Top 10 Best Monitors For Reading Documents in 2020

Before choosing the best monitor for reading documents, you must know about the best monitor. What type of monitors are considered as best and what are their specifications? Which quality makes them best among all other monitors and how can we operate them? Moreover, which type of software and applications it just has to read documents.

Computer monitors are of many types. Some act as good and have friendly features with the latest technologies but some are poor in their functions and most people get fed up on doing work on them. Hence, to do your work with efficiency and properly, with full concentration without getting tired up you must have a monitor with good features of the visual display screen, with excellent battery life and with hard and compact casing.

In markets, there are hundreds of monitors exhibiting excellent features. So, one can easily get confused to purchase the best monitor. But there is no need to worry about it, in this article we will tell you the important points about choosing the best monitor for reading documents.

Best Monitors For Reading Documents

Before going to buy the best monitors for reading documents, you must keep in mind its good features and its price that is under affordable range. Following is a comparison table contains all the best monitors for reading documents. Let’s figure out that.

Let’s have detail about these products to get to know which one is the ideal monitor for reading the document?

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.ASUS Design Curve MX38VCMB169B Check Price
2.View Sonic VX3276-MHDMB169B Check Price
3.Acer R240HY bidMB169B Check Price
4.Asus VZ239H-WMB169B Check Price
5.Philips 276E8VJSB MB169B Check Price
6.Samsung UE570 UHD 4K Gaming MonitorMB169B Check Price
7.ASUS Designo MZ279HLMB169B Check Price
8.HP VH240a Full HD 1080p IPS LED MonitorMB169B Check Price
9.BenQ 24 Inch IPS MonitorMB169B Check Price
10.Acer KB272HL biMB169B Check Price
11.LG 27UK850-WMB169B Check Price

1. ASUS Design Curve MX38VC

This monitor has 37 inches display screen with an IPS panel. It is a monitor with a curved shape and has 178-degree viewing angles. It comes in grey and black colors. The hardware includes the USB ports, HDMI, and displays port.

ASUS Designo Curve MX38VC

It has a frameless design with the five-way navigation key to make excellent performance.  ASUS Sonic Master technology is also present which makes the sound more sharp and powerful. With the presence of this technology, there is no need for external sound speakers. ASUS Sonic master does the work of external speakers very efficiently. Moreover, it also has an embedded wireless charging pad. This monitor has a specialty of having ASUS eye care technology. This technology with backlight and blue light filters can protect your eyes from strain. Hence, this is the best feature of this monitor and does not affect your health.If you like bigger screen than this then get Best 43 Inch Monitor

The transparent base has a built-in 15W Qi charger that automatically quick charge Qi- devices when they are placed on its base. The charger is wireless.  You can also connect your Bluetooth to your mobile phone and enjoy listening to music. Its Bluetooth connectivity is also very fast and good. Its display screen has a clear image due to the appropriate and well-defined color mixture. It has a high brightness level and a good quality image on the display screen.

  • Best connectivity with HDMI and VGA
  • Good image quality
  • Attractive design
  • Plug and play
  • Powerful sound
  • No gamma adjustment

2. View Sonic VX3276-MHD

This monitor has 32 inches display screen with wide viewing angles of 178 degrees. The monitor is in a curved shape and has a frameless design.  This is an ultra-slim monitor with terrible features in it. I t can also be said that this is a thin monitor with thick features. It is amazing you can see from any angle. It has versatile connectivity. It gets connect very fast with HDMI, USB ports, and display ports.

View Sonic VX3276-MHD

The Bluetooth connectivity with other devices such as your smartphones is very fast. You can transfer your data with the help of Bluetooth in a quick way. The one more amazing thing in this is, it has flicker-free technology and blue light filter that keeps your eyes protected from strain.

It also has a screen split mechanism, this is done by the software known as View Sonic software. This software split its screen into multiple viewing windows.

When you are watching multimedia or engage in different games, you can enjoy its image clarity and sharpness. It will be seen as quite realistic. It is also said that this is a big monitor with big pixels. It has a crisp image, bright panel, and an accurate profile. There is no external power brick and one more thing is an affordable monitor.

  • Has multiple video input
  • Comes with power cable and HDMI
  • Thin corners
  • Light in weight
  • Dual integrated speakers
  • IPS panel
  • No external power
  • Sharp and very clear display
  • The top of this monitor is thin

3. Acer R240HY bid

This monitor has 23.5 inches full HD screen. The viewing angles are also excellent. The zero frame design enhances visibility. The battery timing is also good and has an ergonomic tilt.  This an energy star certified to monitor and suitable for light games. This monitor is also inexpensive.  The response time is also very short. The refresh rate is 60 Hz.Check which are Top 8 Best 25 Inch Monitors

Acer R240HY bid

  • Stunning colors
  • Beautiful design
  • Eye care technology
  • Excellent visuals
  • Zero frame design gives the best visibility
  • Energy-star certified monitor
  • Easily set up
  • Suitable for light games
  • Affordable
  • The power supply is separate

4. Asus VZ239H-W 

This monitor has 34 inches full HD display screen. It has a high refresh rate. It is stylish in design. It has an adjustable stand. So that you can adjust the stand according to your convenience. This will not let your neck fatigue.  ASUS eye technology is excellent for the eyes. You can use your computer all day and your eyes will not get strain.

