Top 10 Best White Motherboards For Stylish Gaming Pc in 2021

Are you a gaming freak looking for giving wings for your smashing performances in the virtual battlegrounds or are you a computer jockey hunting for some speedy processors and efficient motherboards? If that is the case then you have hit right on the target as we are here reviewing the best white motherboards for you.

The motherboard is a critical feature of the efficient working of a system unit but unfortunately, this piece of technology hasn’t gained that much attention of the user’s before purchase as the CPU and GPU has cashed. CPU and GPU are the two pillars on which you find the system is laying but this doesn’t mean skipping all other necessary features and make a compromise over them as compromising a motherboard will only leave you to bits and pieces of computer experience bound by the unsupportive perks and privileges that you want to enjoy with your device.

To help you prevent your device from encountering that disaster we are here to assist you in making your mind about the best white motherboard available in the market and for that, we have crafted this review of the top ten white motherboards in the market that will be a perfect solution to your processing needs. Go through our review to have an amazing and joyous ride into the features and specs of these amazing white motherboards.

If you are busy enough to skip reading the entire article don’t worry about missing the best product since we have got you our top pick of the top white motherboard and the focal here falls to Asus Prime Z390-A which is a prime candidate for this auspicious spot since it is the most hyped white motherboard in the market coming up with the intel 2390 chipset and LGA 1151 CPU socket with Ethernet connectivity and gigabyte LAN compatible operation.

Best White Motherboard

If you are all set to reading our article till the end and have a detailed review of each of these quality products then it is time for you to get hooked up to your screen and dig deep into the features and specs of these mesmerizing white motherboards.

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.Asus Prime Z390-AMB169B Check Price
2.ASRock AB350 PRO4 ATXMB169B Check Price
3.Asus Prime X570-ProMB169B Check Price
4.ASUS TUF Z170 S MotherboardMB169B Check Price
5.ASRock AM4/X570 Steel LegendMB169B Check Price
6.ASUS ROG Strix Z490-AMB169B Check Price
7.NZXT N7 Z390 - N7-Z39XT-W1 - Intel Z390MB169B Check Price
8.ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe IIMB169B Check Price
9.MSI Computer 7968-001RMB169B Check Price
10.MSI H310M GAMING ARCTICMB169B Check Price

 1. Asus Prime Z390-A

Asus is the most prestigious and renowned name in the motherboard industry and when it comes to the white motherboard variants ASUS is toping all the perks and has the best lineup of many amazing and well worthy of purchase white motherboards. This popular belief is backed up by the bestselling model of the white motherboard that is the ASUS prime Z390 and the hype that this motherboard has created is all about the amazing price and performance combo of this model that is rare to find among rivals.

Asus Prime Z390-A


The foremost feature of this white motherboard is its compatibility that means it is designed for the intel core processors of 8th and 9th generation PC models and since then these motherboards have known to yield a very fine performance that has its unique style and speed and therefore is a preferred option of most of the PC users irrespective to the Ryzen models due to their AMD compatibility only.

Another of its notable spec is the 5-way optimization that renders the motherboard capable of assessing the AI distribution and the for users of it this optimization will aid in calibration. As far as the connectivity ports are concerned the motherboard has a good grasp at that consideration and has a refined M.2slot along with the USB 3.1 support that is for the GEN 2 and these two ports are believed to deliver the fastest data transmission relative to any other connectivity option.

To curb the overheating and temperature generation problems motherboard has an excellent fan control system that is aided by the FANXpert 4 and an AIO pump whose task is to vent out the heat and maintain its dissipation at a controlled rate.


This is the best choice for a white motherboard variant that will give you a very smooth stress-free experience with your Intel core processors of 8th and 9th GEN PCs.

