Best Claw Grip Mouse Reviews 2020

The best claw grip mouse is a great way to work and play. These are fit for gamers, designers and editors.

The best thing about a best claw grip mouse is that it can be used with a set of programmable buttons to use for a different thing. These short keys can help you win fast and be even more precise with your strokes. And we all know that precision and speed are everything in creative designing as well as in gaming.

The gaming options in the best claw grip mouse is a way to engage in an immersive experience with the colors and the beautiful lighting.

The best class grip mouse will offer great speed and enhance performance. These factors can be considered to find the right one. Here are some of the best options:

Best Claw Grip Mouse

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed MouseMB169B Check Price
2.Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming MouseMB169B Check Price
3.BenQ ZOWIE FK1 AmbidextrousMB169B Check Price
4.Logitech G403 Hero 16K Gaming MouseMB169B Check Price
5.BenQZowie EC2-B ErgonomicMB169B Check Price
6.SteelSeries Sensei 310MB169B Check Price
7.Mionix MNX-01-26004-G CastorMB169B Check Price

1. Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Mouse

Here is one of the most critically acclaimed Razer Viper Mouse. This is a Hyperspheremouse. It is intelligent. And very light in weight. The mouse will come with its original charging dock and that is going to charge it up real quick, real fast.

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Mouse

Apart from the RGB Charging dock the mouse allows a fast gaming mode. This can be turned on or off through a switch. These two as a combination of features make it a top choice. This is highly recommended for fast gaming and heavy computing needs like designing and editing. The mouse is super fast and that is why most gamers will not notice any lags or pains.

The gaming mouse switch comes with a 20k DPI optical sensor. The mouse has about 8 amazing and creative programmable buttons.

Once charged the Razer Viper Ultraspeed Mouse is going to give you as many as 70 worry free hours of usage. This is an undoubtedly huge battery time. Everyone can use that relaxation between charges.

According to many competitive comparisons the Razer Viper Mouse is about 25% faster than other popular wireless mice in the computing industry. The mouse also works on quality by providing really low-latency and interference reduction for real wireless fluidity.

This asks you to compromise nothing and only shoot to kill in the true gaming sense. It allows no need for drilled holes. It is good on its own.

The internal workings of the mouse are such that they allow an inner light beam-based actuation. This allows quick and accurate registering button presses at lighting speed.

The design has been optimised for left as well as right-handed users. You can get your own thing going without having to get used to the orientation of the design first. There are ergonomic buttons on both sides. This is a fully Customizable Chroma RGB mouse set. There is a proper mouse charging dock.

It features more than 16.8 million light color combinations.there are also preset profiles, that give 5 hours of wireless playtime in about 10 minutes of charging. Razer Viper Mouse allows for reconfiguration and endurance of complex macro functions by the Razer Synapse 3.

  • There is a tension free high performance for up to 70 continuous hours.
  • Highly customisable
  • Does not come with a spare wire if your mood changes it is fully wireless


This Razer Viper Mouse can easily be the lightest mouse in the wireless options. This is from another class of mice. Because usually the wireless mice do not give such speed, accuracy and weight dynamics as this one.

2. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is immersive and standout. The light will give you an unmatched full-spectrum of light that show lcase a color palette of your choice. These are basically the responses to the game in action. You can use this for a more immersive experience.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse


A wireless mouse is usually not as speedy. This is a pro grade mouse. It allows high performance and does not limit your movements. This is known for latency, connectivity and durability that give a hardcore , and really fast 1 millisecond report rate connection.If you want best laptop check Samsung Chromebook Pro vs Asus Flip C302 comparison

HERO 16K Sensor is Logitech’s most accurate sensor. It will come with a selection of 16,000 DPI with ten times the power efficacy of previous mice.

  • This weighs as little as 80 grams.
  • You get a 50 million click durability.
  • The buttons in the sides are removable.
  • The cable is not as long it is only 1.80 meters
The durability allows your fingertips to hold and cover your mouse so you can operate with precision. This is a fine example of quality engineering.

3. BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Ambidextrous

The BenQZowie is also a great large sized gaming mouse. It has beautiful and elegant 3310 optical gaming sensors and come with a choice between 400/800/1600/3200 DPI.

BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Ambidextrous


This shows how mighty fine the qualify and control of the results will excuses here about surface friction or uncomfortable mouse pads. This also features a stylish and best in class Chroma Lighting.

Ambidextrous design means there are multiple shapes and sizes to improve performance and give a comfy gaming use. This is meant only for competitive esports players and serious gamers. You can adjust it to match different levels of responsiveness.If you do not want to expend too much money on printer then try printers with Refillable Ink

  • The Cable Length us quite big: 2m
  • You get a warranty as well
  • You can just plug and play no software needed
  • minimalist design.
  • Fit for web use and browsing
  • No braided cable.


The mouse also delivers tactile accuracy and feedback for reduction of double switch presses. This means it is smart and super efficient. This is an amazing functionality, there are no compromises on sleek designing so what more do you want.

4. Logitech G403 Hero 16K Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G403 Hero 16 k Gaming Mouse is a great way to use a great mouse without the lags and the stuck up issues of a poor quality mouse. It enables soft clicking and has really apt sensors. The mouse comes with a proper 16 k sensor.

