Top 8 Best Asus Motherboards For Gaming in 2020

Every professional or the initiator gaming freak wants to relish over the most implausible gaming practice. And for augmenting the best internal recital, motherboard plays a founding role to overlock the better gaming. Motherboards are also crucial in exploiting the potential of the hardware.

So, if you want to upgrade your motherboard to more competence and probe for the best ASUS motherboard for gaming, then it would be a very time taking and hard-hitting task for the buyer to find the best option under a load of market. So, to give our buyer comfort, we have constructed an article with the 8 best market products. The buying guide is also allied below the description box to make a conveniently choose the product of his own choice.

As we know, time is money, so for the buyers who are in a real hurry, we would advocate them to buy Asus Prime Z390-A. This motherboard is explicitly designed for professional gamers. It enables users with very flawless qualities. It holds compatibility to the 8th and 9th generations of the intel core processors. It also offers the FanXpert to curtail the heat generating from the system and give it dynamic cooling. Moreover, it also offers flexible connectivity by procuring many safe and patent-pending slots that will pointedly augment performance efficiency.

Best Asus Motherboard For Gaming

The comparison chart below lists all the best ASUS motherboards for gaming to help you choose the best one.

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.Asus ROG StrixMB169B Check Price
2.Asus AM4 TUFMB169B Check Price
3.Asus Prime B450MMB169B Check Price
4.Asus Prime Z390-AMB169B Check Price
5.ASUS LGA1151MB169B Check Price
6.ASUS 90MB0YG0MB169B Check Price
7.ASUS B250 MININGMB169B Check Price
8.ASUS TUF Z390-PlusMB169B Check Price

1. Asus ROG Strix

Asus ROG Strix comes with a variety of different significant features. To procure the user to enjoy the most remarkable experience, it offers pairing compatibility to 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation AMD Ryzen CPUs. It also offers the user a very incredible speed of M2 that will proceed with the computer system fastly with no pause or wait. As every computer user knows that when someone works on the system continuously, it will then make the temperature to rise and cheat the system, so to lessen the temperature and to set it right to cooling adjustments, it emanates manufactured with the FanXpert that procures the dynamic cooling to the system and ultimately control the heating with its advanced cooling properties. For much efficient gaming experience, it also procures multiple gaming networking technologies, including plus ASUS LANGuard, which is turned to carry the system’s protection purposes. The best and remarkable audio sounding effects are tailored with the most innovative property of 8 channel HD gaming audio. The gamer will significantly enjoy the thrill of games with the best audio levels.

Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming ATX Motherboard

To cut into short, we can say that this would be the best option for those who don’t want to destruct their budgets as it comes with an affordable price tag. The above describes features, and it is also engineered with the sync RGB to synchronize the LED lighting. 5-way optimization also assists in providing auto-tuning. Moreover, for the protection of the gamers, it also holds the pre-mounted I/o shield. The multiple connectivity slots are also a part of this motherboard.

  • AMD 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation compatibility
  • 5-way optimization
  • RGB aura sync
  • 8 channel HD audio
  • Efficient speed
  • Maximum connectivity
  • LANGuard technology
  • Pre-mounted I/O shield
  • Some claims are about the defective SATA port

2. Asus AM4 TUF

This motherboard will significantly be engineered for gamers, so it shows the compatibility to the 2nd and 3rd generation of AMD Ryzen processors. Which, in turn, procures more speedy and effectual gaming after attuning with this motherboard. For providing efficient speed to the gamers, it comes holding the Dual M.2 and GigabitLAN.

Asus AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi)

To enhance the power solutions, this motherboard comes with very maximum durability, and it also offers several military grades TUF components, which include TUF LANGuard, pro-cool socket, and Digi. For the endowing the exceptional performance to the gamers, it is also induced with the FanXpert, which ultimately functions to reduce the system’s heating temperature and resulted in giving the ultimate dynamic cooling, which surges the dependability of the gaming system.

