Top 7 Best Ram for MacBook Pro Mid 2012

Do you feel that your old Macbook Pro that you have bought several years ago starts getting slower, or not working peacefully with most modern apps? Usually, that problem occurs when you do any kind of graphics demanding works such as photo editing or video editing.

There are several solutions for this problem, such as you could simply resell your old macbook pro and buy a new model with shiny look, sleek housing, responsive touchpad, and speedy SSD (Solid State Storage). However, there is another simple as well as cheaper solution for this—just upgrade the RAM.

Top Pick: This Kingston HyperX Impact 16GB is the top pick in our list due to its huge compatibility and reliable performance. Moreover, the price tag is pretty affordable and it works on a 1.35V low-profile setting.

The RAM is one of the most crucial components of the computer which is responsible for quickly loading the data and completing the operations. Lesser ram memory can make your computer’s response rate a lot poorer than normal, but by upgrading the RAM you can effectively overcome that issue. Also, upgradation prolongs your MacBook’s life as compared to the original components.

Best Ram for MacBook Pro Mid 2012

Below in this post, you’ll find a list of the best ram for macbook pro mid 2012. By going through web to web, community forums, genuine user reviews, as well as testing some of them personally we have gathered some of the best options. So, take a look into the features to find out which one is going to fit perfectly with your model.

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.Kingston HyperX Impact 16GBMB169B Check Price
2.OWC 16GB SO-DIMM RamMB169B Check Price
3.Corsair 8GB RamMB169B Check Price
4.Crucial 8GB KitMB169B Check Price
5.A-Tech DDR2 667MHz 200-Pin 4GB KitMB169B Check Price
6.Corsair Apple Certified 16GB DDR3 RamMB169B Check Price
7.Kingston 8GB DDR3 RamMB169B Check Price

1. Kingston HyperX Impact 16GB

This Kingston HyperX Impact Ram is available in different frequencies. This particular model is compatible with a wide range of Macs. It is mainly intended for giving your laptop a tremendous speed as well as the power that you’ll be going to need for running demanding apps.

Kingston HyperX Impact 16GB

Before picking this ram make sure that it fits with your laptop model. It is actually a high-performance memory that brings exceptional speed to machines, including the smaller sized notebooks and PCs.

It works on 1.35V voltage which is pretty low and won’t heat the ram up when the high-end applications are running on the system. Talking about the look, then it is relatively slim and gives noiseless performance.

The installation process too is very simple, there is no need to change the setting in the BIOS. Moreover, the base clock speed is somewhat around 1600MHz, while the boost clock speed is 2133MHz.

  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Automatic overclocking capability
  • Reliable speed
  • Runs on 1.35V
  • Needs some configurations if you don’t want to overclock


This Kingston HyperX Impact 16GB has moderate price and gives a user excellent speed. The sleek design looks impressive, while the performance is reliable. This is the best ram for macbook pro mid 2012.


As compared to the regular memory the so-dimm memory is smaller in size and specifically intended for upgrading the speed of smaller machines such as notebook and MacBook. Similarly, this OWC 16GB SO-DIMM Ram is used for giving the laptop a tremendous speed.


But before investing in this particular product make sure that is it compatible with your device? Like the above-mentioned HyperX Ram this one also includes two 8GB sticks in the box that are reliable for upgrading MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac. But the Macbook pro should be a non-retina model, otherwise, it will support.

It shows compatibility to iMac models that came out in market from 2011 to 2015, while for Macbook pro and Mac mini it shows compatibility for 2011 and 2012 models. On other hand, the models which are not compatible are iMac above than 2015, Macbook mini and Macbook pro above 2015 models, Macbook pro having retina display, or anything having 13-inch or 15-inch screen size. So, before investing your money make sure the compatibility.

  • Great for upgrading old laptops
  • Speed is pretty reliable
  • Compatibility is decent
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Some users are not satisfied with speed


This OWC 16GB SO-DIMM Ram is a reliable addition in the market. The speed performance is pretty great, the compatibility options are huge, and the price is affordable.

