Top 8 Best Z170 Motherboards in 2020

As the motherboard is the necessary part of every CPU. It can get unfunctional at some times it may get unfunctional, and you have to buy it. When you plan to buy a new motherboard, it is difficult at times. You may get confused between the variety of different motherboards. There are many motherboards on the market. There is no need to get annoyed or exhausted in finding the best for you because they come in the budget to premium quality motherboards.

The z170 Motherboard is designed to work best with different CPUs. They are used with chipsets for gaming. These motherboards are adapted to support DDR4 memory. To deliver quick communication of the motherboard to the CPU through DMI 3.0 technology.

Motherboards are the body of PCs which has to fit with your CPU. The motherboards deliver optimal performance and tons of features to run on your PC. Following is a guide on the best z170 Motherboards that includes all related information such as compatibility and feature to assist in investing in a productive one.

If you hurry to read the entire article till the end, here is our top pick from the list of 8 best motherboards. It is top-rated by its users. This is ASUS Z170-K ATX DDR4 Motherboard. It comes with USB 3.0 Boost, SATA Express support, and 5X protection II. It is featured with Supreme FX Audio and Pro clock technology to deliver optimal performance.

Best z170 Motherboard          

If you are planning to buy the best motherboard for your CPU and looking for the Best z170 Motherboard, then you have landed in the right place. The following is presented the comparison chart so you can look for the top z170 Motherboard. Consider the following table and invest in a valuable product.

 Let’s decide by reading the following 8 reviews on the Best z170 Motherboard to invest wisely!

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.ASUS Z170-K ATX DDR4 MotherboardMB169B Check Price
2.Gigabyte LGA 1151 Intel MotherboardMB169B Check Price
3.MSI Enthusiastic Gaming Intel MotherboardMB169B Check Price
4.ASUS ROG MAXIMUS MotherboardMB169B Check Price
5.MSI Pro Solution MotherboardMB169B Check Price
6.ASRock ATX MotherboardMB169B Check Price
7.Asus Optimized Pro Gaming MotherboardMB169B Check Price
8.ASRock EXTREME 6 MotherboardMB169B Check Price

1. ASUS Z170-K ATX DDR4 Motherboard

Are you looking for the best z170 motherboard to operate your PC’s optimal functions?  Then here is the ASUS z170-K ATX motherboard. ASUS is known as the best motherboard brand on the market right now. They are manufacturing their products that come in four core pillars. This brand is famous for its best selling and easy to use motherboards. It comes with DDR4 memory with SATA express support to aid your CPU in better performance.

ASUS Z170-K ATX DDR4 Motherboard

Let’s discuss this motherboard’s features to think upon whether it is worth the money or not. It is loaded with dual intelligent processors with 5-way optimization, USB 3.1 Boost, 5X Protection II, and DTS Studio Sound. To fully enjoy the memory slots at new heights, it is designed with DDR4 overclocking strength. The unstoppable Diy features of this smart motherboard help the gamers to work with amazing defenses. To cool down the chipset, it is installed with aluminum material and a thermal pad. To boost the performance at the next level, it is designed with a base-clock generator. It enhances the base-clock control, frequency, and voltage. The Sonic Radar II functions in Audio Enhancement technology and control panel for customizing the game, so delivering you the best furtive overlay display.

ASUS z170-K ATX motherboard is packed with mind-blowing features in a friendly price tag. If you are a gamer and want to enhance your gaming experiences, then go and check it.

  • USB 3.1 Boost
  • SATA Express Support
  • 5X Protection II
  • DTS Studio Sound
  • Not used as an alternative of ROG Series of Board

2. Gigabyte LGA 1151 Intel Motherboard

Are you seeking the best gaming motherboard? Here is the Gigabyte LGA 1151 Intel Motherboard that is a true gamer orient series motherboard. Gigabyte supports all the Intel computer monitors. It supports the 6th generation CPUs. It comes in DDR4 memory and adequate overclocking power. If we see the motherboard box, it consists of a Gigabyte logo and its model number. It comes in red and black colors.

