Top 7 Best Curved Monitors for MacBook Pro 2020

The MacBook pro comes with the maximum screen size of 15 inches so being a gamer or a designer, it might seem short. For the enhancement of your visual experience and productivity, you can rely on large screen curved monitors that hold an elegant style, exceptional visuals with color accuracy, wide viewing angles, and comfortable viewing experience. The excellent performance along with the feasible connectivity support is also offered by such monitors. Here we have enlisted some of the best curved monitors in the market that can be proved compatible with your MacBook pro and ensure you about excellent performance. You may have a look at the list and detailed review in order to find out the one which efficiently complies with your requirements.

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You can check out the Dell U-Series 38″ which is our top pick from the list of the best curved monitor for MacBook pro. The curved screen with an infinity edge is held by it so you can comfortably view more content with a single sight. As compared to other monitors, this one comes with a screen size of 38 inches with the resolution 1600 p WQHD and excellent color accuracy. This curved monitor is TUV certified and offers feasible connectivity options with its multiple ports. Moreover, you can also attach it via Bluetooth 4.0 or with 6 RF devices. The detailed review of the top pick along with the pros and cons is given below.

best curved monitor for MacBook pro

Each of these curved monitors are different from others with respect to its features like screen size, display specifications, connectivity, adjustments, etc, and of course price. Having an individual check on each of the elements may result in causing confusion so here’s the comparison table below which holds products, features, and respective prices so you may feasibly compare them and pick up the best one for your mackbook pro.

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.Dell U-Series 38"MB169B Check Price
2.Samsung 49-Inch CHG90MB169B Check Price
3.Philips 328E9QJAB 32"MB169B Check Price
4.Sceptre Curved 27"MB169B Check Price
5.AOC C32G1 32"MB169B Check Price
6.MSI Optix G27C2MB169B Check Price
7.Asus MX34VQ DesignoMB169B Check Price

1. Dell U-Series 38″

While searching for the best curved monitor for MacBook pro, you can contemplate on the Dell U-Series 38’’. With the screen size of 38 inches and a resolution of 1600 p, it delivers WQHD visuals, you’ll not see that specifications in most other best-quality monitors. The display delivers excellent color calibration and ensures the provision of vivid, real like, cinematic visuals. It holds a curved screen with an infinity edge. The curved screen delivers wide viewing angles and enables you to watch more without more eye movement across the screen hence your viewing experience becomes highly comfortable whereas the infinity edge design provides you frameless elegant display.

Dell U-Series 38 inch LED-Lit Monitor 

For the enhancement of comfort and delivers excellent safety to your eyes, this curved monitor is TUV certified which ensures the provision of prevention against flickering and filters the blue light emission as they can be proved really harmful for your eyesight. Other than exceptional viewing experience the 9 W speakers are the best part of it so you can enjoy cinematic sound as well along with the visuals, just like the other top-notch monitors. With such a wider screen you can also do multitasking over a single screen and upgrade your productivity to the best level.

Now comes to the connectivity so you can simply connect your MacBook pro with this best monitor using a single cable using its USB C type port. For data transferring and screen sharing purposes, other connectivity options are also here in the form of HDMI port, multiple USB ports, AC adaptor, etc. The audio line out port is also here for enabling you to connect speakers. In the case of wireless connectivity, the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity option is also here, moreover, you can attach 6 compatible RF devices with this curved monitor as well. For enabling you to use two PC’s at a time, the KVM feature is also held by the monitor.If you like fighting games you can use Best Monitor For Fighting Games

To conclude, we can say that like the other pricey monitors this one is all in one package and is a symbol of innovation whether it’s about the display, sound, connectivity, or comfort; it efficiently meets all the standards which make it the best consideration for gaming as well as for general use.

  • Wide curved screen with high resolution
  • Infinity edge design
  • Great for macbook pro
  • TUV certified hence delivers comfort view
  • High-quality speakers
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Does not offer free sync support

2. Samsung 49-Inch CHG90

The next product in the list of the best curved monitor for MacBook pro is Samsung 49-Inch CHG90. The monitor comes with a super widescreen of 49 inches along with the curvature of 1800 R and can really upgrade your performance and productivity. It comes with a resolution of 3840 X 1080 and delivers QHD visuals. It can best used as a dual screen view of 27 inches with its screen splitting option. In order to provide excellent color calibration and contrast ratio, it comes with the HDR support which results in delivering stunning, high quality, real-like, and perfectly detailed visuals. The screen comes with a brightness value of 350cd/m2.

