Best Multifunction Color Laser Printers Of 2020

Looking for the best multifunction color laser printer? You’ve come to the right place.

The mighty printer is one product that will never go obsolete or out of style because its utility far outweighs any technological advancement that could hit it. Like many other computer based technologies before it, the printer has gotten better and more advanced with time, this includes especially, the idea that most latest technology gets more and more compact over time which is great as people are constantly travelling from one place to another and since mobility is a big part of a lot of people’s lives, technology must follow suit!

Of course the printers we are about to delve into are still larger than say a portable phone based printer attachment, these are still entirely relevant for the office or home based scenario where a lot of people constantly have to give life to their words and projects with the aid of printers. Today we are going to be looking into colour printers because who doesn’t want that extra touch of colour in their lives? However colour printers in themselves are pretty common, the products we are looking into are actually multi-function based technology which makes life so much easier and gives the sure complete control over how they are meeting deadlines at work or even just using the printer for fun.Black widow games can also provide you more info about printers

So without further ado, let’s dig in to this list and help you find which multi-function colour printer is perfect for your need, whether corporate or personal.

Best Multifunction Color Laser Printers

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.HP Color Laserjet Pro M180nwMB169B Check Price
2.Canon Color imageCLASSMB169B Check Price
3.Brother Mfc-L3770CDW ColorMB169B Check Price
4.Samsung ProXpress C3060FWMB169B Check Price
5.Brother Monochrome Laser PrinterMB169B Check Price
6.Brother MFCL2750DW MonochromeMB169B Check Price
7.HP LaserJet Pro M426fdwMB169B Check Price

1. HP Color Laserjet Pro M180nw

Our first product for the day is from a brand that needs no introduction! We are of course talking about HP Color Laser jet pro with the model number M180nw. now HP has been in the game for a while so they know what they are doing! From constantly adding the best and innovative new features, to constantly improving the existing experience of the user, HP has made a name itself for its amazing quality.

HP Color Laserjet Pro M180nw

Now for a few of the main features as there are a lot to cover! When you think of a printer, you always wonder how it prints out pages in a quick time frame. You need a printer that will aid you when you are pressed for time. This printer is pretty impressive in that regard as it can print a phenomenal 17 pages per minute in either black or colour. That entirely up to you. The tray holds 150 sheets of A4 paper at a time so you don’t have to worry about refills too soon. Now, for the verdict on this bad boy’s colour quality, we feel this printer has an amazing performance in that sense as it works best with its own toner cartridges which come in an amazing array of colours that give you the brightest output each time.Mac users need some different type of photo printer for ultimate non stop printing

The printer is completely wireless so you don’t have to worry about tugging at or getting caught in wires. This also increases the portability factor that this device has as it does not rely on pesky wires to keep it working. Make prints, scans or copies with ease and that too in a very smart price point as well! The printer is also capable of attaching to any internet, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection so scans and documents can be transferred straight up or you can connect it and download and print any image you desire. That’s not all as this printer also attaches itself quite easily with all smartphone based drives such as drop box, iCloud and even Google drive. Storing and printing your pictures has never been this easy!

There is also a wonderful 1 year warranty which means that in case of any malfunctioning or dissatisfaction you will get the best customer care and even a refund if the problem persists. There is also a super cool auto power save option which sense when the product is not being sued and subsequently turns it off to save power and electricity.

  • 1 year warranty
  • Amazing colour quality
  • Wireless functioning
  • Quick print
  • None really

2. Canon Color imageCLASS

The Canon Color Image Class model is up next on our list and we agree with its name a 100 percent since it is a class apart from tis competition! Talk about multi-function as this product is filled to the brim with amazing features that are a must for the modern individual.