Gigabyte LGA 1151 Intel Motherboard

First of all, let’s discuss what this Intel z170 gaming motherboard has in it. It includes Dual-channel, incredible DDR4 memory, excellent storage interface, and versatile slot options. This Gigabyte supports 6th Generation Intel Core Processors. It is designed with different slots such as PCI-Express 3.0 X 16, X8, X4, and X1. It offers Realtek ALC audio profile and CODEC audio definition. It supports SATA express and a variety of USB ports. To deliver durability, it is designed with a gold plated CPU socket. So, thanks to this gold plated socket, it will run for a long time but prevent corrosion. It uses an ATX power connector, ATX CPU connector, and back panel connectors when it comes to connectivity. To deliver an interference to the CPU and motherboard, the audio section is made separated. There is a semi-transparent line on the motherboard to separate it. So, if you plan to listen to the Stereo mode, then it offers you a brilliant range for the production of high-quality sounds.

Gigabyte LGA 1151 Intel Motherboard is an excellent monitor with a lot of amazing features. It provides gamers the superb performance. It comes in a budgeted price tag with several features with the latest technologies and SATA express. If you need a motherboard with beautiful design and stunning features, then give a try to Gigabyte LGA 1151 Intel Motherboard.

  • Easy OC
  • Multi GFX Support
  • Economical
  • E2200 LAN
  • Does not support Kabylake CPUs

3. MSI Enthusiastic Gaming Intel Motherboard

Are you looking for a durable and protected motherboard for your CPU, then have a look at MSI Enthusiastic Gaming Intel Motherboard. MSI aims to provide the best durable motherboards. They manufacture high-quality materials that not only protect the computer system but also make it long-lasting. It supports two gens as 6th and 7th Intel Core Pentium.

MSI Enthusiastic Gaming Intel Motherboard

Let’s talk about the features of this stunning monitor together. It is constructed with Steel Armor and functions in protecting the memory and memory slots if there is any risk of overcurrent of damage alert. The electromagnetic interface offers you a smooth gaming experience without tearing. To control the RGB LED solutions, it is designed with Mystic Light Sync technology. So, you can control the CPU coolers, keyboards, or mouse. What is better than VR Ready and VR Boost in a single motherboard? They both come with this MSI gaming motherboard. It has enhanced stability that offers excellent audio quality to let you enjoy your gamin with thrilling sounds.

MSI Enthusiastic Gaming Intel Motherboard helps you keep your computer system safer and easy to use. It is enabled to cool down the system and work efficiently at moderate temperatures. It comes in an M.2 special Shield for protecting it like a pro. This shield will prevent the throttling or slow down your system, being an obstacle in your gaming experience. You must give a try to this efficient MSI Enthusiastic Gaming Intel Motherboard to enhance your gaming experiences.

  • VR Ready and VR Boost
  • Triple Turbo M.2
  • Steel Armor
  • Limited RGB Lighting
  • Spotty Fan control

4. ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Motherboard

Are you hunting for the best motherboard that offers enthusiastic gaming experiences? If yes, then you are on the right target because here is the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Motherboard. This ASUS motherboard is on the 3rd number in getting updated and optimized in the series to deliver the best services to its users.


Let’s discuss the features of this stunning motherboard. It comes with 5-way optimization, 1-click overclocking, Intel Gb LAN, GameFirst Technology, Supreme FX Audio up-gradation, Aura RGB heatsink, and Dual Storage speeds. Firstly, 5-way optimization is done only with one click. It includes the following tunning procedures and programs on your PC: EPU ( Energy Processing Unit), Fan Xpert 3 with 4-pin PWM header, Turbo Processing Unit ( this offers auto tunning of procedures), Extreme Engine DIGI+, and Turbo App. To deliver LEDs with efficient color codes, it offers a collection of components that are Hyperstream technology, ultra-low-jitter clock, Nichicon capacitors, and Sonic Sense Amp. These all grade components work for the optimizes the headsets. To quickly overclock or create RAID arrays, the EZ Flash mode makes it easy without Windows entrance. You can set your LED effects and beats of tunes thanks to AURA RGB Lighting.

ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Motherboard is one o the best gaming motherboard you can go for. It comes in the full-packed punch of incredible features to run on your PC.  The ASUS Q-design makes this motherboard durable and protected for a long time.

  • 5-Way Optimization with 1-click Overclocking
  • Intel Gb LAN with GameFirst Technology
  • Express storage speeds
  • Aura RGB heatsink Lighting
  • Pricey

5. MSI Pro Solution Motherboard

If you are interested in a motherboard that offers excellent performance, then the MSI Pro Solution Motherboard is the best choice for you. It uses an Intel z170 chipset. It supports Intel 6th Generation Core/Pentium processors.