Samsung 49-Inch CHG90

The curved monitor can efficiently make your gaming experience best, while the refresh rate 144 Hz minimizes screen tearing, motion blurring, ghosting, and input lag by refreshing the frames at a higher rate. The response time of the monitor is 1 ms which is quite higher than the human response so it will efficiently enable you to play at the fastest speed and have an outclass gaming experience.  For making your gaming experience smoother, the monitor also holds the AMD Radeon Free Sync 2 technology.

It comes with an adjustable stand so you can adjust the height depending upon your comfort. Moreover, it also holds VESA compatibility, so you can mount it on the wall as well. In case of connectivity, it comes with the 2 HDMI port, multiple USB ports, a Display port, and audio input and output jacks.

Bringing up the rear, the monitor comes with the brand tag of Samsung which is highly known all over the globe for its advanced gadgets. Just like other monitors, the monitor also considered as the best and comes with excellence and delivers exceptional performance and productivity with its really advanced features and design.Check the list of Top 10 Best 27-inch 144hz monitors

  • Widescreen with high resolution
  • HDR support
  • Screen splitting feature
  • Excellent refresh and response rate
  • AMD FreeSync 2 technology
  • Feasible adjustment and wall mounting option
  • Give efficient performance for macbook pro
  • A bit more expensive
  • Lacks built-in speakers

3. Philips 328E9QJAB 32″

Catch a glimpse at the Philips 328E9QJAB 32’’ in your search of the best curved monitor for MacBook pro. The monitor has a curved VA panel that offers wide viewing angles along with the crisp and clear images so you can watch more with complete comfort. It comes with a screen size of 32 inches with the resolution of 1920 X 1080 and delivers the full HD display. Moreover, it also holds the Philips Ultra-wide color technology and delivers excellent color accuracy and contrast ration with its high RGB and NTSC color gamut coverage so you may enjoy stunning and real-like visuals. The screen is 250cd/m2 that make this one of the best monitors.

Philips 328E9QJAB 32

It comes with a refresh rate of 75 HZ whereas the response rate offered by it is 5 ms. Both of the rates are quite efficient and can result in the provision of lag or artifact-free gaming experience at the fastest speed. For making your performance smoother, the AMD Freesync technology is also a part of it. For providing safety to your eyes while watching a screen for a longer time span, it comes with the flicker-free technology which minimizes the screen flickers and low blue light mode as blue light can lead your eyes towards bad health.If you are regular office worker then you should get Monitor For Reading Documents

For letting you connect it with your MacBook pro, external devices, and other multiple peripherals, it comes with the various connectivity options which include an HDMI port, Display port. The audio input and output jacks are also here. Like the above-mentioned monitors this curved monitor also comes with the built-in speakers so along with the excellent visuals; it delivers excellent sound as well. The 3-sided frameless design is held by it which makes it highly captivating and enables you to watch the full picture without frame coverage. It comes with the stand and also has a VESA compatibility option, so you can mount it on the wall as well.

By and large, the product can be served as a good choice for gaming as well as for designing or editing work because of its excellent display features and smoother performance with advanced technologies and high rates. The built-in speakers deliver a clear and detailed voice as well so you should check it out in your search.

  • Wide viewing and excellent visuals
  • Flicker-free technology and low blue light mode
  • Multiple connectivities
  • Built-in speakers
  • High refresh and response rate
  • AMD free sync technology
  • VESA compatibility
  • Lacks USB ports

4. Sceptre Curved 27″

Have a keen look at the Sceptre Curved 27’’ in your search of the best curved monitor for MacBook pro. The monitor holds the curvature of 1800 R and comes with a screen size of 27 inches with the resolution of 1920 X 1080 and delivers full HD visuals. The frameless design like most quality monitors, makes it more attractive in addition to the provision of maximum visualization to you. For the provision of exceptional safety standards, the blue light shift mode is held by it as blue light can badly affect the retina, all you have to do is to switch at the night mode and it will filter out the blue light.

Sceptre Curved 27

The monitor holds the refresh rate of 75 HZ along with the fastest response time so you can have a faster and smoother gaming performance over it without any blurring, screen tearing, or lagging issue. The built-in speakers are also a part of it and deliver an exceptional sound quality which matches the exceptional visual quality and lets you have a cinematic viewing experience.

In order to deliver you a comfortable and better viewing experience. Some of the best monitors come with a flexible stand, and this curved monitor also includes a stand that can be tilted from up to 5 to 15 degrees. It benefitted in the way that you can watch it through the exact angle without any glare. Moreover, VESA compatibility is also held by it so you can simply mount it on the wall as well. For letting you connect it with other devices, it comes with the HDMI and VGA ports.If you like big screens you can try Best 43 Inch Monitor

On a final note, we can extract that the comfort and convenience of users along with the provision of high-quality visuals and sound is one of the main goals of the product. It ensures the provision of a smoother and fastest gaming experience with its refresh and response rate.