3. Corsair 8GB Ram

Talking about the reputation, then the Corsair is one of the most reputed brands in the computer hardware industry. Similarly, this Corsair 8GB Ram is a great addition in the market. Its high-end performance with almost no chances of failing makes it the best ram for macbook pro mid 2012.

Corsair 8GB Ram

This brand has won several awards for manufacturing quality products. Unlike the other 16GB models, this one offers only 8GB memory and includes two 4GB sticks inside the box, which definitely will upgrade the overall performance of the system.

Even though the memory is only 8GB, when it comes to performance as well as the stability it turns out pretty solid. Plus, it can be used with the modern notebook models as well as mini PCs. It shows best compatibility with Windows operating systems, however, for MacOS it also performs reliably.

It runs on a 1.5v low-voltage setting, and gives clock speed somewhat around 1333MHz. Moreover, it fits perfectly and comes with lifetime warranty along with free technical support.

  • 2x 4GB stick inside the box
  • Excellent speed performance
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Runs on 1.5V low-voltage setting
  • Plastic cover needs to be removed before installing into MacBook Pro


This Corsair 8GB Ram is an excellent performer and comes at a relatively affordable price. It shows compatibility with various devices and comes with lifetime warranty along with free technical support.

4. Crucial 8GB Kit

This Crucial 8GB Kit includes two 4GB sticks inside the box. It is specifically intended for older MacBook models, especially those that came into the market from 2008 to 2010. Crucial is a well reputed brand that manufactures top-quality rams for your laptops and notebooks.

Crucial 8GB Kit

Talking about the performance, then it is exceptionally well as compared to the most other brands available in the market. Moreover, the top-notch performance will last for several years. This particular model shows compatibility for Mac machines as well.

However, make sure to check the compatibility with your own machines before investing into this product. Before launching this model in the market, the Crucial has taken a wide range of tests to make sure that it’ll give top-notch performance.

The best thing among all others is that this particular model can work on dual profiles such as on 1.35V as well as 1.5V. Both are low-profile settings and compatible with a wide range of machines out there.

  • 2x 4GB sticks inside the box
  • Great for older MacBook models
  • Exceptional performance
  • Installation is pretty easy
  • Comes with limited warranty


This Crucial 8GB Kit is a pretty dependable addition in the market. This model is precisely teste before coming into the market and gives exceptional performance for most machines available in the market. It is best used for older MacBook models. Moreover, it can work on 1.35V as well as 1.5V profile.

5. A-Tech DDR2 667MHz 200-Pin 4GB Kit

In case you own a MacBook Pro 2008 model, you definitely will face dire difficulties in finding the correct ram for upgrading your system’s speed. As these machines can best support 4GB memory and this A-Tech DDR2 667MHz 200-Pin 4GB Kit fills this gap.

A-Tech DDR2 667MHz 200-Pin 4GB Kit

This A-Tech DDR2 model includes two 2GB sticks inside the box, the sticks are sleek and effortlessly fit in the machine. Apart from the reliable performance the best thing is the affordable price. Furthermore, this SO-DIMM ram can be used for various devices including laptops, Notebooks, MacBook Mini, and MacBook Pro.

Also, like the most models mentioned in this list, this A-Tech DDR2 667MHz 200-Pin 4GB Ram offers lifetime warranty as well as technical support.

  • Affordable in price
  • Reliable speed performance
  • Compatibility options are huge
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Some users reported about the noisy performance


This A-Tech DDR2 667MHz 200-Pin 4GB Kit is pretty affordable in price and compatible with most machines out there. The performance is great and comes with free technical support along with lifetime warranty.

6. Corsair Apple Certified 16GB DDR3 Ram

So far, this Corsair Apple Certified 16GB DDR3 Ram is the second addition by the Corsair in our list. As the name suggests, this model is specifically intended for Apple devices. It includes 2x 8GB sticks inside the box.