Asus VZ239H-W

This technology protects your eyes from harmful waves of blue light. There is a filter in it that protects you from these blue light and also protects from eye fatigue. You have to adjust your computer sound by installing the computer sound card driver. The LED display covers all the standard RGB color space exhibiting all colors accurate and perfect.  Hence, this color resolution enhances the viewing experience of a reader and also increase its brightness and makes the display screen clearer and sharper.

It has an ultra-slim profile of 7mm. The flicker-free technology provides you better view experience and aids you to remain to save from eye strain. The box includes a VGA cable, an HDMI cable, an audio cable, a power cord, a power adapter, and also a limited warranty of three years.

Moreover, it has dual 1.5W speakers. The sound is slightly horrible and powerful. It has no touchscreen and has a matte finish which makes its design quite decent and nice.If you are into gaming and like Nintendo Switch then get Best Monitor For Nintendo Switch

  • Lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • Adjustable stand
  • Descent resolution
  • Good quality image
  • Limited warranty

5. Philips 276E8VJSB 

This monitor has 27 inches display with IPS panel and Ultra-narrow borders. The display screen is bright, clear, and sharp. Excellent color resolution. There are no dead pixels. The perfect pixels lining is present It has a 4k resolution monitor and the base is made up of good metal. It has a bright screen. This has a good quality image. The audio is good. It has four years warranty.

Philips 276E8VJSB 

PS displays use the latest technology that gives you an extra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, which makes it easy to view the display screen from almost any angle through which side you want to have a view of the display screen. If we compare the standard TN panels and IPS panel, displays give you quite excellent and crisp images with the best colors. Hence, it also makes it ideal and best for photos, videos, and web browsers. For special professional applications that have demand for color accuracy and for brightness at all times, this is considered as the best monitor. Hence, quickly go and kindly purchase our product of your choice.

This monitor also has flicker-free technology that keeps your eye protected from dangerous blue light, protect your sensitive eyes, and save you from neck pain or muscle stretch. This monitor also has an easy setup, you will behave a happy reading experience when you will read some important notes or documents on it.You can use Best 21 Inch Monitor

  • Ultra-narrow borders
  • 4K resolution monitor
  • IPS panel
  • The base is made up of good metal
  • Bright screen
  • Good sound
  • Lack of VESA compatibility

6. Samsung UE570 UHD 4K Gaming Monitor (LU28E570DS/ZA)

This is a 4k gaming monitor with 28 inches display screen. It has a sophisticated design. Better image quality. Pixels are not dead, hence the display screen is bright, sharp, and clear. Also, the color resolution is excellent. The high resolution makes your picture clear, adorable, realistic, and of good quality. The AMD Free Sync has the short-time response of 1ms and a high running process. The more the short time the quicker its performance. It has realistic picture quality. It is easy to operate. The display screen looks pure and quite pretty.

Samsung UE570 UHD 4K Gaming Monitor

Furthermore, it has a multitasking function of software PIP. You can watch your favorite movie on the window and also can work on a separate worksheet at the same time.

You can enjoy by upgrading HDMI support with an upgraded HDMI (v2.0) that further promote UHD color resolutions at a refresh rate of 60Hz. In this way, a 4K gaming monitor can smoothly perform its functions without delaying them. Hence, it is a good feature.

Moreover, you can watch your favorite movie, play your favorite game, write some notes, and also read some important documents all day without getting tired due to its flicker-free technology. It saves you from eye fatigue as well as from eye strain and you have experience of a convenient, pleasant, and also a comfortable view of reading your documents.

  • Sophisticated design
  • 4k Ultra HD display screen
  • Eye saver mode
  • Realistic image quality
  • Short response time
  • AMD Free Sync
  • Excellent color reproduction
  • Slightly expensive

7. ASUS Designo MZ279HL

This monitor has 27 inches screen with an IPS panel. It has an adjustable monitor. This monitor has 3W stereo speakers and ASUS eye care technology. The display screen is sharp and bright. The IPS panel is quite glowing. It’s sharp and bright display screen makes it good for reading documents.

ASUS Designo MZ279HL

This monitor is rich in its modes; as it has read, darkroom, standard, theater, scenery, standard RGB, night view, and gaming.