Canon Color imageCLASS

Technology at its finest indeed! But that’s not all as this product is also a seriously easy one to use. It even hosts faxing abilities which is a nice way to pay ode to the original method of information transference but of course it prints, copies and scans like any printer. This printer also has a 5 inch touchscreen as you would find in your smartphone which makes the task super easier as you don’t have to deal with flimsy buttons anymore. In case you needed to connect to the internet, you are in luck as this printer allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi but also allows you to create a direct hotspot which means no need for a physical external router.If you are a check lover get Best Printer For Printing Checks

There is also a super eco-friendly process in this which saves battery power thus saving the need to use electricity or even the amount of cartridges you purchase as the high capacity performance in its super versatile cartridge seriously lowers down the overall costs of supply and thus saves your time and money. It also has two sided printing which again is better for the environment and also for efficiency in the workplace as work gets done faster. It prints a single page in just under 11 seconds which we have to say is pretty impressive.Those are going to buy printer should also read Pigment Ink Printers Reviews

We talked about how the all in one cartridge lowers supply costs but the really cool thing about this printer is the fact that it also has some really cool sensors which reorder your ink toners and cartridges when the printer is running low on them.If you do not use printer frequently get a Printer for Infrequent Use

  • Eco friendly
  • Saves time and money
  • Links to the net and your phone
  • Touchscreen interface
  • None really

3. Brother Mfc-L3770CDW Color

Our next product is the Brother MFC Color printer which is under the model name L3770 CD W and it is a multi-function laser printer with amazing features. No matter what kind of paper you put in, the quality of the ink and of the text or images will be good since this printer is known for its high quality prints. This means that you can save on the costs of buying really high quality paper sometimes, especially for internal meager tasks that do not require as much quality or attention to detail and still get pretty good results.

Brother Mfc-L3770CDW Color

A must have in all modern technology is the feature in how it interacts and supports with other technology. So for example, if you wanted to hook up a device which has documents in different formats, this printer would process and print them in amazingly fast speeds. However there are only single sided pages in this machine which to be honest is a bit limiting. Ever been in a rush at the office and found out that the printer’s loading tray is jammed? The absolutely frustrating and annoying thing is so common but do not despair as you get a manual fill up option along with a multipurpose tray which fits in all sorts of papers, documents and files.

We will however add that this device is way better for printing important documents or letter as compared to images since it is after all meant for the office environment. Even though the image processing bit is way better, the picture quality might not be as good as you intended to receive. The pictures even if of very good quality may come off as very grainy as this printer isn’t meant for that task.

Now, scanning of text based pages and black and white ones are a completely different ballgame for this device as it scans about 17 pages in less than 40 seconds which to be very honest is insane! Even for images, the scanner far outweighed the printer as it scanned a high quality image in less than 10 seconds.You can use plotter printer if you want to do printing on bigger scale

The best thing about this device is that it can be linked and hooked up to almost any online storage facility as this is completely necessary in this day and age. So if you want to access your iCloud, dropt Box or even Google drive, then do it with ease as this printer is completely compatible with it. This device also has an interface which allows you to scan images directly from the mains canner on it, or alternatively directly from your computer screen. A serious design flaw according to us is the fact that it only accommodates A4 size paper which is pretty much the standard but limits the user immensely.

  • Compatible with all cloud services
  • Amazing scanner
  • Manual loading
  • Only has room for A4 paper
  • Not the best for image printing

4. Samsung ProXpress C3060FW

Next up we have a super cool Samsung device. I mean you cannot have a complete list of electronic devices until and unless you add in one from Samsung too right? For good reason too as Samsung is one of the oldest contenders in the industry as it has been at the forefront of technological advancements for decades and this is one reason why it has a huge following. The Samsung name demands a level of respect and credibility which also stems from its high performance track record.

Samsung ProXpress C3060FW

A flaw that we observed was the fact that this device only really is compatible with its own product’s toners which is not too and as you know they are easily available wherever you go. However, this limits the kind of product you have to buy with this printer and that is really limiting. Not only does this super cool office based printer print your documents and images for you, it also enables copy mode, scanning, faxing, two sided printing, complete security of your documents, built in Ethernet which allows you to connect wherever you desire and of course scanning. Mobile based connectivity is also a serious plus point as you can just link the two devices up and transfer data or even send it as a command to be printed or scanned. This is the future.