Corsair Apple Certified 16GB DDR3 Ram

Make sure that this model fits perfectly with your machine before investing, otherwise you’ll be left with nothing along with some bucks or time wasted. The best thing so far about this product is the 1600MHz clock speed and sometimes even more than that.

Before launching this model in the market, the certified developers have tested this product to make sure the performance reliability and exceptional speed. Coming to the compatibility options, then these are huge too. You can use it with iMac, MacBook Mini, and MacBook Pro, for the older as well as the newer models.

The black and white color scheme looks pretty elegant and the design itself is pretty sleek. Plus, the price tag is quite affordable too. It comes with a lifetime warranty as well as the free technical support.

  • Great for Apple machines
  • Price tag is affordable
  • Exceptional clock speed
  • Tested by certified experts
  • Doesn’t perform great with latest MacBook Pro Models


This Corsair Apple Certified 16GB DDR3 Ram is known for its exceptional performance as well as the compatibility for several Apple devices. It gives reliable clock speed and tested by certified experts.

7. Kingston 8GB DDR3 Ram

This Kingston 8GB DDR3 Ram is the second addition from Kingston in this list. This particular model gives 1600MHz clock speed. Just like every other model of this list, it includes two 8GB sticks inside the box.

Kingston 8GB DDR3 Ram

The design itself is pretty sleek and effortlessly fit in most of the devices available in the market. The compatibility options are huge, but you should also check that this model fits with your machine before investing into this ram. This approach will keep your end safe and will save you money as well as time.

It shows compatibility for iMac, MacBook Mini, and MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro above the 2013 or with retina display are not compatible. So, it’s not a good choice if you own the latest MacBook model.

Along with the exceptional performance, great clock speed, and affordable price, this Kingston DDR3 Ram comes with lifetime warranty along with free technical support for 24/7.

  • Has an affordable price tag
  • Reliable performance and great clock speed
  • Great for Apple devices
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Not reliable for newer MacBook models


This Kingston 8GB DDR3 Ram is a great product that comes in a relatively affordable price and gives exceptional performance. The compatibility options are huge including the MacBook Pro (lower than 2013).

Who Should Buy This?

Before upgrading the ram of your machine, you should ask these questions from yourself:

  • Does your laptop start slowing down significantly?
  • Gets stuck while using resource demanding applications like Adobe Photoshop?
  • Does your display show lagging or load partially sometimes?
  • Has multitasking become impossible?
  • Does it take too much time when booting?

If these are the issues that you’re facing with your device currently, then you definitely do a ram upgrade to extract a little more from your old MacBook. However, before investing into any of the available options you must look into some factors.

Buying Guide

Now you know that when you need to upgrade your ram. So, let’s take one step forward. In this portion we’re going to talk about the factors that you should consider before investing in the best ram for macbook pro mid 2012.

1-      Brand

At first, it may feel a little one-dimensional, but the brand name itself leaves a huge impact when it comes to computer parts. As the well reputed brand always focuses on the user’s ease. That’s why they extensively tested their products before launching them into the market to make sure that they work flawlessly even in the less favourable conditions.

In other words, always pick a well-reputed brand for your computer parts. It’ll give you an added peace of mind by ensuring reliable performance and exceptional speed.

2-      Warranty

Anything can happen anytime, we usually don’t like to talk bad or don’t know what can go wrong, but the warranties are a good signal for everyone who is planning to invest his hard-earned money into ram. Almost every product that we have covered in this list comes with a lifetime warranty along with the free 24/7 technical support.

3-      Reliability

Actually, the most well-reputed brands won’t have issues with reliability, but it’s a better approach to read user reviews before making an investment, as this approach will help you keep your own side safe. The approach guarantees that the product that you’re choosing has very few or even no errors in it, and it’ll last for an extended period of time.

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