Top 6 Best Motherboard For Ryzen 3 2200g in 2021

Are you pissed off by the slow procession of your gaming jack? Or want to have the best inexpensive graphic card that will skyrocket your gaming journey? If that is the case then you certainly are on a hunt for the budget-friendly AMD APUs. Well some might node here to go with the GPU or to a step higher with PSU but you should keep that in mind that this higher flight will cost you higher. But don’t worry we are not here to chop your winds down but rather give them an upward flight by finding you the right motherboard for you cost-effective APU that is AMD Ryzen 3 2200g.

This factory unlocked processor is coming with a 3.5Ghz CPU and has a peak potential of 3.7Ghz and has a couple of Radeon Vega 8 graphics and has a quite a good enough low resolution of 720 pixels for playing you 60 plus games. But to have the best bang for your bucks or to draw the maximum processing quality from your processor you need to have the right motherboard that is compatible with your specific graphics card.

So here we are to give you the edge over your enemies by providing you the best motherboard for ryzen 3 2200g. So get yourself pulled up for an amazing review of the best motherboard for Ryzen 3 2200g.

Busy knocking of your enemy down the battleground? Afraid of missing the review till the end? Don’t worry we have held you covered. Have a deep breath and take a look at our top pick of the best gaming motherboards compatible with Ryzen 3 2200g.

Gigabyte B450M DS3H is the best choice for an AMD Ryzen 3 2200g processor. It is coming with an M 2 slot 3 times faster than the common SSDs. And is compatible with both Ryzen 2000 and 3000 CPUs. It has a storing memory of 64 GB and has a clocking speed of 3200Mhz.

Best Motherboard For Ryzen 3 2200g

Are you into an in-depth review of our top six gaming motherboards that are on board for running your AMD Ryzen 3 2200 g and a whole lot of similar APUs? If that’s the case hook up to your screen and go through our entire article to get your preferences sorted out.

So, what’s the Best Motherboard For Ryzen 3 2200g? Let’s find out…

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1. Gigabyte B450M DS3HMB169B Check Price
2.ASRock B450M PRO4 MB169B Check Price
3.ASUS ROG Crosshair VII HeroMB169B Check Price
4.GIGABYTE B450 AORUS MMB169B Check Price
5.ASRock B450M Steel LegendMB169B Check Price
6.Asus TUF B450-ProMB169B Check Price

1. Gigabyte B450M DS3H

Gigabyte is the most famous gaming accessories manufacturer that is like the crowned king of the graphic cards and motherboards industry. This king is hailing with full power by coming up with a great number of quality and efficient gaming motherboards of which the entry-level cream is its gigabyte DS3H motherboard compatible with running an AMD Ryzen 3 200g graphic card.

Gigabyte B450M DS3H


This DS3H is an entry-level gaming motherboard that has a Micro ATX built and therefore is designed to fir in the mid chassis making it a space-saving model. This one is coming with 4 DIMMs and DDRs the processing speed of each of this DIMM is 2133 Mhz and has a peak memory of 64 GBs.

This motherboard can be overclocked and this makes it a great quality motherboard for running AMD Ryzen 3 2200g. the overclocked speed of the DIMM is yet again the 3200 Mhz. the difference in speed here is because of the slot distinction. You can have the 2133 Mhz speed with the DIMM and this is its average running speed but this motherboard is capable of installing overclocked speeds of up to 3200 Mhz.Check Best Motherboards For Ryzen 5 2400g

this device has got several input/ output ports and the best out of them are 4 X USB 3.1 slots that are of GEN 1 and are programmed for the data transmission speed of 5GBPS while there are 4 X USB 2.0 slots as well located at the rear side of the connectivity port panel and the speed of these ports is yet again the same 5 GBPS.