  • RGB backlighting
  • Elegant design
  • Overclocking compatible
  • Superb troubleshooting
  • Commendable performance
  • Quick installation
  • Doesn’t offer wireless connectivity

2. ASRock AB350 PRO4 ATX

Another of the white motherboard by ASRock is their ATX specific type that is the PRO4 model of AB350 and this is coming with the triple monitor design to woo the customers from the very beginning of its journey. This motherboard has the best grab of the market in the AMD compatible motherboards like the Ryzen and this item provides a relatively faster transmission speed that is the main interplay behind its success in the market of white motherboards.



This white motherboard is an AMD AM4 series compatible device that is designed as the ATX variant and therefore you have to keep this notion in your mind that if you plan on buying this motherboard you must be having enough accommodation space for you in your office or home since the mini ATX and the micro ATX versions are not launched for this model, at least not recently.

Its Bristol bridge support and the Ryzen series APU compatibility make it a very valued choice of the gamers who are putting in lots of hopes in this item and the fast speed of the item is the probable reason behind this. As far as the installation process is concerned, this one is offering a very quick installation setup and is easy to get hooked for repair purposes, if any issue arises.

The good thing about this motherboard is its 64 GB storage that is giving the device an edge over the 32 GB models and as far as the number of ports is considered the motherboard is having 14 expandable slots in addition to the M.2 and the USB 3.1 as the conventional slots.


This is a reliable and speedy option if you are out there buying a compatible and worthy motherboard for your AMD APUs and Ryzen variants under your hand.

  • Fast speed
  • Triple monitor potential
  • Higher storage
  • High-quality audio
  • Flexible range of connectivity options
  • SATA ports are not laterally designed rather parallel

3. Asus Prime X570-Pro

Just like the ASUS prime X570 A model there is this PRO of the X570 chipset that is also making rounds in the top models of the white motherboard and as the latest addition to the lineup, this one is coming with a very impressive outlook that is a compelling consideration for the customer to buy it with its all-white exquisite outlook.

Asus Prime X570-Pro


This ASUS pro is the best pick for a white motherboard coming with RGB lighting and a dark grey PCB. Both of these backlit panels make the perfect combo with the white-colored motherboard that gives the glimpses of a high-end professional model coming with all the grace and beauty of it.

Digging deep into its specs compels us to take a look at its overclocking and connection ports that are both satisfactory aspects of this item as the overclocking speed of 4400 MHz with the DDR4 memory is a reliable feature of any motherboard. This specific motherboard is supportive of the Ryzen 9 model that is the latest variant of the AMD APUs and this newly launched APU is compatible with all 3950X series.

Talking about its VRM section it has 14 phases in total that has six SATA ports and a dual M.2 slot that is a preferred feature to boost about but one thing to pay attention to is the fact that only one of these two M.2 slots will be having the heatsink along with so many other connectivity ports.


The Asus X570 PRO is a quality investment for the future if you are planning on buying a quality AMD APU compatible motherboard.

  • RGB lightening
  • Heatsink
  • Six SATA slots
  • Dual M.2 slots
  • Doesn’t have the wireless connectivity

4. ASUS TUF Z170 S Motherboard

ASUS is not having the prime X series as their only white motherboard lineup but all of their series got a white motherboard as the bottom line with the fact being that AUS has so many dedicated plethora of products in the motherboard industry that is aimed at the specific users’ type. For the gaming geeks, ASUS got the TUF and its costlier kin ROG series and if you looking for perfect gaming accessories then you give these ROG and TUF products a try be it gaming monitor, motherboard, or VR reality products like the headphones and so on.

ASUS TUF Z170 S Motherboard


Stating with its thermal radar system, this motherboard is a durable product since the users can rely on this specific product for quite a good number of years and this is not just about its reliability as a well-built model but rather a well-performing model that is keen to the every minutest detail and have a great heat venting system that is backed up by its thermal radar.

This thermal radar is supposed to dissipate the generated heat of the CPU and prevent it from overheating which could otherwise collapse the whole system unit and there will not be anything left for you except for the bits and shredded pieces of the scrap.

