Top 5 Best Quiet CPU Coolers For Pc in 2020

As we all know the CPU is a primary component and termed as a heart of a computer responsible for running operating systems and applications. The processor inside the heart of your computer heats up as a result of the fastest processing while continuously using it especially during gaming and using high graphics. But the raised temperature can result in causing severe damage. The CPU coolers provide a smart solution to all such problems as they efficiently dissipate heat using multiple components like radiators, fans, and other elements.

There are two types of CPU coolers in the market. The first type works on the air cooling system whereas another type is liquid cooling. Moreover, the cooling fans working can result in making noise which can be proved irritating so you should look for the one which efficiently provides a complete cooling zone to your CPU in proper silence. Here we have compiled the list of Best Quiet CPU Coolers along with all the facts based details so you can conveniently decide which one meets your requirements.

Wanna make a quick decision?

You can choose Cooler Master Hyper 212 as one of the best quiet CPU cooler because of the excellent heat dissipation introduced by it. It comes with the 4 direct contact heat pipes along with the patented CDC technology which delivers you an extraordinary sleek surface for efficient heat conductivity. The cooler provides complete compatibility with your AM4 board. Because of its improved power fin design, it completely ensures the provision of balance cooling for low and high-speed operations. It offers you the maximum airflow of 82.9 CFM with the fan speed of 600-2000 RPM whereas the noise level delivered by it is up to 36.0 dB. The aluminum heat sink also plays an important role in keeping it cool.

Best Quiet CPU Coolers

While having a look at multiple items, you may end up getting confused. For wiping away your confusion and turning your difficulty into ease, we have crafted a comparison table below so you can feasibly decide which product will go best with your CPU by comparing them based on their features and prices.

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.Cooler Master Hyper 212MB169B Check Price
2.Noctua NH-D15MB169B Check Price quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4MB169B Check Price
4.Scythe Mugen 5MB169B Check Price
5. Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGBMB169B Check Price

Let’s see which is the ideal best quiet CPU cooler for you…

1. Cooler Master Hyper 212

While searching for an exceptional heat dissipation system, you can ponder over Cooler Master Hyper 212 as with the high overclocking and load on the system, the processor heats up so it offers a complete direct thermal transfer with its 4 direct contact heat pipes. The heat pipes come with Continuous direct contact technology and result in creating a sleek surface for heat conduction. Its advanced and improved tower fin design provides you a complete balance in cooling whether your processor is performing high-speed operation or low.

Cooler Master Hyper 212

This CPU cooler provides complete compatibility with the AM4 motherboard. It delivers you an airflow of 82.9 CFM because of the unique design of a wide range of PWM fans. The maximum speed of the fan is 600-2000 RPM which is quite efficient. The aluminum heatsink is also a part of it for providing an exceptional cooling zone. It comes with the compatibility option with multiple Intel and AMD sockets. The fan noise can be proved irritating, so the product comes with an efficient fan noise level of 36.0 dB which is quite bearable.

In our opinion, the CPU cooler is engineered for heavy tasks that can result in bringing the temperature of the system to the peak. Because of its extraordinary cooling system comprises of fans and heatsinks, it results in keeping the temperature stable and benefit you with the expected outcome.

  • Direct thermal transfer with CDC technology
  • Balanced cooling for operations
  • AM4 compatible
  • Maximum fan speed
  • Can be proved a bit noisy at full speed

2. Noctua NH-D15

If you want to achieve an exceptional cooling for your CPU and noise is your main concern then one of the highly considerable products is Noctua NH-D15. It efficiently fulfills all of your requirements as it comes with the two highly optimized NF-A15 fans. These 140 mm fans come with the PWM support which controls the amount of power delivered. The low noise adaptors are also a part of the fan which keeps the sound level minimum and automatically controls the speed of the fan.

Noctua NH-D15

For the provision of a complete cooling zone, it comes with the dual tower design which comprises of 6 heat pipes along with the two fans. Moreover, it comes with the lower fins which makes it compatible with high-end RAMs in a single fan mode. It provides complete support with many of the Intel and AMD processors. Because of its excellent material, it is highly durable as well. This CPU cooler ensures you about providing exceptional airflow and complete heat distribution while working with all its might in a dual fan mode.

In a nutshell, we can say that the cooler comes with the fans that work in a controlled and stabilized power mode and also with the built-in noise adaptors to make sure that the provision of a cooling system will be in maximum silence.

  • Extremely quiet performance
  • Dual 140mm fans
  • Low noise adapters
  • Highly compatible
  • PWM support
  • Holds a bulky design
  • A bit heavy

3. be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

Your search of finding that one cooler that efficiently provides a complete cooling zone in a maximum quiet mode can lead to the “be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4.” The coolers come with the 7 heat pipes based on advanced technology. The function of these 6mm copper heat pipes is to bring the heat conductivity to the maximum level. Because of its highly advanced design, it comes with the contoured cooling fins with small dots over the surfaces which results in maximizing the circulation of air and delivers you an optimized airflow. The enhancement in heat transferring is also achieved by its ceramic particles which come with the black coating over it.