The other combo of slots is that of the 4 X SATA slots running on 3 GBPS while the most famous of all the M 2 slots have an NVMe module along with the SATA slots.If you have i7 9th generation then check the list of Best Motherboards For i7 9700k is must


This is our top-rated motherboard for an AMD Ryzen compatible graphic card and gives you the best gaming performance while being very easy on your pocket.

  • Capable of running 2-way graphic cards
  • M2 relatively 3 times faster than SSID
  • 64 GB peak memory
  • Owns 4 DDR
  • The maximum clock speed of DIMMs of 3200 Mhz.
  • Lack of a USB port
  • Has a single M2 slot
  • doesn’t have RGB lightening

2. ASRock B450M PRO4

ASUS is a well-known brand in the gaming world with a great number of gaming products ranging from the big-screen gaming monitors to small scale graphic cards and nano hardware techs to cater to the needs of gamers.

ASRock B450M PRO4 AM4 AMD Promontory

One good thing about this professional gaming model is that it takes into consideration the aspirations of both the entry-level gamers as well as the seasoned professionals in the virtual world. This brand has many series that are specifically dedicated to launching the best in class gaming motherboards of which ASRock is a leading name.Ryzen 9 3900X is the best for gaming get Best Motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900X


This ASRock motherboard is coming with as an entry-level rival to the Gigabyte B450 M motherboard and is equally well equipped with a good number of beginning level features but at some point, the gigabyte got an obvious upper edge.Get the list of Best Motherboard for I9 9900k

The quality of the procession and performance of the motherboard is great and it has the best traits in its competition if only the price tag comparison is concerned. This device is coming with a glass fiber covering that is meant for removing the PCB layering and making it a compact device.

Heading towards its specs, this motherboard has the usual memory of 64 GBs and the overclocking speed of the device is yet again the 2660 Mhz that is the same as its competition and the peak value is also placed at the same level of a maximum 3200 Mhz.

Speaking of its connectivity ports, this device got 4 X SATA ports on the real and at the front 2 X M 2 slots that are also accompanied by 2 X PCI slots. The motherboard is also coming with a dual crossfire that can house multiple graphics cards both from NVIDIA and AMD Freesync.If you want to be a beast in gaming get B450 Motherboard


This ASRock is a great budget-friendly alternative to gigabyte 450M motherboards if you are looking for something even cheaper than the later one.

  • RAMs support of 3200 Mhz
  • Zen 3000 series compatible motherboard
  • 64 GBPS data sharing speed
  • Dual M2 Slot
  • Lack of a flash button
  • No RGB Lights

3. ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero

ASUS ROG is costly kin of the ASUS Brand has a reasonable reason for that by coming up with a range of premium features in its beginning level devices. This crosshair hero is a great gaming motherboard that has quality specifications to capture the attention of a good number of customers in the market who are looking for an excellent gaming motherboard compatible with running with their AMD Ryzen 3 2200 g.

ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero


The foremost feature of this device worthy of our mention is its wireless connectivity, yes you read right this is a WIFI supported motherboard and thus you can connect it to your device using the wire-free technology making the device clutter-free and space-efficient model. This motherboard is only coming in ATX form and thus those customers who want to have a micro ATX should have to go for any other device.

These motherboards have all the SLI, SATA, and PCIe slots on board and have a good enough number for that to make it a compact yet sturdy device capable of efficiently processing your commands and displaying a quality output.

But this should be kept in mind that this is an AMD Ryzen compatible device and therefore its APU is not that powerful to give you a resolution of 1080 pixels or higher and the peak pixels that this device could support would be 720 pixels.

This is an overall great motherboard having its onboard heatsink to dissipate the excess heat produced by the CPU to make it work longer and better by having an efficient cooling system. But what hinders its journey is its somewhat uneconomical price tag particularly when the competitors are coming with a good deal of comparable features at a relatively lower price tag with a sharpening cost difference.


This kind of costly gaming motherboard compatible with AMD Ryzen 3 2200g is a reasonable purchase owing to its flexible range of connectivity and feature-rich package that make it a worthy investment to linger on for many coming years.