MSI Pro Solution Motherboard

Let’s review the full gaming performer motherboard that is the MSI Pro Solution Motherboard. When it comes to this motherboard’s features, they include Socket LGA, versatile USB slots, ATX form factor, and a DDR4 Boost memory. It comes with Military Class 4 components. The OC button makes the commanding easy of the motherboard to the CPU. To offer a variety of options for connectivity, it has many USB built-in slots.

What about buying a motherboard loaded with striking features for gaming? MSI Pro Solution Motherboard comes in Fan adjustments. It is a synthetic and gaming motherboard to fulfill all your requirements. It is a reasonable price motherboard with a sleek style design. We cannot say that it is the best product for your CPU, but its stunning features, performance, and capabilities make this motherboard extraordinary.  Lastly, have peace of mind thanks to its durability. Go and grab up the real lemon for your computer system to last for years.

  • DDR4 Boost
  • CrossFire Ready
  • ATX Form Factor
  • Vague Manual
  • Spotty Fan Control

6. ASRock ATX Motherboard

ASRock ATX Motherboard is an LGA 1151 Intel z170 motherboard. ASRock ATX is proud to provide the best-featured motherboards on the market. This ASRock comes with DDR3 memory and dual-channel. It is an unbuffered motherboard with a gigantic 64 GB capacity. It comes in a simple and elegant design.

ASRock ATX Motherboard

If we talk about this ASRock monitor’s features, they include the versatility in slots, massive capacity and memory, SATA support, and brilliant Audio supports. It is constructed of bare copper heat sink materials. It offers Realtek, CODEC, and Premium Blu-ray audio to enhance the gaming experience by enabling better sound quality. There are plastic brackets for the I/O block that is at the downside base. When it comes to the connectivity options, this motherboard offers many slat layouts. The BIOS ROM and CMOS battery are replaceable and are present for USB, Audio, and front panel headers. To supply additional power, it has a 4-pin Molex connector. Let’s move to the connectivity options; it supports a PS port, three USB ports, HDMI, DVI, Audio block, and a Gigabit Ethernet. So, as most of the users have i7-6700K CPU’s, it is highly supported to it. This Z170 Pro4 consists of ten phase power delivery. This ten phase power is perfectly adequate for this type of CPUs.

ASRock ATX Motherboard is one of the best motherboards to offer excellent performance and stability to your computer’s CPU. To make your product worth the money, get it because it is loaded with outstanding features you would wish for.

  • Dual-channel and Non-ECC
  • SATA Express Support
  • Supports premium blu-ray audio
  • Plastic brackets
  • USB Type C Missing

7. Asus Optimized Pro Gaming Motherboard

Do you need a gaming monitor that comes with a variety of stunning features in a friendly price tag? ASUS Optimized Pro Gaming Motherboard is known as the best at gaming. ASUS is proud to manufacture the best premium quality z170 gaming motherboards on the market. It is supports 6th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors. The selling point of this motherboard is its gaming DIY feature with

Asus Optimized Pro Gaming Motherboard

When it comes to the gaming features this motherboard is offering, they are amazing. It is updated with DDR4 memory to support high definition games on your computer system. So, what about the packaging of this motherboard? It comes with a user manual, cable labels, driver DVD, rear I/O shield, SLI bridge, SATA III cables, and a tool for ASUS CPU installation. Let’s talk about the interesting feature of this motherboard: the LED debug is helpful when there is any interruption at your CPU, RAM, GPU, or storage devices. It offers up to 64 GB memory that will efficiently handle the integrated gaming programs.

Many motherboards on the market offer exciting and beautiful designs at an affordable price,. Still, tissues Optimized Pro Gaming Motherboard offers strong audio, the best networking, excellent performance, and attractive design. This ASUS offers a variety of design options to go for your CPU with incredible audio choices to give life to your gaming experiences.

  • Amazing future-proofing
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Well-fleshed rear I/O
  • Supreme FX
  • Plain aesthetics
  • Distended software package

8. ASRock EXTREME 6 Motherboard

Are you looking for the best intermediate cost motherboard? ASRock EXTREME 6 Motherboard is ASRock’s best intermediate cost motherboard model comprised of z170 chipset and LGA 1151 socket. Intel processors support this model motherboard. It only supports the 6th generation.