Logitech G403 Hero 16K Gaming Mouse


This is a gaming mouse and can be used for great accuracy with design, coding and even editing. You ca use the beautiful and satisfying Lightsync. This has a beautiful RGB feature. It comes with option cable and the cables are braided to avoid any tangling or irritation.

This mouse allows minimal surface friction. It has rubber side grips on both sides. It also has a 16000 DPI for immense pleasure of the user. The mouse is so smooth to use. This is because it is less than 80 grams in weight. It can be plus minus 10g if you get a different version to the same model

The mouse offers a 1: 1 tracking ratio and a 400+ IPS, and 100-16, 000 max DPI sensitivity. It will seem so natural that you can not switch to another mouse after using this one. It allows absolute acceleration and a smooth consistency of clicks and usage. With the passage of time it won’t change.

You can also adjust the audio lights, and screen color. The custom lighting effects range from as many as 16. 8M colors. You can tune into the colors with the G hub gaming software, and sync across g gear.

Although this is super comfortable it is still just as durable as a mouse made out of pure iron. This comes with rubber grips for additional control and comfort. The rubber grips weigh about 10 g and you can remove them if you like. This removable weight lets you configure the mouse for the best possible use.

The mouse works well with G hub. You can customise about 6 programmable buttons. This can be used to customize in-game actions.

There is great DPI shifting which can help very stimulating and closer to reality dynamic switching between five sensitivity settings from 100 to 16, 000 DPI.

The mouse will provide you high gaming performance which can be as much as 8 times faster than standard mice trying to compete as gaming mice. There is a 1 microsecond report rate, and spring button Tensioning for amazing response rates.Want something different than normal monitor ? try Best Vertical Monitor

  • Accurate and exact
  • Speedy and colorful
  • Wireless and light in weight
  • Does not offer a wire free configuration


The Logitech G403 Hero 16 k Gaming Mouse is a great way to use an extraordinary mouse for daily gaming and no fail accuracy.

5. BenQZowie EC2-B Ergonomic

The BenQZowie EC2-B Ergonomic Mouse is basically one of the very few true to its promise mouse out there.

BenQZowie EC2-B Ergonomic

The BenQZowie EC2-B Ergonomic Mouse comes with a loaded 3360 optical gaming sensor with a variety of options such as a 3200 DPI. This is a way to allow more than accurate movements and fluid responsiveness, that provide the best quality experience for those who like an ergonomic design. This can give plenty of advantages on the battlefield.If your eyesight is week read Best Computer Monitors for Eye Strain Reviews

The BenQZowie EC2-B Ergonomic Mouse offers a unique design that has been obtained after a series of research and development projects. This comes with other shapes options shape configurations as well. This one its one of the best sizes to maximize performance and enable a comfortable gaming experience for competitive eSports players.

The BenQZowie EC2-B Ergonomic Mouse is also optimised for tactile feedback eliminating double switch presses, this makes sure efficient functionality, and sleek design.

The BenQZowie EC2-B Ergonomic Mouse allows an adjustable response rate. You can choose it according to our need from a speed of 125/500/1000Hz.There are no drivers can just allow the players to plug and play. The cable is pretty long as well. There are plenty of buttons that allows fingertips the additional grip they need for a competitive performance in eSports, design and editing.Read Best Compact Laser Printer Reviews if you want best printer

  • The cable length is a 2 metre long chance
  • Ergonomically designed yet fast and accurate
  • Easy to use very natural performance
  • However this is a Right-handed Design


The Zowie EC Series gaming mice comes in two sizes. This is the medium option there is a large one as well.  This can be used for intense daily gaming and yet the click quality will not change.

6. SteelSeries Sensei 310

The steel series Sensei 310 is a cult classic mouse. It is the latest and advanced option.

SteelSeries Sensei 310


The best quality about it is that it offers Custom TrueMove3 paired with a 12,000 CPI, and a 350 IPS optical 1 to 1 tracking sensor.

The brand says that it is set to offer a 50 million click durability. You can enjoy a Prism RGB illumination and customizable all lighting rules.

  • Speedy and fast
  • Colorful and impactful
  • Very immersive it can be addictive to use


This option is fit for all operating systems like windows, mac, and linux. You only need a USB port to start using this. So why not!

7. Mionix MNX-01-26004-G Castor

The Mionix MNX 01 is a great option for those who want to use a premium mouse for their daily needs.

Mionix MNX-01-26004-G Castor


It comes with a premium and adjustable 6 button multi-color optical right-handed ergonomic gaming mouse.

This has been created for right-handed gamers. There are other options ions for the left handed ones as well.  You can get equal support for your palm, claw and fingertip grip style.

For right hand gamers there is a dedicated pinky- and ring-finger. There is a sensitivity FPS play styles. You can hold and lift it in RTS Game like LOL, DoTA that enable even more precision and suits low sensitivity.You can easily use printers to print checks

The Castor scroll wheel is very simple to use and actually almost real. There is a Mionix logo just the way you want that you can color. This is suitable for a phenomenal MAC and PC software.

  • Easy and smooth to scroll
  • Fit for different operating systems
  • No software needed
  • No braided cable included


Mionix RGB is colored with lighting of 16.8 million color options. This is colored and beautiful.

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