Moving towards its slot reminds us of the significance of the USB type 3.1 and the M.2 slot being the two of the most dedicated ports appearing in all the quality models in the market but the bottom line of this item is that it is only coming up with a single M.2 slot and a counterpart of it could greatly enhance the performance of the whole unit.


This is a worthy purchase backed up by the decent warranty of the leading dealer in the gaming motherboard, the ASUS, and having the flexible yet speedy connectivity gives it an edge over the rivals at the same price tag.

  • 6th GEN Intel core processor
  • USB 3.1 and M.2 slots
  • TUF detective information panel
  • Thermal radar for preventing overclocking
  • Single M.2 slot only

5. ASRock AM4/X570 Steel Legend

If you are looking for a white motherboard variant that is coming with superb heatsink and has the best in town overheating prevention to extend the motherboard life then this ASRock is the ideal stop for you since it is coming with some refined heat dissipation and venting of techs that are well recognized in the market and have gained the much attention of the users in terms of utility and sales.

ASRock AM4/X570 Steel Legend


The features to begin the quest of this product is a heatsink that is undeniably the most praiseworthy aspect though there are many other quality ones like the connectivity ports, the numbers, and types of them but since the heatsink has a major role behind lifespan elongation of the motherboard it needs to be given the due diligence and therefore manufacturers have put their focus at each minute detail to make it the best variant of heatsink in the market.

Apart from that, this motherboard has got a very commendable Realteck Audio port that renders a very fine audio connection making you device perceptive for an immersive sound experience that is good for both the manufacturers and customers in terms of price and performance duet.

Coming towards its ports, the motherboards have got a solid grip at that by offering the 2 dual SSID slots that are offering a bandwidth of 128 GBPS and this gives the users a very swift procession action that is actually what the users want from a motherboard


This ASRock white motherboard is a quality investment if you are looking for a bunch of required input/output slots offering a swift data transmission bandwidth and a  good storage plan as well.

  • Slim and sleek space-saving design
  • Elegant color scheme
  • Satisfying storage
  • Audio jack for immersive sound
  • Flexible connectivity options
  • Bugs in chipset may cause malfunctioning

6. ASUS ROG Strix Z490-A

It is time for you to enter the fancy and well-hyped about kin of the ASUS and make a dig at the ASUS ROG plethora to see is it worth the hype manufacturers have created about it or its just the same motherboard with a couple of offbeat add ons in the connectivity options. This ROG Strix model is a motherboard designed as a member of the Z 490 series and thus, it already got an edge over other by coming up compatible with the 10th GEN models unlike the 7th or 8th supportive models that have invaded most motherboard industry.

ASUS ROG Strix Z490-A


This item is compatible with the 10th Generation Intel Core processors that push it way ahead of others running with the earlier versions of the processors and to counter the responsibilities of the fast procession and so much of the latest and innovative addition in the chipset, this motherboard is built to be the best and is coming with a fancy chick exquisite look that compels the users to grab it and have inserted in the PC they plan to work with.

Talking about its connectivity in terms of wired or wireless mode is not a very surprising addition in it since it is yet again another of the Ethernet driven model and has not come up with the wireless support, therefore, uses won’t be able to use it with the WIFI or the Bluetooth technology.

As a matter of size and space concern users may find it offending that it is only launched as the ATX edition and there are no mini and micro ATX counterparts launched for this product, therefore, you need to enhance your Pc accommodation place if you have to grab this opportunity since ATX will be taking up good enough of your space.


This is the latest model of white motherboards that are compatible with 10th GEN devices and therefore, it is a worthy purchase by all means if you have got the compatible device with it.

  • Intel 10th GEN supportive
  • 12+2 VRM section
  • 4600 MHz DDR4 memory
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Lacks wireless support

7. NZXT N7 Z390 – N7-Z39XT-W1 – Intel Z390

Looking for something else than the ASUS and the well-established brand but not ready to compromise on the capability, strength, and efficiency of the model you will be getting? Then you have to take into consideration this Intel Z390 processor compatible NZXT motherboard that is the white variant of the brand coming with an enriched panel having a flexible range of ports offering quick connectivity.

