Best Soundbars Under 150 To Buy in 2020

Having a good sound system is extremely important to get the real feel of whatever you are seeing and watching. Whether you have a got a flat screen television or a latest laptop, you need to have a proper sound system that will help you to get the best experience ever. Often the sound system that you find in your television and laptops is not enough to give you the audio that you need and desire. Hence a proper sound system is required that will help you to enhance your overall sound system for a better experience overall. Soundbar is an effective thing that can help you with your goal of getting a good sound system.

Best Soundbar Under 150

The main problem that you face is that you can find it hard to get the best soundbar under 150. There will be a lot of soundbar available but they won’t come in the price range in which you want to get one. When you are planning to go for a soundbar, there needs to be a few things that you need to keep in mind before you get one. From sound formats to connectivity to size, there are different features that one needs to see before getting one. We will now take you through some of the best soundbar under 150 that you can get.

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.VIZIO 2.1 Sound Bar SB2821-D6MB169B Check Price
2.Sony S200F 2.1ch SoundbarMB169B Check Price
3.Sound bar, TaoTronics Sound bars for TVMB169B Check Price
4.Samsung 2-Channel TV Mate SoundbarMB169B Check Price
5.Sound Bar, BlitzWolf Soundbar Smart Home TheaterMB169B Check Price
6.Sound Bar, TaoTronics 2.1 Channel SoundbarMB169B Check Price
7.BÖHM B2 Premium 60-Watt 40MB169B Check Price
8.Apex Digital ASB-900 40"MB169B Check Price

1. VIZIO 2.1 Sound Bar SB2821-D6 with Wireless Subwoofer Bluetooth 95dB SPL

Whenever you are looking to get sound bar, one thing that should be the key focus is sound quality that you get from it. The VIZIO 2.1 Sound Bar has got the immersive bass that will give you an upgrade from your current audio system. The sound bar comes with the premium audio experience and is perfect for people who have television sets of 42 inch or more. The 2.2 Sound Bar system is perfect for such television sets and works perfectly fine providing you with the sound that you want including the thumping bass in your room.

VIZIO 2.1 Sound Bar SB2821-D6

The best feature that you can get with this sound bar is that you have the option to stream wirelessly with this device. The Bluetooth in the sound bar helps you to stream audio wirelessly from your smartphones or from your tablets with the wireless subwoofer providing you the best room-filling audio experience that you can get. Apart from this, there is also a sound bar system in this device where the speakers are paired with the powerful woofer to give you the crystal clear audio quality that you may not get anywhere else. This combination is enough to give you a home theater experience as well.

The design of the sound bar is sleek and streamlined making sure that it doesn’t take up a lot of space as well. there are basic buttons on the device that you can use to operate it while the other features like Dolby Digital, DTS TruSurround, DTS TruVolume, and others helps in getting the best audio you can get. There is a manual available as well that you can get for this sound bar.

  • 1 audio channels
  • Wireless subwoofer for high quality audio
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming
  • There are issues in syncing the device

2. Sony S200F 2.1ch Soundbar with built-in Subwoofer and Bluetooth Home Theater Audio for TV

There are a lot of things that one looks for in a sound bar and the Sony S200F 2.1ch Sound bar has got all the basic features that you may want. The one thing that differentiates this sound bar from some of the other sound bars is the integrated subwoofer in it. Through this subwoofer, you can easily watch out for your favorite movies, shows, right in your home in front of your television screen. Through the sound bar system, you get to experience a theater like system right in your bedroom or your lounge with a seamless connection.

Sony S200F 2.1ch Soundbar

Another great thing about the Sony S200F is the wireless connectivity feature that you get. This feature means that you don’t have to worry about anything i.e. wires and stuff whenever you are connecting the sound bar. Every connection is wireless making it easy for everyone to connect and listen to the audio with creating any hassle. The one-bar built-in subwoofer of the sound bar ensures that the design of it remains sleek and stylish and can go hand to hand with your home as well. This is where the perfect matching exists as you don’t have to worry about anything and everything.

One good thing that makes this particular sound bar different from the rest is that it has an easy setup process. Often there are sound bars where you may find it difficult to setup the whole thing. But with Sony S200F there are no wires or cables that you need to setup. Everything is done wirelessly hence the overall setup process becomes a lot easier to manage.