It also procures the gamers by offering them the lithe connectivity, including the multiple slots such as Dual PCIe, USB 3.2 gen.

So, all in all, we would recommend this Asus AM4 TUF to our buyers as it has all those significant features which are required by the gamers to upgrade his gaming set up. Along with the above-located specifications, it also holds multiple connectivity options, like Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet, and ensures the WIFI support to play its games smoothly without facing any hectic. So, go and place your order as soon as possible before it is out of stock.

  • AMD AM4 socket
  • AMD 2nd, 3rd gen compatible processors.
  • Military-grade TUF components
  • Lithe connectivity
  • Efficient speed
  • Wide gaming network
  • The fan is boisterous.
  • Stability issues.

3. Asus Prime B450M

Are you a beginner in the gaming field and want to upgrade your computer set up to gaming set up and looking for the great ASUS motherboard for gaming at an affordable price? Then you will be pleased to know that here we have the best products of your choice. The next product motherboard on our list is Asus Prime B450M, which surely suits the beginners well and will benefit them by giving them a fast and smooth gaming experience.

Asus Prime B450M

This Asus Prime B450Mcomes with flexible functionality features and will show efficient pairing compatibility to the 1st. 2nd, 3rd, gen AMD Ryzen CPUs. It will ensure and safeguard the overcurrent protection by procuring the 5X protection III technology that includes the LANGuard DRAM  to protect the hardware’s internal functionality. From the risk of overvoltage, it also ensures protection so that system won’t get affected. It also offers the IT endpoint management system by endowing the ASUS control center express technology, so in this way, your gaming device will be safeguarded. For more efficient and exceptional performance, the motherboard must offer flexible connectivity, so this Asus Prime B450M facilitates the users by giving the lithe connectivity, consisting of the multi-connectivity slots and networks such as 1Gb LAN, HDMI 2.0b, D-Sub, and DVI display outputs.

So, to cut into short, we would truly advocate this Asus Prime B450M to beginners as it comes with a very minimum purchasing value so that one can buy it easily as it is very friendly to one’s pocket. Apart from the above-crafted features, it also facilitates the users by safety slots and pre-installed I/O shield, which is composed of stainless place an hour order and make your gaming experience smooth with this Asus Prime B450M motherboard.

  • AMD AM4 socket
  • AMD 1st, 2nd,3rd gen compatible
  • Asus control center
  • 5X protection III
  • LANGuard protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Fast connectivity
  • System hangs frequently
  • Some claims are about the less reliability of the motherboard

4. Asus Prime Z390-A

Do you want to enjoy the most efficient and smooth gaming, but your existing motherboard of the mainframe setup does not grasp the required quality feature? Don’t worry; we will introduce you to the top ASUS motherboard for gaming, giving you the best results with your gaming experience. Asus Prime Z390-A is one of the most cutting-edge motherboards designed for the 8th and 9th generations of intel core.

Asus Prime Z390-A

To facilitate the gamers to enjoy the exceptional experience, it comes with a very flawless speed of M2 that will process the system efficiently without any pause or; everyone knows that the continual working makes the temperature to rise and heat the system so to lessen the temperature and to regulate the chilling of the system it offers the FanXpert that secures the dynamic cooling to the system and control the heating with its advanced properties. For the establishment and defense of the hardware level unified in the motherboard, it holds the 5X protection that functions with safe slot core and LANGuard to ensure the system’s protection tenacities. However, the best audio sounding effects also excite the gamers as Asus Prime Z390-A comes with the most unconventional property of 8 channel HD gaming audio that significantly springs the incredible audio effects to enjoy the thrills occurring during the games.

So, all in all, we would refer this motherboard to our buyers because it offers all the advanced and required properties. For maximum connectivity, it holds multiple slots like USB 3.1. moreover, for ensuring security, it comes engineered with the patent-pending safe slots core like PCIe slots. And to give automating overlock to the CPU, the revamped 5-way optimization is also procured with is the motherboard. So,  order this motherboard before it will be out of stock.

