Best Fingertip Grip Mouse Reviews 2020

There is no need to compromise on comfort if you have the best fingertip grip mouse. Computing can be made much more healthy and friendly to the human body in a natural way. That is by investing in the accurate gear specially designed with the human anotmoy in mind. This can help you live stronger and healthier and also improve you performance in terms of your work, gaming and lifestyle.

The best fingerip grip mouse is not too hard to hunt. You can easily find it if you know exactly which brands make and which one have the best ratings. We have researched and compiled a list of the most outperforming options known for being the best fingertip grip mouse. These can be used for gaming, coding, designing and even internet streaming. If you want to live better and work better then you surely need one.

After all, no body likes to live in pain. It is always advisable to work in the most comfortable and easy manner to help you extend your work stamina, quality, creativity and even talent. Being left in awkward and body damaging spots can leave you exhausted and in vain. There is no need for that.

Although, you do not need to be told this. But, the best fingertip grip mouse can be a great extension of your hand inside the computer. You can control the screen much better, be more productive and work with greater fluidity if the mouse alongwith other components of the computer work for your body. Although no two bodies work the same, a good quality mouse will be a one size fits all type of thing.

Best Fingertip Grip Mouse

So without any further ado, or any more excitement build up, here are the options that work as the best fingertip grip mouse. These involve almost any kind of mouse including: wireless, wired, twisted wired and even gaming mice. We really hope this guide is the only one you need to read to make your final choice as we have put in a lot of effort to make it as comprehensive as possible.

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.TeckNet M009 Gaming MouseMB169B Check Price
2.BenQ ZOWIE FK1 AmbidextrousMB169B Check Price
3.Razer DeathAdder ChromaMB169B Check Price
4.SteelSeries Rival 300MB169B Check Price
5.Corsair KATARMB169B Check Price
6.BenQ Zowie EC2-BMB169B Check Price
7.CORSAIR Scimitar ProMB169B Check Price
8.Razer Orochi MobileMB169B Check Price

1. TeckNet M009 Gaming Mouse

The TeckNet M009 Gaming Mouse performs as an exceptional fingertip grip mouse option. It comes in a wired configuration. This is a backlit option. The keys do not shine. It comes with customizable features and happens to be extremely user friendly.

TeckNet M009 Gaming Mouse


The TeckNet M009 Gaming Mouse is a lightweight, portable and user friendly mouse. This is a gaming mouse and thus comes with a lot of gaming specs. These specifications are a great way for you to make sure that you are working and gaming at your best performance level. This includes the fact that you might need short keys. You cannot always rely on the keyboard for them. You can also use the programmable keys on a gaming mouse. This is why The TeckNet M009 Gaming Mouse allows you to program the keys. It has ten options for you to program. This allows the user a lot of comfort and peace.

However one of the major draws about this one is that it will not work with Apple. No matter how much you love it, it will not be compatible with Mac machines. Furthermore you should know that this is an optical mouse. This means that it is functional for use only when the light is on. So you can not turn off the light, it remains all time.

The best thing about this choice is that it is perfect for your hand grip. The TeckNet M009 Gaming Mouse has been optimized for the best fingertip grip mouse title.


All in all it is a great mouse. It can be used with 5 DPI levels. These are adjustable. The speed and performance of the mouse is in your control. You always need more control in a game, a battlefield and in the workplace.
  • It has a lot of programmable buttons for use special cases to be defined by you
  • You can use the customization settings in the software
  • It allows you to choose from about 16 million RGB LED colors
  • There are programmable buttons despite a lightweight
  • Does not function with Mac
  • You can not turn the orange light off

2. BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Ambidextrous

BenQZowie FK1 Ambidextrous is a great choice to use for Esports. Even if you do not want yourself a fancy gaming mouse, this can be suitable and simple choice. This is functional but not useless. The mouse is an optical sensor mouse. BenQZowie FK1 Ambidextrous is a flexible and modern choice.

BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Ambidextrous


The BenQZowie FK1 Ambidextrous is a high quality gaming mouse. It is a competitive choice. You get easy usability and fancy configuration in this one. It is one of the best fingertip grip mice available in the class. You can choose it from up to 4 DPI settings on this one.The design is simple to use. You can learn the basics really easily. It has nothing too difficult to learn or get used to.

BenQZowie FK1 Ambidextrous comes in other shapes and sizes as well. You can find a shape that fits your palm and finger tips according to your finger size and hand girth. It gives you a lot of comfort needed for gaming and esports. You can change your league or level as a player. BenQZowie FK1 Ambidextrous will give you consistent tactile feedback as well. You can use the simple and soft switch presses. These are super functional. You can also enjoy the sleek design. The user can use the speed and responsiveness of the mouse as well.


There is no software or drivers needed for the mouse to work on any operating system. You can use it as a player who just likes to use the devices in a simple plug and play mode. You can choose from a 2 metres cable length. It has a manufacturing 1 year warranty as well.
  • BenQZowie FK1 Ambidextrous is a flexible and movable configuration of the mouse
  • You can also use the soft switches for maximum comfort
  • The lights are not customizable, you can not change the switch colors

3. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

The RazerDeathAdder Chroma is a multi colored choice. If you like your things bright and colorful then you should try this. It is a great gaming mouse. This helps you with its 10,000 DPI sensor. There is a soft and super comfy fingertip grip. The mouse is a popular and common choice. It is also a snugly feel mouse.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma


The RazerDeathAdder Chroma offers you full RGB selection of the light. It is vivid, bold and colorful. You can fit it in your palm it is that small. It is like a Razor when working though. Each click is sharp and precise. You can use it with great ergonomic ease. Just try it out in a battle field. Alternatively if you are looking for the most comfortable mouse for working on long hours, design presentations, editing or something similar you can also use it. It is ideal for all kinds of functioning that you can want from a mouse.

The RazerDeathAdder Chroma comes with a 10,000 DPI optical sensor. You can work it from 50 inches. It is a great choice for gamers or users with big screens and an open area as well. You can choose the cursor and mouse speed. You can optimize it for your needs.


The RazerDeathAdder Chroma is a colorful mouse with a  super low tracking Z-axis that goes as low as 1mm. You can use it on any surface and table top. You can also use it on marble and carpets. It has an option for you to choose from about 16.8 million colors. The colors help you scroll and navigate through from new and vibrant moods within a game.
  • You can choose any color and any combination in this one.
  • Has an increased precision as compared to other good grip mice
  • Does not come in a wireless configuration

4. SteelSeries Rival 300

The SteelSeries Rival 300 is a zero hardware solution. It allows you to customize your experience and have it your way without tiring your hands and fingers. up. You can not jam your joints with overusing a good quality well-built mouse like the SteelSeries Rival 300.

SteelSeries Rival 300


SteelSeries Rival 300 is a precise and speedy mouse. It comes with easy tracking. You can choose the speed on your own. You can also make it as precise as you like. The mouse allows you to program the buttons. You can enjoy the 6 programmable buttons. These also let you choose from CPI. The buttons allow a resolution from 65000 CPI.

This mouse can be used for upto 30 million clicks. This allows the user to use it for several years, even with the healthiest and happiest usage.  SteelSeries Rival 300 is a configurable mouse. You can get used to the luxury of this one. It has the option for you to choose from about 16.8 million colors. The mouse can be used in 2 zone illumination as well.

SteelSeries Rival 300 allows new standard for the right handed user. It can allow the user to enjoy professional grade design and gameplay precision. It can help them choose from the best ergonomic styles. You can use the convenient ergonomic grip to improve your group control.