  • Simple and compact setup
  • Voice enhancement features
  • Deep bass with built-in subwoofer
  • Sound quality deteriorates after sometime

3. Sound bar, TaoTronics Sound bars for TV, 40-Inch Soundbar for TV with Bluetooth and Wired Connections

One of the best soundbar under 150 that you can get is the TaoTronics Sound bars for television. This sound bar is perfect for those who want to listen to audio in a high volume and with the best audio quality as well. The best thing about this particular sound bar is the presence of four amplified internal drivers that are there to replace you television’s speakers. Once you replace these speakers, you can get the deeper bass and crystal clear audio that was previously not audible due to those television speakers.

Sound bar, TaoTronics Sound bars for TV

Another thing to note about the TaoTronics sound bars is the LED display that is totally user friendly. Often people find it difficult to operate as displays can be confusing but this one is pretty simple to use and operate and anyone can do it. The touch controls make it easier to control the sound in one go with different modes being available that you can select from. The stunning display of the LED will make sure that you can select the loudness status according to your own requirement and what you need from them. This also gives you total control over the volume and other controls of the device.

One thing that you can find in this particular sound bar is that there are different options to play audio from it. You can either play the audio wirelessly with the use of the Bluetooth. This way you can play the audio directly from your smartphone or tablets once the Bluetooth connection is activated. Apart from this, the sound bar also has a wired option where you can connect via wires including the RCA optical input and coaxial input. The sound bar can be wall mounted or placed in front of the television as well.

  • Powerful audio sound
  • Wireless and wired both connections available
  • Versatile placement
  • Volume of the audio may vary drastically

4. Samsung 2-Channel TV Mate Soundbar, Bluetooth Wireless, Built-in USB Port, Surround Sound Expansion

There are different companies that are making different types of sound bar. Samsung also has its own sound bar with the Samsung 2-Channel TV mate sound bar. The main advantage that you can get from this particular sound bar is that the 3D audio depth of this particular sound bar is different from the rest of the sound bar that you can get. There is an 80 watt 2.1 Channel Surround Sound that helps you to get the best audio that you want without having any hindrances. You get an enhanced and rich experience from the performance of this particular sound bar.

Samsung 2-Channel TV Mate Soundbar

One thing that is a real plus point for this particular sound bar is the connectivity option that you can get. The sound bar helps you get wireless connectivity as you can play different audio right from your smartphone or tablet or any other device using Bluetooth. This wireless connectivity through Bluetooth is due to the SoundShare technology that you get with this sound bar. Another thing that you get with it is the Surround Sound Enhance that will give you the top of the line rich and dynamic experience with your television that you may not get with any other sound bar.

There is a remote available as well that will help you to connect and toggle around the sound bar and control it. From controlling the volume to the analyzing the 3D image, you can do it all with ease without having any problem. There are different settings that you can set as well depending on what you are doing. There are settings available for movies, games, drama, news, and other things as well.

  • Rich and dynamic sound experience
  • Wireless sound option
  • USB and external hard disk memory
  • Difficult to adjust the sound and the woofers of this sound bar

5. Sound Bar, BlitzWolf Soundbar Smart Home Theater Remote Control for TV 36 Inch 60W 2.0 Channel Speaker

The BlitzWold Sound bar smart home is one of the most powerful sound bar that you can get. While most of the sound bar that you can get are of 40 W, this particular sound bar is of 60 W. it provides powerful surround sound than the average sound bar of 40 W. there are full six range speakers in this sound bar along with 2 diaphragm. They integrate the deep bass and provide you with a stereo experience that you may not get otherwise from the other sound bar. The unique home theater experience is second to none along with the crystal clear audio that get.

Sound Bar, BlitzWolf Soundbar

Another feature that you can get from this particular sound bar is the connectivity feature. There are both wireless and wired connectivity options available that you can select which makes it easier for people to connect with any mode that they want to connect. You can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth when it is for PC or smartphone or television in order to stream music and movies without having any wiring troubles. Apart from this, there are wired connectivity options as well for the sound bar which includes aux cable, HDMI, USB inputs, and others.