  • 8th, 9th generation compatibility
  • Revamped 5-way optimization
  • 5X protection
  • Patent-pending safe slots
  • 8 channel HD audio
  • Efficient speed
  • Maximum connectivity
  • It does not include WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity.

5. ASUS LGA1151 

ASUS LGA1151 is entirely fashioned to work in calibration with the 8th generation intel core processors. It also stretches the user’s extraordinary recital with its dual M2 slots that bestow the user to experience the most dependable tasking over this motherboard. Forgiving the system the most sparkling cooling and to diminish the rise up the heating of the system that results in continuous working. In this regard, it is fashioned with the FanXpert 2+ property that effectually delivers the dynamic cooling to the system. For more unswerving operations, it also concerns the protection of the hardware, and in this regard, it is providing with 5X protection III. That, in turn, safeguard the hardware levels of the board.


So, all in all, in our opinion, this is worth buying a motherboard, as it gives the remarkable qualities falling under the very affordable price that will not damage one’s budget. Moreover, with the above-crafted features, it also facilitates the user with the best audio effects. It comes with the 8 channel HD audio that then provides the most immersive and crystal-clear sounding effects. Moreover, it also holds the ASU OptiMeM that efficiently works to give more memory stability.

  • Compatible to 8th generation
  • Dynamic cooling
  • 5X protection
  • ASUS OptiMeM
  • 8 channel HD audio
  • Dual M2 slots
  • Maximum connectivity
  • Some claim that the DIMM slots won’t work effectively.

6. ASUS 90MB0YG0

ASUS 90MB0YG0 excites the buyers by procuring the best and the most significant properties under the affordable range. While buying a motherboard then one should keep in mind that it must rely on that motherboard which has the best and upgraded RAM storage, so to vanish this concern of our buyer, here we have cited the RAM size which is mentioned as DDR4, this will for sure excite the gaming freaks. It also guarantees that the chipset will tumble under the flawless type, which resulted in an increased ability to perform the relative gaming system. So, it holds with a chipset of type AMD X470.moreover, and it also facilitates the users by showing compatibility to ATX, which makes the motherboard more efficient in its working. However, to decrease the system’s high temperature, which is elevated by continuous working, it clutches the thermal cooling headers, which then work to cool up the system and enhance the gamer’s performance.


So, to conclude, we can say that this would be worth buying a motherboard for the one who is searching for the best ASUS motherboard under affordable range. It also offers lithe connectivity by procuring multiple ports such as USB, display port, HDMI, etc. the company also claims a three-year warranty and the product.

  • AM4 efficient processor
  • ATX form factor motherboard
  • DDR4 Ram size
  • AMD X470 chipset type
  • Cooling headers
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Anti-surge LAN
  • Overlocking will not work efficiently.


If you are looking for the best ASUS motherboard for your professional gaming purposes, then you are at the right site here; we are going to introduce you with the ASUS B250 MINING motherboard, this is specifically designed for the gamers to better enjoy the smooth gaming without facing any delay or shuttering while gaming.


This ASUS B250 MINING will facilitate the users by procuring the 5X III protection property; this will undoubtedly safeguard the hardware level to feel secure while playing three tournaments helding worldwide. It also offers the safe slots that work in calibration with the LANGuard and protects the hardware levels. Other than that, for giving the prolonger reliability and longevity, it also holds protection against overvoltage. For this purpose, the voltage stabilization capacitors also function incredibly to supply steady power to the system. It also offers multiple PCI slots that procure each GPU’s real-time state detection indicator in your rig.

So, to sums up, we would say that this is truly worth buying a motherboard holding all the best-featured properties. Moreover, along with the above-described properties, it also offers remarkable and flexible network speeds up the system efficiency by endowing 19 PCIe slots, which are quite beneficial. It also offers the best RAM storage of 32GB, which is best suited it the gamer so that the gamers will play any game regardless of the memory issues.