  • Excellent memory
  • Flexible range of connectivity
  • Amazing overclocking speed
  • Somewhat uneconomical
  • Aesthetically poor


If you are looking for the best gaming motherboards then there is no ideal stop other than the GIGABYTE franchise and this is not just a matter of word as Gigabyte has maintained its top-notch position in the market by a prestigious lineup of a good many numbers of gaming accessories and other hardware techs.


It enjoys the pristine position of having the greatest number of graphic cards and motherboards sold out in the market compared to any other brands.

This gaming tycoons is not only about the greatest numbers but rather has a legacy of coming up with the best features at the best price and performance combos that make them the great quality wallet-friendly devices, probably the greatest customer catching trick ever.


This motherboard is an upgraded form of its preceding kin DS3H motherboard and has a major aesthetic modification to grab the attention of fancy users who don’t want to compromise on the fashion statement at any cost. From an aesthetics point of view, this motherboard is the best choice.

This device is operating on a 3+8 power phase VRM that makes the best model to have an efficient power delivery system rendering it the best in class. Talking about its slot, Auros M has an edge over DS3H by coming with 6 X SATA slots and 3 X PCI slots. M 2 slot also has an upper edge here by coming with a dual M 2 slot instead of the single port in DS3H.

Clocking speed with DDR is also good enough of 2666 Mhz that can be overclocked to 3200 MHz which is yet again a better option than our top pick, then why is this model not the best choice for an AMD Ryzen 3 220g compatible motherboard? This is probably because of its MOSFETs overheating and this is due to its inefficient cooling system. Another good reason for its downside is its lack of NVIDIA incorporation support.


This younger sibling of gigabyte DS3H is a great gaming motherboard having 2660Mhz speed with DDRs and can be overclocked to 3200 and is also offering plenty of connectivity ports to encase two way AMD gaming cards.

  • VRM extended to Heatsink
  • 11 power phase design
  • M 2 slot extended over by Heatsink
  • Micro ATX form
  • 2-way crossfire slots
  • Lack of SLI support

5. ASRock B450M Steel Legend

Gigabyte motherboards are an excellent choice for running the AMD Ryzen 3 220 g but what if you want to upgrade your entry-level device with a mid-range motherboard? There are a good number of options for mid-range gaming motherboards in the market but of them, all this ASRock is nothing less than a pro.

ASRock B450M Steel Legend

This is yet again another 450M series model and thus its Heatsink and steel guard features will woo the potential buyers from the very first encounter with it.Get Best Motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700X


This great gaming motherboard has many enticing features but what put is besides all other is its steel guard yes! armor for your gaming partner (motherboard) to save from the external environmental enemies just like the swift procession of your motherboard will save you from an enemy’s attack in the virtual world.

This B450 M Steel Legend is compatible with both 1st and 2nd generations of AMD Ryzen and this will be best suited to run the Ryzen 3 2200g. the most notable of its quality besides its steel legend is its Heatsink that dissipates the heat of the CPU and power circuit and lets them touch new heights of excellent performance without any further hindrance to the heating.

Apart from that heat sink, you will get a lot of rewarding features in this motherboard of which multiple gaming cards slot is a worthy mention here. This device will offer you a 1 X PCI slot for housing the steel armor and 4 X DIMMs along with 4 X SATA ports and the dual way SLI crossfire.

This motherboard has onboard RGB lights which make it an aesthetically appealing device and has 6 phase power delivery design that gives it efficient power supply. The biggest downside of this motherboards is its lack of a dual M 2 port.


For those on a hunt for the efficient and powerful gaming motherboards of micro ATX or ATX form, this is the great choice to count on for many coming battles.