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

The cooler comes with the two aluminum heatsinks and two pre-installed fans as well which provide cutouts and result in enhancing the compatibility with RAM. To provide a cooling zone a complete silent environment, it comes with the two silent wings Fan with the PWM support which stabilizes the power. The fan holds fluid dynamic bearings, smooth six poles motors, and fan blades which results in providing an optimum airflow in a quiet environment. The frame of the cooler has an air inlet which maximizes the air pressure.

To conclude we can say that the cooler efficiently minimizes the temperature with its fans and advanced technology but it also doesn’t let you irritate with the fan sound because of its unique silent wings design. All of its properties make it worth noticing and buying.

  • 7 heat pipes
  • Two aluminum heat sinks
  • Two silent wings fans
  • Maximum air pressure
  • Larger in size
  • Heavier in weight

4. Scythe Mugen 5

The Scythe Mugen 5 can be another considerable option in this regard as it comes with its quiet Kaze flex fan of 120mm which efficiently dissipates the heat inside with its highest airflow and the maximum fan speed of 300-1200 RPM. The speed and flow are achieved because of its static pressure. For the achievement of maximum cooling performance, it also offers you adding the other fan option as well. The PWM support is also a part of it for delivering controlled and stable power.

Scythe Mugen 5

The cooler holds 6 heat pipes and copper base which results in providing the exceptional heat draining from the high TDP CPUs. The cooler is durable because of its excellent material and hence can be proved as the best assistant of your CPU for a longer period of 120,000 hours. The cooler comes with the offset, cut fin design, and tall heat spreader and provides complete compatibility with RAM. Moreover, the FDB bearing is a part of the fan which makes sure that the whole operation will be performed in lower noise.

All in all, we can say that it mainly focuses on delivering excellent cooling so your CPU performance remains unstoppable. If you are a gamer or usually do heavy projects like video editing, you should surely rely on it.


  • 120mm fan
  • Maximum airflow
  • Fan speed 300-1200 RPM
  • FDB bearing for quiet operation
  • It comes with the bit larger size

5. Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB

The last but not least stunning product in the least is Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB. The cooler comes with the 4 heat pipes which efficiently drain out all the heat in the system and keep the temperature stabilized which results in gaining an outstanding performance and productivity. The 4 heat pipes work with direct contact technology. It comes with the stacked fin array which delivers airflow to the heat sink. The recorded airflow of the cooler is 57.3 CFM.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB

It also holds a smart fan sensor which prevents your cables from tearing down. For the prevention of irritation due to the sound created by the fan, it comes with the lower noise level of 26.0 dB which is quite exceptional and bestows you with the maximum silence while keeping your CPU cool. One of its unique features is it comes with the RGB lighting. The RGB LED controller is also here which allows you to change the color with a single button touch.

We can summarize that this elegant bracket fan cooler delivers you excellent cooling for raising your performance and lowering your temperature with the minimum noise and the property of RGB illumination which makes it highly attractive.

  • Minimum noise level
  • Maximum airflow
  • Highly durable
  • RGB lighting along with the controller
  • Some claims exist about fan mounting system

Buying guide: Best Quiet CPU Cooler

If you want to buy a cooler for your CPU which efficiently dissipates heat out of your CPU with the minimum noise level then you should keep following factors in mind which can assist you in finding out the best one for you.

The number of fans: With the maximum number of fans, the maximum heat will be dissipated out of it. The excellent heat dissipation results in stabilizing the CPU temperature which results in boosting the performance and productivity of the system.

Design: The design of the cooler also matters a lot as with the best design it provides compatibility with multiple components as well.

Fan speed and Airflow: You should also check the fan speed and airflow. The maximum speed and flow brought more rapid heat dissipation.

Compatibility: Before buying, check its compatibility with your process as well for experiencing an extraordinary performance.

Silence: The fans of the coolers can be proved noisy which can cause interruption so check out first that how much sound will be generated by it while it is working at the maximum level and then decide whether is it acceptable or not.


What is the quietest CPU cooler ?

The quietest CPU cooler is the one that lowers its temperature by dissipating heat using multiple fans, heatsinks, and other technologies by keeping the noise level minimum. Some of the brands that proposed such products are Cooler Master, Noctua, Scythe, etc.

What is the best budget CPU cooler ?

The one that comes at an affordable price with the best cooling system and technologies with the provision of maximum silence can be termed as the best one. Some such products are mentioned above.

What is the best air cooler for CPU ?

The best one for your CPU will be the one that will be compatible with your processor and ensures the provision of a complete cooling zone by reducing the temperature inside which is often raised by the heavy task. Being a gamer you may also have to face system heat-ups which can be prevented by using such air coolers. The list of products above holds many air coolers that can be proved best.

Is liquid cooling quieter than fans ?

Yes, it is quieter than fans but it can be proved harmful in the case of water leakage over hardware.

What CPU cooler should I get for i5 9600k ?

You can choose from the list above as all the products in the list hold such properties that can result in inefficient outcomes.

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