  • Widescreen size and resolution
  • Curved LED with a Tilting option
  • Can be used for Windows PCs and macbook pro
  • Fastest response time and high refresh rate
  • Blue light shift mode
  • Built-in speakers
  • View angle can be better
  • Lack of USB port

5. AOC C32G1 32″

You can ponder over the AOC C32G1 32’’ in your search of the best curved monitor for MacBook pro. Just like the previous one, it also holds the curvature of 1800 R. The screen size hold by it is 32 inches with the resolution of 1920 X 1080 and delivers full HD visuals. Like other multi-purpose monitors this one is also a gaming monitor but you can rely on it for editing and designing projects because of its display qualities. The VA panel delivers a wide viewing angle and crisp and clear visual quality. Moreover, the smart contrast ratio is also here for letting you have a best viewing experience.

AOC C32G1 32

The refresh rate of 144 Hz is held by it which refreshes frames at a really high rate and minimizes issues like ghosting, motion blurring, and any kind of lagging. With the fastest response time of 1 ms, you can play or work over it at the speed of light. For the enhancement of performance and making it highly smoother, the AMD free sync technology is also a part of it. The low blue light mode and flicker-free technology is also a part of it for making the viewing experience safe as well as comfortable.

The curved monitor holds a 3-sided frameless design so you can view complete visuals on 32 inches without having any waste through the frame. You can connect it with various peripherals through its connectivity options which include HDMI, display, and VGA ports. The monitor comes with the stand and also offers a VESA compatibility option so you can mount it on the wall as well.Video editors should get Best MacBook Pro for Video Editing it will help them a lot

All in all, the curved monitor delivers a wide viewing angle and excellent visual quality. It mainly ensures the delivery of smoother performance and excellent productivity through it.

  • Wide viewing angles along with the clear visuals
  • Fastest response and high refresh rates
  • AMD free sync technology
  • Flawless operation for macbook pro
  • Frameless design
  • Eye safety features
  • Lacks USB port
  • Built-in speakers are not a part of it.

6. MSI Optix G27C2

Have a gander at the MSI Optic G27C2 as this curved gaming monitor holds the curvature of 1800 R and screen size of 27 inches with the resolution of 1920 X 1080 and ensures the delivery of full HD visuals. The wide viewing angle of 178 degrees is held by it. Moreover, its screen also has an anti-glare property so no matter how much brightness in around, you can efficiently use it without any glare. The monitor comes with a wide color gamut that delivers real-like stunning visuals for the best gaming experience.

MSI Optix G27C2

This curved monitor can be used for gaming as well as it offers you a response rate of 1 ms and refresh rate of 144 HZ which means it rapidly shifts frame without letting you face any kind of lagging, blurring, or screen tearing. The adaptive free-sync technology is also featured by it which efficiently matches the refresh rate of your monitor and ensures about delivering you smoother gaming experience.

The anti-flicker technology is also a part of it that doesn’t let your eyes feel any kind of fatigue by staying in contact with the screen by reducing flickers. The display port, HDMI port, and audio combo jack is held by it for allowing you to connect it with other devices.

In our opinion, you can choose it for connecting with your MacBook Pro in order to have the best designing and gaming experience. With its exceptional features, this curved monitor will surely fall in the list of best gaming monitors.Get 25 Inch Monitor

  • Wide viewing angles
  • Reliable to use for macbook pro
  • Fastest response and high refresh rate
  • Adaptive Free sync technology
  • Flicker-free technology
  • Lacks USB and VGA ports

7. Asus MX34VQ Designo

The last one in the list is the Asus MX34VQ Designo which comes with a really wide screen size of 32 inches with the resolution of 3440 X 1440 and delivers QHD visuals. This curved monitor delivers you a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees so you may have the best viewing experience through it. The ASUS eye care technology is held by it which reduces flickers and filters blue light for the provision of safety and comfort to your eyes.

Asus MX34VQ Designo 

The sound optimization technology is also held by it so you can have outstanding audio quality and do not have to attach the external speakers with it. It comes with the refresh rate of 100 HZ and a response rate of 4 ms so you may not have to experience any kind of screen tearing or lagging or have the fastest gaming or working experience. For making the performance smoother, it also holds adaptive free sync technology just like the previous one.

For making the connectivity feasible, it holds HDMI and Display port. The stylish stand is a part of it which makes it more attractive.

As a final analysis, this one is also the best option in terms of performance and design as well. Of sound is your second main concern after performance, then this one is highly preferable.Gamers should try Monitors For Nintendo Switch

  • Excellent visual quality
  • ASUS eye care technology
  • Sound optimization technology
  • High refresh and response rate
  • Best pick for macbook pro
  • Adaptive freesync technology
  • Absence of USB ports

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