Unlike some of the other products on our list, this one offers a wide range of paper formats it is compatible with. Now why this is important is because a good modern product should offer its user’s the choice of being able to print in A3 or A4 or whatever their work or heart desires. The range ranges from 3″x5″ – 8. 5″X14″.It prints up to 31 pages per minute which is pretty impressive and can be an excellent way to save your time and energy. Another incredible thing about this printer is the actual amount of paper it can store per day and per month. Per day it hosts up to 1400 pages while it stores 2500 pages on a monthly basis. This definitely means it is a high end device which is excellent for busy work places.

Who does love good customer service when you need it? If our users are anything like any average person, they will know how hard it can be to figure a specific problem out, well this brand offers 24/7 web support where you can deal with all your inquiries and problems. At once, 5 users can connect themselves to this printer which is not only great for group work or projects but also means that this is an efficient way to sharing and receiving data.

  • 1400 pages per day
  • 24 hour customer service
  • Lots of page format varieties
  • Lots of features
  • None really

5. Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

Next up we have the Brother Monochrome Laser Printer which is a great affordable product option and it also has a very smart list of features which include a link with Amazon to purchase its toner automatically when the device feels that it is running low on ink or toner. Now this is a smart sensor type situation and it means you will never have to manually purchase toner online ever again!

Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

It can hold up to 70 pages at a time which is pretty good considering its size and of course the auto document feeder scans a page from front and back effortlessly in one pass, it also has 2 sided scanning and copying so your work in the office is done faster and meeting deadlines becomes a breeze! Since it also works both sides and works faster, it is also cost effective and thus saves the environment as well as it is used for less time. It is also pretty fast and produces quite high quality prints but that’s not all as you can also hook it up to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections so that data can be received and transferred far easily.

At once time the printer holds approximately 1500 pages of A4 size which is also pretty nice but this can be expanded up to 3500 as well. The 3.7 inches colour screen is another fan favourite as it allows the user interface process to become far smoother.

  • 3500 capacity
  • Auto reorder of toner
  • Does 70 pages at a time
  • Can be hooked to net
  • None really

6. Brother MFCL2750DW Monochrome

We have another Brother product here in front of us again as this company just keeps making amazing printers with multi-function properties so they deserve a mention! Cloud based scanning and data sharing has never been easier as this device is compatible with all kinds of cloud storage services such as Drop Box, Google drive, ever note, iCloud, One Note and even others. It also connects effortlessly to other smart devices such as tablets, laptops and mobile devices.

Brother MFCL2750DW Monochrome

This device can also print whatever kind of page and text format imaginable. This includes JPEG, JPG, PDF, MAX, PDF high compression, TIFF and TIF. Also if you like we get tired of constantly having to order and buy toners and ink cartridges online because it’s a waste of time, then don’t worry because this product achieves that automatically as it senses when the device is running low and orders it on Amazon.

  • Compatible with cloud services
  • All kinds of file formats
  • Reorders toner automatically
  • Not the best speed

7. HP LaserJet Pro M426fdw

Our last and final product is the HP Laser Jet Pro M4 26 6fdw which is a multifunction and monochrome laser printer, copier, scanner, faxer that has Wi-Fi connectivity and wireless capabilities which make it super compact and portable.

HP LaserJet Pro M426fdw

The 3 inch touch screen for command delegation is also great as it makes your task easier and more advanced. You can feed in 350 sheets at a time and it doesn’t matter what the internal file format is, this printer will take care of the task!

There is also a 1 year warranty and a great security option which protects your sensitive data.

  • 1 year warranty
  • 350 sheets
  • Compact
  • None

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