  • RGB Lights
  • Steel guard
  • 6 phase power delivery design
  • Covered Input-output ports
  • Single M 2 Slot

6. Asus TUF B450-Pro

Almost all of the readers here must be familiar with the ASUS ROG and TUF series of gaming monitors and this is to say because those having those devices are generally inclined towards having the compatible gaming accessories of which this TUF B450 Pro gaming motherboard is the one. This great quality monitor like its monitor partner the ASUS TUF is coming with a very inexpensive price tag comparative to the ROG series that is costlier kin of the same brand.

Asus TUF B450-Pro


This motherboard is our second model that is coming up with the onboard RGB lights and thus this is a very aesthetically appealing gaming device whose backlighting will let you shine in the darkness and thus you will have your both eyes diverted towards your enemies instead of looking for the tabs on the board.

The power design of the device is a very clutter-free and efficient one and is coming with 4 plus 2 built that make it use two distinct charging pins for distinct components like you can use a 24 pin charger for powering all the components except the power pin which will be connected to the power source using an 8 pin connector.

The steel armor that we found in Steel legend motherboards is also located in this device along with 2 X PCIe X 16 slots and is coming in both ATX and micro ATX forms to cater to the needs of both types of the customers.

The biggest downside of this motherboard is its lack of a power rest button whose entrance will make it comfortable for the users to reset their gaming performance a start anew.


This ASUS TUF motherboard is a great gaming partner to boost your journey and screen time and is offering you a great power supply system along with an efficient heatsink over the VRM power design of the 4 plus 2 forms making it a worthy purchase over other of the same price tag.

  • Built-in RGB Lights
  • Available in both ATX and micro ATX versions
  • Efficient power design
  • Sturdy and compact build
  • Heatsink
  • 16 X PCIe Slots
  • Single M 2 slot
  • Lack of power Reset switch

Buying Guide:

What to look for in a gaming motherboard?

Having the best gaming monitor is a tough task and requires you to sit for a longer time search the ups and downs of the web to pursue the best in class product that would be the ideal match for you and your aspirations. But who will have time for that? Here we are to help you save yourself from that griming and rigorous task by searching the web. We have done the hard part for you and have gathered this buying guide to help you look into the must-have features in your gaming keyboard before you head for your final purchase.


Before heading towards your ideal purchase you got to be aware of the cooling system of your device and this is to ensure that you can have an efficient performing device that is cable of self-sustaining and will be saved from overheating. This safety from overheating requires you to have a motherboard coming with a heatsink that can dissipate the CPU’s heat and help you have an ideal functional unit.

M2 slot

M2 slot is the most important slot in your motherboard for maintaining the cooling of the CPU and for that you need to ensure that you get a device that is coming with multiple or at least dual M2 Slot and if not you should get a device that has the slot on the front side to save itself from the damaging effects of direct CPU heat.


What motherboard works with Ryzen 3 3200g?

Gigabyte B450M DS3H is a quality, compact and efficient motherboard compatible with running an AMD Ryzen 3 2200g. it is a budget-friendly gaming motherboard that is somewhat unparalleled for entry-level gaming. But there are many other good enough options in the market like GIGABYTE B450 AORUS M and ASRock B450M Steel Legend that are some of the finest B450 models in the market.

What motherboard is compatible with Ryzen 3?

A good many numbers of motherboards are compatible with Ryzen 3 2200g and among them are ASRock A300 and AM 4 series along with the immensely popular B450 M and pro lineup. The same is the case with Gigabyte, ASUS, BIOSTAR, and MSI manufacturing firms that has an amazing lineup of motherboard compatible with Ryzen 3. The best one out of these numerous models is the 450M series by all the leading brands with Gigabyte B450M DS3H leading the points table.

Is 8gb RAM enough for Ryzen 3 2200g?

8 GB of RAM might be going good with the windows 10 and the entry-level games but if you are after some professional gaming RAM that is also compatible with photo editing and work or entertainment purposes then you might go well with a 16 GB RAM yet if you want to have the professional high-end gaming with your Ryzen 3 2200 g then you should opt for a 24 GB or 28 GB RAM that can be overclocked to 3466 MHZ.

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