This mouse will let the user to use it with about 30 million clicks. Ths mouse is a quick responsive and advanced mouse. The mouse has an adjustable button. There are lighting zones. And you can get a lot of features that other mice will not offer.
  • You can customize the colors
  • You get to have advanced options and high quality grip
  • Does not come with a twisted wire option

5. Corsair KATAR

The corsair Katar is also an award winning gaming mouse. The mouse features one of the best fingertip grip mouse quality that you can get from a mouse. This one has a simple and yet very fancy configuration. It gets you a lot of benefits like not letting you get tired and still staying up to the mark while your performance.

Corsair KATAR


Many pro gaming teams allow you to play with the best mice. This is because the gamers help in making these mouse. It can be used in a regular mode and a pro mode. You can tune it to suit your needs to the best of your ability. You can also use it in its ultra lightweight design for long periods of time. The mouse if feather light as compared to other gaming mice in the category. This is as light as only 85 grams.

The mouse comes with an 8,000 DPI optical sensor. This will also get you unmatched accuracy. This is ideal for FPS and MOBA gaming. The mouse is suitable for the users with either hand orientation. It works well for both kinds of players left and right handed.


You will get the buttons on it. You can program them. Four of the buttons are programmable. You can adjust the speed and movement of the mouse for the most precision and control. The mouse is connected through a USB connecter. Yet, this is a great way to push the limits of the USB protocol mice.
  • It has four programmable buttons
  • It is ideal for left and right handed people both
  • Does not come in more programmable button options than just 4

6. BenQ Zowie EC2-B

The BenQZowie EC2B is also a quality ergonomic mouse for young and old players alike. You can choose the mode and the DPI level. This can give you more than accurate configuration. The mouse comes in an ergonomic design. This means it will give your hands a good amount of grip on it. You will not cram your fingers using it.

BenQZowie EC2-B Ergonomic


The mouse will come with it owns super long mouse. You can have a 2 metre cable with it. There are no programmable keys on it. You can not customize the color of the lights as well. But it is a top notch option.


You can choose the grip that suits you the most. It is very sleek. The design gives you good tactile response. The report rate can be adjusted as well. It is functional and smart to use this one.
  • No software needed with this one
  • Comes with a 2 Metre cable
  • This is not a wireless option
  • The colors are not customizable

7. CORSAIR Scimitar Pro

If you want the largest range of buttons then the Corsair Scimitar Pro is the most unique and fabulous choice. It can help you win, design and converge like no other. This mouse is a USB port mouse as well. You can use it with a windows 10, Windows 8 and also windows 7. This means you can use it with the best of the best operating systems.

CORSAIR Scimitar Pro


One of the best things about this one is that it has 12 optimized mechanical side buttons and can be used by pros. It has textured keys. The keys and their side buttons help in improving the experience for the user even more. This one is a semi patented design. This means that its patent is a pending one.


The mouse has great calibration abilities. It is also ideal for macro playback. You can use the three preset modes. There are MMO gaming modes and more. There are also general purpose keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can customize your experience with it
  • You choose from up to 16000 DPI
  • Suitable for wired usage this is not a wireless choice

8. Razer Orochi Mobile

The RazerOrochi Mobile is also a highly favorable choice for the fingertip grip mice out there. What you get in this one is a choice between a wireless and a wirefree option. You can choose any one you like. You can also connect the mouse with a computer through a USB port.

Razer Orochi Mobile


The RazerOrochi Mobile is not a random choice. It is an ergonomic and high standard mouse. The mouse allows you to use it for an extended battery time. You can use it on the go and during your permanent matches as well. This is a great choice for hackers as well.

The RazerOrochi is is usable with its 6400dpi 4G laser ability. It has a sensor that is highly useful. It is designed to be compact and portable. This adds to the gaming ability of the mouse. You can use it for a reliable usage and a highly interoperable computer and laptop experience.


Here are very limited choices in the market as premium as this. It is functional, lightweight and compact.
  • Lightweight and easy to use on the go
  • Competitive and smart
  • No batteries included

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