This monitor also has ASUS splendid technology that creates its display screen bright and gives it’s a clear and sharp image. The display screen of any monitor that is large with good pixels and best color resolution creates a good and pleasant reading experience. You can also enjoy the wide viewing angles during reading. This is a monitor with a slim profile and strong audio. Furthermore, its frameless panel with an ultra-slim design enhances its beauty.  It also has 7mm extremely thin chassis. It also provides you convenient and comfortable viewing experience.

The stunning wide view angles also create a good experience in a reader’s mind. The ASUS Sonic Master creates incredible, powerful, and strong audio. This is also the best monitor with its abundant features.Photoshop experts could use Best Monitor For Photoshop to improve their skill more n more

  • Full adjustable display screen
  • Ultra Slim design
  • Clear, sharp and good quality image
  • No dead pixels
  • Normal IPS glow
  • Nice sound adjustment
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable branded monitor
  • The refresh rate is 75 to 100Hz.

8. HP VH240a Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor

The display screen is 23.8 inches with an IPS LED monitor. The ultra-slim body makes it design stylish and pretty good. High advanced stereo speakers are also present that gives powerful sound. The high color resolutions make the image quality good and the reader can read documents easily. You can plug and play with all kinds of operating systems. It has a four-way ergonomic view. This monitor can be mount on the wall with a 100m mount of VESA pattern.

HP VH240a 23.8-inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor

It’s a dynamically latest, modern, updated, and also affordable monitor. It has integrated connectivity with other devices, adjustable audio, and has wide viewing angles.  It has an adjustable stand, you can adjust your monitor on it as you want to place it according to your choice.

The IPS panel gives its display a slight glow. The three-sided micro edges look so sharp. It’s a lightweight monitor with a variety of features. It has an adjustable stand, you can adjust your monitor on it as you want to place it according to your choice.

  • Ultra-slim body
  • Stylish design
  • 3W stereo speakers
  • VESA mounting
  • Excellence performance
  • The refresh rate is slow

9. BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor

This is reliable and also a popular brand. It has an ultra-slim body with narrow thin edges. The display screen is 27 inches with a TN panel. It has excellent color reproduction and high color resolution that makes an image of good quality.

BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor

It has high technology speakers, hence sound is incredible. Moreover, Flicker-free technology aims to protect your eyes from eye strain or fatigue and do not let your health down. This technology protects you from harmful blue light. Hence, this is the best feature, this monitor has. This has a sharp, clear, and bright display which makes your reading experience excellent.

BenQ gaming monitors aids in balancing the display screen of a monitor, make it clear bright and you can enjoy playing games on it. It gives you a spectacular color display. It is known as the primary gaming monitor but is also an excellent source of entertainment.

  • From reliable brand
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Excellent color reproduction
  • Nice sound
  • Sharp, clear and bright screen
  • Good image quality
  • Flicker-free technology
  • Excellent eye care technology
  • Slightly expensive

10. Acer KB272HL bi

This monitor has 27 inches display screen with a VA panel. The AMD free sync technology is also present. It also has eye vision care technology. It has a response time of 4 milliseconds. It has excellent color resolution and can easily be set up. High color resolution and good pixels make the display of great quality and realistic.

Acer KB272HL bi

Hence, the reader can read documents easily. The AMD free sync technology helps you to avoid your tears and protects your eyes from eye strain. This technology is advance with its eye-care mode. This monitor also has a VESA mount standard to stand it on the wall or brackets.  This monitor is easy to set up and has an ergonomic tilt.  You can adjust it according to your comfort and convenience. This is also an affordable monitor that you can easily buy with its splendid features.

  • The display screen is quite bright and clear
  • Good pixels
  • Best color reproduction
  • AMD RADEON Free Sync technology
  • Eye care technology
  • Good quality image
  • Acer Vision care
  • Versatile setup
  • Affordable
  • It has a 75Hz refresh rate.

11. LG 27UK850-W

This monitor has 24 inches display screen and IPS panel. The response time is very short hence it runs its programs very fast. Response time is of five milliseconds. The refresh rate is 60Hz. It also has AMD free sync technology which protects your eyes and does not let your eyes fatigue. So, now say goodbye to your tears due to this advanced technology. It is an innovative technology. It has a virtually borderless design. This monitor is also best for reading documents as it has a high resolution. The display screen is the large and high refresh rate. So, a reader has a good reading experience.

LG 27UK850-W 27 inch IPS Monitor

It also has an HDR effect, with this effect the non-HDR content can be transformed into the HDR content. This is also best for photographers, graphic designers and for everyone, because it has 100 % color accuracy and coverage of standard RGB spectrum. The design is virtually borderless.

It also has reader mode and DAS mode, a super display screen with good pixels. It has dual controller software I recommend you to purchase this monitor. I ensure you that your work will be superb and you will have a good reading experience on it.