There is dual control option available as well where you can use a remote to control the sound or the track selection from the sound bar. Apart from this, there is 4.2 Bluetooth adapt available as well that you can use in order to connect with the help of the phone. There are different sound effect that you can get from this particular sound bar which include stereo sound and others.

  • Powerful surround sound
  • Wired and wireless connection option
  • Button or remote control to select
  • The sound is muffled with connection issues

6. Sound Bar, TaoTronics 2.1 Channel Soundbar for TV with Subwoofers Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Speakers Surround Home Theatre Audio

If you want to get powerful speakers and you are unable to find one, then the answer to the problem is none other than the TaoTronics 2.1 Channel Soundbar for TV. This particular sound bar is extremely powerful with 34 inch sound bar along with woofer to provide you with the best bass sound system that you can get. You can get a booming experience with crystal clear audio quality to give you the best home theatre experience that you can get. This combination brings you the comfort and excellence that you are looking for whenever you want to have the best audio system.

Sound Bar, TaoTronics 2.1

Another important thing about this particular sound bar is its ability to connect wirelessly. Often when you have wired connections, there are a lot of hassles related to it and it can be difficult to hide the wires and keep your room in shape without the wires running through. But this wireless sound bar keeps you away from all the clutters and can connect you from 30 feet away as well along with connecting the subwoofer as well. There is no resonance or echo once connected and audio being played and you can get an explosive experience when watching movies, listening to songs, and playing games.Read HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop 690 Review if you want a ready made pc

The sound bar is extremely easy to setup as well making life of everyone easy. With no wires involved, the entire setup is low profile and you can easily and quickly connect to the TV without any hassle.

  • Powerful sound bar with subwoofer
  • Easy to setup sound bar
  • Wireless connectivity option
  • The subwoofer dies off after sometime

7. BÖHM B2 Premium 60-Watt 40 inch Sound Bar for Flat Screen TVs with Bluetooth, Auxiliary, Optical & Coaxial Connectivity

There are not a lot of sound bar available that come with a powerful 60 Watt option. But the BOHM B2 premium comes with it and is different from the rest. This is one reason why this particular sound bar is extremely powerful and provides you with the best sound that you can get. The second generation TV sound bar is sleek and slim in shape and goes perfectly well with the design of your room and home. The full sized 40 inch TV sound bar provides you the sound that will make you explode with easy listening options.

BÖHM B2 Premium 60-Watt 40

The sound bar has got three different listening modes that you can get which include music, movie, and television. The best thing is that you can switch to any mode easily when you want with the help of the remote only. Another powerful feature that this particular BOHM B2 Premium has is the option to either mount it on the wall or to place it with the television or stand. You can do whatever you like. The frequency response of this particular sound bar is also better from the other sound bar that are available.Check the list of Best Quiet Pc Cases

There is also an intuitive remote included that provides you with different controls that you may want to get. With the help of the remote you can control almost anything and everything with ease of this device.

  • 60 watts delivered
  • 3 modes of audio to listen
  • Enhanced frequency response
  • The remote does not work after some time

8. Apex Digital ASB-900 40″ HD Sound Home Theater Soundbar 250-Watts, Black

There are different sound bars with different features that come under 150. But one such sound bar that is quite simple and does perform all the task is the Apex Digital ASB-900. This particular sound bar is simpler than most of the other sound bar that you may find. But the best thing about this particular sound bar is that it is effective and efficient. The sound bar has got the maximum out of 250 watts which is more than enough for a sound bar to produce.

Apex Digital ASB-900 40

Another feature that you can find in this particular sound bar is the ability to connect wirelessly to play audio and music. The sound bar can connect through Bluetooth so that you can easily stream music either from your computers or from your smartphones. Apart from the wireless connectivity option, there is also an option to connect with the wires. There are two aux output as well as a digital optical cable that you can get. The LED display gives it the perfect look that you want to get from this particular sound bar. The sleek design of the Apex Digital allows you to keep it anywhere so that you don’t have to worry about the design.

  • 250 watts maximum output
  • LED display screen
  • Wireless connectivity option
  • The sound of the speaker is distorted

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