NZXT N7 Z390 - N7-Z39XT-W1 - Intel Z390


This white motherboard is compatible with Intel core processors of 8th and 9th generation and therefore it is relatively latest model comparative to the 7th and older versions of the intel processors though they are equally required in the field as the need of the masses but upgrading to the latest technology is what drives the innovation and brings the goodness of the strength and capabilities together.

The most commendable spec of the device is its wireless connectivity that is also equipped with Bluetooth support in addition to the WIFI and thus it will be a great item to linger on since you can connect it to your device without physically inserting into it and hooking it up with some Ethernet connection (as in the convention wired option).

An additional protective feature of the motherboard is its steel guard that is a popular trait these days covering up the input/output ports for preventing any dust or any other particle to block off the port of cause it to malfunction it. The steel guard is of most use with the wireless connectivity since It will be well-protected even outside the casing of the system unit.


This steel armor compatible with 8th and 9th GEN devices is calling you hard to purchase it if you are looking for an efficient white motherboard for your compatible devices.

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Input/ Output shield
  • Dual M.2 connectors
  • Z390 chipset support
  • ATX version only

8. ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe II

Are you looking for something compatible with old versions of Intel core processors? If that is the case this is the right spot for you as the ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe is a member of the X series designed for the 6th Gen intel core processors and you can use it with all of your compatible devices if you need it.

ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe II


As a member of the X299 series, this motherboard is an efficient model, and speaking of its skills and efficiency reminds of the DDR4 memory and overclocking speed of the motherboard as well as its connection slots and heatsinking capacity. These are all satisfactory features in the product and you don’t have to worry about the performance as this will be well above the belt with this motherboard, for sure.

Connectivity is also not a fishy aspect of the model since it has got the USB 3.1 M.2, U.2, and thunderbolt slots but the interesting point is that this motherboard has three USB 3.1 slots and just a single M.2 port that might be something not too great to count on as dual M.2 is an efficient and better option.

This motherboard too is coming with the 5-way optimization control system like our best pick and this makes it a real pro at the work since it will not only enhances its functional skills but rather also improves its thermal radar system and overheat prevention. Apart from that, the capabilities of the item will greatly amaze the users and they will be hooked up by its performance.


This a very impressive white motherboard of intel X series and will prove its usefulness to the users looking for having the best bang for the bucks.

  • Thunderbolt and U.2 ports
  • Dual Gigabyte LAN
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Doesn’t support Bluetooth

9. MSI Computer 7968-001R

Until now all the best white motherboards were falling under the ASUS benchmark but this doesn’t support the notion that this is the only single tycoon left in the motherboard and gaming industry since it has well-versed rivals who are competing with ASUS on all grounds and giving it a real tough time. Among them, the most notable are Gigabyte, Acer, and not to forget the MSI with many other well-known and reputed names on the list.

MSI Computer 7968-001R


MSI computers are doing a great job at launching the gaming-specific motherboards like all of their gaming enthusiastic accessories for seasoned professionals in the virtual reality or hard core gaming enthusiasts in the virtual realm.

This white motherboard is a sixth-generation compatible item that will not be your need if you have upgraded your devices to the latest technology but if you are out there in this technologically advanced world looking for the pioneer models (that might sound exaggerating a bit), then this is the right product for your since the item can count on the old version very efficiently.

This model is also having a Realtek audio jack that is supported by the Nahimic audio enhancer and therefore it will prove to be a great model allowing you to have an immersive and audiogenic device.


This white motherboard variant is a perfect choice for users looking to have a sixth gen intel core processor compatible device that is backed up by all the necessary features to count on it for many coming years.