  • Adjustable display screen
  • Excellent gaming feature
  • AMD Free Sync technology
  • Virtually borderless display
  • High color resolution
  • Image quality is also excellent
  • Slow connectivity speed

Buying guide:

There are mainly three types of monitors that differ in their technologies; they are CRT, LCD, and LED. CRT stands for cathode-ray tubes and monitors with this technology are in common use. You have seen the CRT monitor on your television display screen. Secondly, LCD monitors, LCD stands for liquid crystal display and this is considered extremely advanced technology of today monitors. Thirdly and lastly, the LED monitors, these monitors utilize much less amount of power if we compare this monitor with other monitors of CRT and LCD monitors. LED monitors are known as light-emitting diode monitors and these are the monitors that have the latest technology.Read about Top 9 Best 4K Monitors For Macbook Pro

Monitors exhibit some problems as they sometimes do not operate properly. Its display screen sometimes gets close while the computer is on, sometimes the applications are not installing properly, and sometimes the display screen got freeze. Sometimes, it gets heat up and sometimes it runs slowly. Sometimes, it also has no good internet connectivity and drops it. So, what should we do in these situations? What types of solutions can help us to resolve these problems? How can we fix these problems?

These problems are nothing so big, you can resolve it by yourself in easy ways as I am going to tell you. When your monitor’s display screen gets shut off while your computer is on, check the power supply. Check your monitor’s power supply with another device to confirm either is has a proper power supply or not. Secondly, if there is a problem with the monitor’s application, delete them and reinstall them, it will function accurately.

Then, you can fix the problem of your frozen display screen by pressing and holding the power button till that time when the computer turns off and start it again so that it will not freeze again. If your monitor is running slowly and does not do the working of the software normally, you have to install antivirus software to overcome this problem.

Before going to purchase the top monitor for reading documents, you need to know some important points about it that will help you do your work with excellence.

The points you should keep in mind are the following. Let’s read the following points will full care and attention.

Display screen

Firstly, choose the monitor with that type of display screen which is clear, bright, and sharp. So, it will not let your eyes strain. Moreover, a bright and clear display screen gives you good quality of the image and does not let pixels dead, so, you can read your documents clearly and quite quickly. The display screen must have a wide view of angels and high contrast color scheme. You can purchase LED display screen monitors as it consumes less power and gives a best, sharp, and clear image. So, you will have a happy reading experience.

Resolution and Size

The size of a screen also can affect your reading experience. The size of your monitor’s display screen must be high or large as it imparts the best effect on the reading experience. The reader will have a good reading experience with a bright and large display screen. 25 inches to 27 inches size monitors are preferred to readers.

Color resolution is also another factor that takes part in image quality. The high resolution creates a high-quality image, so, a reader can read his documents easily and in a convenient way.

Adjustable stand

If the stand of your monitor is no adjustable, you can get severe neck pain and back pain is a result of continuous staring at one side. So, the stand of your monitor must be adjustable. In this way, you can read your documents easily without your muscles stretch.  A monitor with an adjustable stand imparts a good effect on the reader and the reader will have a good reading experience.

These things that you must keep in mind before purchasing the top monitor for reading the document.


What is the best monitor size for work?

The monitors that have a 24-inch display screen are considered good monitors. These are commonly used in our homes and offices. But, for readers, the monitors above the size of 24 inches, (24 inches to 27 inches) are considered as best, as large size monitors give the best reading experience.

Which computer monitor is best for eyes?

The best computer monitor for eyes is ASUS PB278Q.  It has a 27-inch display screen with an IPS panel. It has an LED display. It also has special ASUS eye care technology. Due to this technology, it is considered as the best monitor for the eyes. This monitor has 1440 resolution and response time is also faster than other monitors. It has a standard aspect ratio of 16:9.

Is curved monitor good for office work?

The answer to this question is yes, the monitor with curved display has best viewing angels and makes the image realistic.  So, it increases the viewing experience either it is used in offices or homes.

How do I choose a monitor for work?

There are three methods of choosing a monitor that is best for your work. These methods are followings;

Method no: 1

Check out your monitor’s features. For checking the features, must go for IPS\PSL panel technology if you want to choose the best monitor for work. High-resolution power and response time matters a lot. Higher resolution means a high quality of the image with the best pixels. Similarly, if your monitor response time is fast and quick you ultimately have a good quality image or video that creates a good reading experience.

Method no: 2

This method is about selecting the size and shape of the display screen. Select the monitor that has a large size and curved shape display screen. So, the best viewing angles and the large size display screen can make your work experience good.

Method no: 3

This is the last method. In this method, you have to check your basic purpose. For which purpose, you want to choose the best monitor.

That’s all that you should keep in mind before choosing the best monitors for reading documents. Hope you will understand and follow the above-mentioned points and information. Why are you waiting?

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