers

The market for wireless and portable speakers is constantly increasing. Many well-known companies are constantly introducing innovative models of speakers one after the other, combined with the latest technology, to release consumer-friendly products in the market. It is now possible to achieve the highest quality of sound through wireless technology. The majority of us store our music on our smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and are looking for modern wireless speakers to transfer that music easily, using Bluetooth. Edifier R2000DB is the perfect solution for this, especially for people trying to find the classic bookshelf speaker.

Edifier R2000DB compacts all your hi-tech requirements in one speaker while delivering excellent performance and high entertainment usefulness. The speakers come with a traditional portable remote control that ensures smooth connectivity and switching between multiple devices that are connected to the speaker, to make it easy for users to create a home theater system instantly in any environment. The speakers are also ideal for gaming consoles and computers, as they are active in their configuration and quick to use. It is obvious that the speakers are designed by someone who knows the importance of providing comfort with quality sound, unlike most speakers in the market these days, it does not manipulate sound quality by amplifying bass, treble, etc. According to its decent array of specs, these particular speakers are a budget-friendly option.

Edifier R2000DB

Over the past few years, Edifier has become quite well known for producing high-end audio hardware with a huge range of incredible speaker systems. The Chinese company has rapidly expanded its portfolio in the market by not only introducing ideal compact speakers with premium sound quality and easy to use interface, but also headphones and advanced gaming sound systems. It has resulted in the company’s market share boosting to 50% not long ago. The Edifier range is now easily available to buy on all big retail websites, including Amazon.

Edifier R2000DB Review

It is quite easy to tell about a product’s quality just by looking at it. The Edifier R2000DB speakers have got it all! They have a very strong structure and come with a fine and sleek interface. The leather textured MDF coating compliment the sturdiness of the speakers well. The speakers are certainly up to the mark in the design department. They come in two colors, a silky piano black, and a classy wooden frame. The all-black color scheme of the piano black design gives a premium feel to the speakers and resonates elegance wherever they are placed. Whereas, the wooden enclosed frame speakers are a timeless design, drawing all eyes, no matter where they are placed. Any living room, bedroom or studio housing these bookshelf speakers are met with a comfortable and reasonable design. Each corner of the speaker is attached with rubber feet to prevent excessive vibration and any scratching to the speakers. Overall, the Edifier R2000DB feels a lot better than the plastic speakers which are prone to fingerprint marks and hard to clean.

Did Edifier R2000DB’s hearing test live up to the hype ?

All features and designs are up to the mark in the Edifier R2000DB review of the speakers; however, the most important part is the sound quality. It is vital to note that the Edifier R2000DB is a digital compact speaker, hence, it does not have a studio sound quality. The sound is more on the softer side, so audio is comfortable to listen to, even in smaller spaces, but the maximum volume is way above the expected limit given how the speakers are sized. One thing that made the speakers stand out from its competitors was how it picked up on all little nuances in the music, making all genres sound good. According to customer reviews, there is a slight distortion in the bass, provided that you alter the controls manually, which makes the high-pitched audio sound too peaky for the ears. If controls are left at standard settings, then the bass provides the best clean audio in compact speakers of similar category. This model of edifier does not come with a subwoofer, but many compatible ones are easily available in the market.

Edifier R2000DB Bluetooth Powered Bookshelf Speakers, Near-Field Studio Monitors, with Optical Input, 120 Watts RMS, Black and Wood Finish

The Edifier R2000DB are stunning bookshelf speakers that will leave you speechless. The speakers are very strong and full-bodied, with an option to choose between a piano black or a wood finish. Not only the style, but the quality of the speakers’ finish makes them look great wherever they are placed. The speakers are 174mm in width, 289mm in height and 252mm depth, which makes them compact and perfect for placement next to your personal computers, as well as your TV to be used as an alternative for theater systems. The speakers are powered through Bluetooth connectivity which helps you seamlessly connect them to your smartphones, laptops or gaming consoles.Edifier R2000DB

Similar to other bookshelf speakers of the same category, the edifiers comes with two analogs and one optical input, both of which are placed at the back of the speakers next to the amplifiers and other controls. The inclusion of one optical input means there is a D/A converter in the loudspeaker, making the Edifier a very practical speaker for usage in any environment. At the back, there are two aux input cords as well. If users wish to connect to the speakers manually, without using the Bluetooth feature, they can connect any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack or a dual RCA output, such as iPods, tablets, smartphones and laptops alike. TVs and DVD players can also be connected via the RCA output.

The Edifier speakers come with amplifier modules at 36 watts per channel for the woofer, which is a 5-inch aluminum unit and 24 watts per channel for the 1-inch silk dome tweeter, which is pretty good for a compact speaker. The wide woofer area helps the speaker deliver more than the anticipated sound. All the sound system controls are carefully set up to ensure a spot-on balance. There are no bass or treble-related irregularities. However, if you want, you can alter the frequencies quite effortlessly through the controls provided to customize your audio. The speaks also comes with a small remote control to give users more regulation over the volume, source, and sound type with just a click. The two sound modes inbuilt in the speakers are the classic and dynamic modes, which can be switched between using the remote control. The classic mode is the standard linear sound system, whereas, the dynamic mode has an augmented bass to give more intensity to the audio.

All in all, it is rare to come across speakers with such a stable software offering so many features, like the Edifier R2000DB, at an economic price. The company also provides 2 years of warranty to its customers in the U.S. and Canada, to ensure hassle-free purchasing and upkeep of the product.

  • Seamless Bluetooth pairing.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • Includes a free wireless remote to alter controls.
  • Budget-friendly for speaker class.
  • The Bluetooth link is not as clear as it should be.
  • Connectivity delay is experienced. A little latency.
  • Not up to balance with audiophile quality.
  • The remote control is made from cheap material.

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