  • LGA DDR4 memory of 1151 MHz
  • USB 2 & 3 (3.1)
  • Steel guard
  • An audio slot with enhancer
  • Crossfire ready
  • ATX only edition


Looking for something latest by the MSI? Then spare some time to give this product some insights since this is the latest white motherboard variant by the model that is coming up with the intel core processors compatibility for the 8th Generation and this means it is slightly newer than the older edition of the motherboard that was for the sixth-gen intel core processors and this one is compatible with Intel Celeron and Intel platinum Gold as well as the 8th gen supportive devices.



This is a micro ATX white motherboard that will save your back against the space constraints of the ATX and the Mini ATX versions since you don’t have to go as small as the mini model and there’s don’t need to go with the ATX version if you don’t have enough spare space to accommodate the ATX tower since it will take some good space coverage in your hideout or your locality.

The memory speed of the motherboard is the 2666 that is not the fastest but bad enough to let it down at this much reasonable price tag and therefore it deserves all the attention that users are putting into it (owing a lot to its affordable price tag)

This device also has added in it the DDR4 boost technology that is giving it an enhanced signal transmission facility allowing it for greater speeds than its average value and users can also overclock it to suit their needs.


The MSI 8th GEN Intel Celeron processor motherboard coming at such a surprising yet cost-effective tag should never be let down and given the due diligence it deserves in return for its efficient and effective performance.

  • Onboard graphics
  • Overclocking
  • 8th GEN compatible
  • 2666 MHZ memory speed
  • Micro ATX edition only

Buyer Guide: What to look for in the right White Motherboard

With so many overwhelming options available for the good white motherboard getting your hands on the absolute best is a tough and tiring task and to make it lighter for you we have crafted these buyers guide where you can have your hunch at the must-have features in white motherboards that are not the white elephants but will rather be a necessity who cannot and shouldn’t be disposed of. We will also highlight the necessary variants of these perks to make it easier for you to pick your best product as you will look through the features and specs of a device and find out the most competent of them for you.


The foremost consideration for you, when you are out on a purchase of the best motherboard, would be the processor you are going to have in your PC as some PC are counting on the AMD CPU, while many other are coming up with Inter CPU so it is time for you to preplan your favorite one and then buy a compatible motherboard such as the Ryzen series for AMD CPUs.

Number of sockets

After deciding the processor you want to have in your PC, it is time for you to decide how many ports or sockets you want to have in your sockets, as well as the type of these ports as this, is an absolute necessity that will determine the number of connections your motherboard will be able to make so give it a close and keen observation and find the best one out of the chaos in the market.


After making up your mind about the processor and number of sockets you should move forward with the size of the motherboard you would be getting in your purchase and this is because motherboards are coming in various sizes like the popular ATX and its micro and mini ATX variant. You need to match your motherboard size according to the space constraints in your home and for that, you have to decide on the space you can allot to your system unit and then find a suitable ATX, micro ATX, or mini ATX motherboard for you.


Which White Motherboard You Should Get For Your Build?

White motherboards are coming in many great variants in the market and you can find a great one from reliable dealers in the gaming motherboard industry and likes of Asus Prime Z390-A or Asus Prime X570-Pro are the big names for the great white motherboard build therefore you have to give them a try.

What is the best motherboard 2021?

Asus Prime Z390-A is undeniably the best candidate for the top spot of the white motherboard and this single item is unanimously the best item, no matter wherever you conclude your search and from wherever you start at all its specs are great promising a great system unit all thanks to its amazing capabilities.

How do I choose a good motherboard?

A good motherboard should be having several features that certify its worth and among them, the compatibility to the processors tops all other out and is followed by the size and number of connectivity ports along with the type of them.

Why do motherboards die?

The prime factor behind the dying conditions of the motherboard is probably the overheating of the system unit and this may over warms the components causing them to malfunction.

Why do motherboards have HDMI ports?

HDMI ports are the standard connectivity or input/output port that is offered by most of the PCs, Laptop and this is also the most demanding and useful port since it allows you for multimedia sharing of both audio and visual data and thus is a necessity these days.

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