Best Keyboards for Surface Pro 4 in 2020

Surface Pro devices can work as a laptop if you connect keyboard with them. These devices are highly versatile as you can operate them as a tablet as well. The one problem that users face when they use the devices as a tablet is that these Surface display have scratches easily if any sharp objects goes through it. This is why the keyboard becomes an essential item to help you protect your Surface so that you investment does not end in scrap. The keyboards that are designed for Surface Pro 4 provide the users with a fine typing experience and users can enhance their typing skills and speed with the help of these keyboards.

Best Keyboards for Surface Pro 4

There are a lot of different Surface keyboards that you can get. Microsoft itself has designed different keyboards for its Surface Pro that will help you to make it work like a laptop. There are different features that one looks up to when selecting a keyboard for Surface Pro 4. From typing speed to typing efficiency to trackpad navigation, you have to consider them all. We will now take you through some of the best keyboards for Surface Pro 4 that you can get.

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.Microsoft Surface Pro 4MB169B Check Price
2.Microsoft Surface Keyboard WS2-00025MB169B Check Price
3.Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover with Fingerprint IDMB169B Check Price
4.Microsoft Surface 3 Type Cover SC EnglishMB169B Check Price
5.Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT RGBMB169B Check Price
6.Brydge 12.3 Wireless Bluetooth KeyboardMB169B Check Price

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover R9Q-00001 Ultra-Thin Backlit Keyboard

One of the best Surface Pro 4 keyboard that you can get is the Type Cover R9Q-00001 Ultra-Thin Backlit Keyboard. The keyboard is the one that will help you to save your Surface Pro 4 from any scratches as you can easily connect with it. The keyboard will transform the Surface Pro 4 into a premium laptop through its efficient typing mechanism. The one thing that differentiates this keyboard with the others is that the keys in it are moderately spread out. These spread out keys of the keyboard makes it easier to type quickly and efficiently without having any concerns.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

There is also a two-button trackpad that is broadened to provide you the control and precision that you need when typing. The trackpad helps you with a better typing experience and makes navigation easier on the display screen. The QWERTY keyboard has a North American layout feature where you can control different functions from the keyboard only. From setting the brightness of the screen to the windows shortcut to multimedia, you can get it all in the keyboard in one go. The keyboard comes with a magnetic stability that ensures that the keyboard itself is steady and can run in for a long time as well.

The keyboard contains 77 keys and a trackpad that ensures that everything is moved swiftly. The backlit keyboard also has a cover to protect the screen from damage so that nothing happens in case there is any damage to the screen. The keyboard is one of the thinnest keyboard that you will find around with 4.54mm ultra-thin form factor only.

  • Mechanical keys for precision typing
  • Controlled and easy navigation
  • Long lasting and steady
  • Keys do not work after sometime

2. Microsoft Surface Keyboard, WS2-00025, Silver

You need the best keyboard for Surface Pro and one of the best keyboards that you will find around is the Microsoft Surface Keyboard WS2-00025. The best feature that you will find about this keyboard is that it is extremely compatible. The keyboard can connect with any operating system that you have. The WS2-00025 is compatible with Windows 8/10/8.1, Mac OS 10.10.5/10.11.1/10.11.4, Microsoft Windows 10 phone, and Android 4.4.2-5.0. The compatibility is the main feature that makes it different from the rest of the keyboards as it can connect with majority of the operating systems as well.

Microsoft Surface Keyboard, WS2-00025

Another feature that makes this particular keyboard unique is that it is sleek and simple in design. The keyboard can fit in with ease due to its style and takes less space as well. Apart from the design, the color of the keyboard also complements the Surface and the Surface Mouse. The keyboard is of grey color and works perfectly well with the other devices and will provide you a lasting experience. The device pairs itself with the Surface through the Wireless Bluetooth and the battery can power you for a complete year, hence there is nothing to worry about.

The keyboard also helps you to improve your typing as you can easily improve your typing speed and accuracy of your typing through this keyboard. There are no accidental presses of the keyboard and you can get the best typing experience that you can get without having to worry about anything. The typing from the keyboard doesn’t have any sound as well as it will provide you with a quite typing experience that you may not have witnessed before.Read HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop 690 Review

  • Quite toying experience
  • Complements the Surface Pro 4 with color
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Bluetooth connectivity issues as it does not stay connected

3. Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover with Fingerprint ID (Black)

One of the best keyboard for Surface Pro 4 is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 type cover with Fingerprint ID. This particular keyboard comes in black color and unlike our normal keyboards, this one has spread out keys. This is one reason why the keyboard may end up taking more space than some of the other keyboards that you may witness. It gives you a look of the keyboard that is already attached to laptops, hence it is a bit wide and will take up some space as well. Once you start working on it, there will be a feel of traditional laptop with this particular keyboard.

Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover with Fingerprint ID

There is also a two button trackpad that you can find in this particular keyboard. The trackpad that you can find in it is the one that is already there in laptops hence making it easier to give it a laptop like look. The trackpad not only gives the look, but it also provides you the precision control that you are looking for. Navigating with the laptops has never been this easy as you have more control over your navigation. There is also magnetic stability in the keyboard along the fold that makes it easier to adjust and work by keeping it on your lap.

Another feature that you can find in this keyboard is that it is protective and productive. You can also fold the keyboard to a finger print ID at the back just like a magazine. Once you have done that, it can act like a tablet and give you that tablet experience that you want. You can also store your passwords in one place without wasting any time and keep everything stored.

  • Conveniently secured
  • Productive and protective
  • Work anyway you want to work
  • Laptop experience
  • Trackpad stops working after sometime
  • Fingerprint scanner may not work at all

4. Microsoft Surface 3 Type Cover SC English US/Canada Hdwr, Black (A7Z-00001)

Keyboards are essential for everyone who is using Surface because it provides you with an option to use it as a laptop. Microsoft Surface 2 Type Cover SC is one such keyboard that provides you the best keyboard functions that you can get. This particular keyboard comes in QWERTY style and has also got different shortcut features so that you can toggle with ease. From windows shortcut function keys to the media keys, you can get it all in this keyboard. The keyboard also has an ultrathin touchpad that will help you to get the best experience of this keyboard.

Microsoft Surface 3 Type Cover SC

Another special feature that you can get for this particular Surface 2 keyboard is that you can also use it in low light conditions. There is a backlit design feature in this keyboard that makes it easy for everyone to use it in low light conditions. Often there are complains that palm rest doesn’t have the required space to rest your arms. This Surface 3 keyboard fulfills this criteria as you can easily and comfortably type on it while keeping your arms at rest. People want the keyboards to disable when they are using it in tablet form, and this keyboard helps you do that. The mechanical tracking method and magnetic interface makes it easier for everyone to use this keyboard.Read about Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards

  • QWERTY keyboard with function keys
  • Touchpad to control the cursor
  • Use in low light conditions
  • Keys in different places
  • Keyboard doesn’t cover entire screen

5. Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT RGB Backlit Wired Keyboard

While you may get normal keyboards, the Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT RGB Backlit is one of the best keyboard that you can get for gaming. The keyboard has got the standard keys that you can get in laptops i.e. 104 keys including numeric keys. The keyboard has been designed in a way that it is extremely compact and ultra-thin. The HAVIT RGB keyboard is thinner and lighter than the traditional keyboard and has been kept so to make it perfect for gaming. Another advantage that this particular keyboard has is that of having low profile switches.

Mechanical Keyboard HAVIT RGB

With the mechanical feel, you can get to enjoy high-grade games that will give you fast response. There are multiple RGB custom backlit modes that is easy for typing and makes it easy for customization. Playing in the dark has been made easier with this particular keyboard with different partial luminescence. The keyboard is driver free and all you need to do is to just plug and play and there is nothing else that you have to do about it. The HAVIT RGB Backlit is compatible with multiple operating systems which include Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Mac, and Linux.Check the list of Top 8 Best Nzxt Cases using these cases you can build beautiful gaming pc

  • Driver free plug and play option
  • Compatible with different operating system
  • Low profile switches
  • Ringing noises are present in the keyboard

6. Brydge 12.3 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

There are a lot of keyboards that provide you with compact and sleek designs. But it is the Brydge 12.3 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Surface that has got the rugged reliability that no other laptop can offer you. The laptop is simple and rugged at the same time making it easier for everyone to use it with their ease and in any way that they want. The product is engineered in a way to provide strength and ruggedness so that you can keep using it for a long time. The design contains maximum protection and aluminum to provide you the strength that you need for the keyboard.

Brydge 12.3 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Compatibility is one think that you can get with this particular keyboard as it can be used with Surface Pro 6, Surface Pro 5, and Surface Pro. With the help of the keyboard, you can get experience of a laptop, something that you may not get otherwise. There are different protectors available as well in order to curtail the damage or avoid it all together. The two touchpad button helps you to control everything due to the integrated glass trackpad for sensitivity. It can easily sync in with Windows and has got a long lasting battery time that you can use for up to 3 months. The battery size is of 1200 mAH which is a lot to cover.

The best thing about this particular product is the lifetime support and warranty that you get. Often after sales service are not provided in such keyboards, but with the Brydge 12.3 keyboard, you can get it with ease. There is a 160 degree viewing angle with the keyboard attaching easily in order to suit what you want. There is also an option of additional storage that you can get with the keyboard of 128 GB and 256 GB. Typing with ease and convenience has never been like this before.If you are a programmer read Mouse For Programming reviews

  • Rugged reliability with maximum protection
  • 2 button touchpad for optimum sensitivity
  • Lifetime warranty and support
  • Product can damage the screen

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