  • Incredibly designed
  • Efficient speed
  • Lithe connectivity
  • Safe slots
  • Voltage protection
  • 5X III protection
  • Flawless RAM storage
  • Some claim that the I/o slots won’t work effectively.

8. ASUS TUF Z390-Plus

As the professionals request a proficiency in each field, so for giving them the professional qualities here, we will present you will find the significant features that come along with this motherboard. This ASUS TUF Z390 motherboard will significantly be compatible with the 8th and  9th processing generations of intel core, which gives a more speedy and efficient task. It also speeds up the system by offering the Dual M.2 and GigabitLAN. As most motherboard holds very impractical robustness so to facilitate our buyers with the maximum durability it comes with several TUF components which consist of TUF LANGuard, TUF Chokes, TUF Capacitors, and TUF MOSFETs, etc. it also enthuses the gaming freaks by procuring the FanXpert of limit 4 which functions to reduce the heating temperature of the system and then results in giving the ultimate dynamic cooling that increases the consistency of the system. It also procures the gamer’s guardians with the safe slots to safety guards and protects the system’s hardware levels.

ASUS TUF Z390-Plus

Finally, we would suggest this ASUS TUF Z390 to the professional’s freaks as it is fashioned with all the incredibly induced significant properties. The above-described features also hold flawless audio sound features and let the user relish the gaming audio with 8 channel HD audio effects with high definition headphone Realtek. ASUS optimum II also enhances the performance and stability of the board.

  • 8th, 9th generation compatibility
  • Maximum connectivity
  • Gigabit LAN
  • Military-grade TUF components.
  • Safe slots
  • 8 channel HD audio
  • Dual M.2
  • ASUS optimum II technology
  • the computer reboots randomly and frequently.

Buying guide

Gaming requires a significant motherboard so that it proves to be an incredible support for gaming freaks. If you are going to buy the best ASUS gaming motherboard, then there are some vital factors that you need to know. Here for your concern, we have compiled a complete guide that will surely help you choose the best and flawless motherboard for your gaming.

Form and Size:

While buying the best motherboard for your gaming setup,  first, you need to know the dimension of that motherboard that fits best to your computer set up. For this purpose, compare the motherboard with your existing one so that you can easily select the best optimum size and form for your gaming setup.


If you want to buy a remarkable motherboard for a gaming setup, then one significant factor that you must keep in your mind while buying is the RAM storage; if you want a good gaming experience, then you should buy a Ram with a minimum storage of 16 GB, it would be best for your gaming setup. It is also advised to buy a motherboard with 4 or more slots to have enough space if one wants to upgrade the memory in the future.

PCI slots:

While buying the best motherboard for your gaming pc, you must look for that motherboard with multiple PCI slots. These are the slots that assist in expanding cards to be connected on the board for efficient gaming.

Processor sockets:

While buying the motherboard, you must keep in mind that processors play a vital and significant role in the working of the motherboards. Diversity of processors are available in the market, but only three that work efficiently for the motherboards are LGA, PGA, BGA. So first, you have to look at the dimension of your pc and then choose the best one accordingly.


This will provide one of the most vital features while looking for the best motherboards. This represents several different slots. It allows the user to connect the different storage devices like SSD or HDD.


Which ASUS motherboard is best for gaming?

Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme is the motherboard that is ideal for gaming and has a CPU support of intel 10 generations with a processor socket of LGA.

What is the best Asus motherboard?

Asus ROG Maximus XII HERO is the best, and the latest motherboard launches under the company tag of Asus.

Is Asus a good brand?

Yes! Undoubtedly ASUS is the most reliable and good brand. ASUS has achieved a total of 1796 awards for giving his users the most innovative and proficient services.

Why is Asus so cheap?

Asus’s budget is somewhat cheaper than other brands because ASUS comprises his built-in quality but never compromises on the featured specifications.

Is Asus better than MSI?

Both Asus and MSI have reliable and incredible features. It depends on the buyers that what are their requirements. Asus provides the proficient working for the business freaks while MSI would be the best option for gamers.

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