ASRock EXTREME 6 Motherboard

Let’s talk about this motherboard’s salient features that make it incredible from every inch of it. It comes in an Aluminum alloy sink design; this aluminum reduces the heat of the CPU. The aluminum in chipsets and Mosfest areas allows the temperature to work better at reduced temperatures. To deliver efficient Vcore power, it offers Nichicon Platinum Capacitors. It uses a Type A USB 3.1 connector and Type C connector that charges the battery up to three times your mobile phone. When it is talked about the panel, EZ mode is designed to easily read your system status. The readings you can check through this mode panel include CPU speed, DRAM frequency, SATA information, and your computer system’s fan speed. To reduce the short circuit risk, it is designed with High-Density Glass Fabric PCB for moisture protection between the spaces of layers. The BIOS includes a dashboard that is advanced in interfacing the settings and reading information. This motherboard contained HD audio 7.1 Channels.

ASRock EXTREME 6 Motherboard is an intermediate board with a high-quality finish and reasonable price. It is a 12 phase controller motherboard with sinks on the main component. It can be one of the best options you can go for if you want a high-performance motherboard by making it worth the money.

  • Attractive board
  • Versatility in outputs
  • Well-overclocked
  • Tons of features
  • Application suite improvements

Buyer Guide

Now, when you are fully acknowledged on the best 8 z170 motherboards. It will be much easier for you if you are going to buy one. Above is provided a list of 8 motherboards with in-depth reviews. Following is presented our buyer guide, which includes several features a motherboard should have, so looked upon them when purchasing.

If you want your motherboard to offer you realistic power performance, go for the following described features.

Size and Slots

Motherboards come in three standard sizes. So, before buying a motherboard, check the size that is compatible with your CPU. The second main thing you should look upon is sockets and ports. So, if you have a CPU that requires sufficient cooling, then you must check that motherboard should have several fan connectors. The slots offer the function to insert several cards such as tuner cards, graphics wire-less cards, or display adapters. And the insertion slot versatility you want.

CPU Compatibility

The selection of motherboard is based on your CPU. The motherboard should be compatible with your CPU to perform optimal functions. The z170 motherboards are designed with 1151 sockets. This socket is updated to support a great number of PCs. The CPre capable of compatible with this sock is i7-600, i7-6700K, i7-6700T, and i7-770K.


You should go for the memory that is highly capable of GBs and is energy efficient. The higher capacity of 16 GB and more energy efficient is the DDR4 memory. Some motherboards also come in DDR3 memory, but it has limited capacity. DDR4 is pricey than DDR3 as the capacity is much higher.

Integrated or Non-integrated

Z170 motherboards are of two types as Integrated and Non-Integrated. These two have their specific features and specifications. Integrated motherboards are common to use in almost every modern PC.

Integrated motherboards are defined as which have in-built serial ports, connectors, and peripheral devices. They are loaded with features in a friendly price tag. If a part of the motherboard is damaged, you have to replace the whole board, but in non-integrated motherboards, you can simply replace or change one part instead of changing the whole board.


Does z170 support 8th gen?

No, z170 does not support the 8th gen. they only support 6th and 7th gens.

How do I choose a motherboard chipset?

The chipsets of the motherboard functions as administrative assistants. They versatile compatibility, features, performance, and stability: the process the computer functions but taking account of its inputs and outputs.

So, buy the compatible chipset with your motherboard to determine processes and determine memory types. Look for the following when you purchase a chipset:

Form Factor

Socket type

Memory and Video adapter Support

What brand of the motherboard is most reliable?

ASUS is known as the best motherboard brand on the market right now. They are manufacturing their products that come in four core pillars. This brand is famous for its best selling and easy to use motherboards.

Will i9 9900k work with z170?

It is possible only when your z170 is designed with updated features and can hold the Core i9-9900K. Otherwise, z170 will not work with i9-9900K.

Why are motherboards so expensive right now?

Motherboards are getting more and more updated with incredible features nowadays. Manufacturers make it possible to offer amazing features to their users; hence the pricing is getting high on the market right now. Another main reason for it is that the supply chain is disturbed due to pandemic worldwide.

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