Top 8 Best 2560×1440 Monitors for Gaming in 2020

Are you hunting for the best gaming partner of you? Or are you on a search of the best gaming monitor having 1440 pixels resolution? Whatever the reason might be you have hit on the right spot and have come around the exact location where you could get to know the best 2560×1440 monitor for gaming.

Gaming monitors are a valuable addition to gamers’ life and they are keen on giving it the utmost attention and due search into the necessary features that make a gaming device great. With the growing surges of knowledge, the task of getting information from the web is getting complicated and overwhelming, therefore, we have brought you this review of the top 2560×1440 monitor for gaming, where you could ideally locate the features and specs of your potential purchase.

Are you hurried enough to miss reading the entire article? Don’t worry stay here for a while and have a look at our top pick. AOC CQ32G1 is the best gaming monitor that is coming with a QHD resolution of 2560X1440 pixels and 4ms response time complimented by 144Hz refresh rate and VESA mounting.

Best 2560×1440 Monitor for Gaming

Are you up to read our review in detail? Well! Now that you have made your mind go through the entire article instead of relying just on the top pick, so you are good to go with the in-depth information of each product. Have a look at this comparison table to have the glimpses of the best products side by side to have a clear comparison.

Let us just dive into the profound details of each of the earlier mentioned gaming monitors.

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.AOC CQ32G1MB169B Check Price
2.Philips 325E1CMB169B Check Price
3.Acer Predator XB271HUMB169B Check Price
4.LG 27QN600-BMB169B Check Price
5.Sceptre E325W-2560ADMB169B Check Price
6.Dell P2418DMB169B Check Price
7.ASUS ROG Strix XG279QMB169B Check Price
8.Samsung Business SH850MB169B Check Price

1. AOC CQ32G1

AOC is the name that is on the tongue of every gamer be it an entry-level newbie or the seasoned professional gamer. The reason for this much hype about the brand is its best in town gaming monitor lineup that is specifically tailored for the budget-ridden gamers who are not ready to set for anything less than the absolute best. The current model of the AOC is our best choice for a QHD gaming monitor and this is owing to its best in class premium features which are discussed below.

AOC CQ32G1 monitor


This is a 31.5” monitor that has a viewable display of 31” and is coming with a splendid display of QUAD HD Resolution of 2560 X 1440 pixels and this makes it a quality device that can be a long-lasting investment if due care is given to the necessary features before purchase.

The refresh rate of the device is again a notable point which adds an extra star to the product’s review and makes it a compact and sturdy device coming with a 144Hz refresh rate. The refresh rate is although good enough for quick action but gamers are usually encountered with screen stutter and tearing which is owing to the dead pixels.

This pixel death or screen stutter is reduced by the incorporation of the FreeSync technology that is AMD FreeSync. The biggest downside of this monitor is its 4ms response time that is not a likable point from the gaming point of view and should be better at 1ms or below.


This great gaming monitor coming with the QHD display on a VA display panel and a 144Hz refresh rate is a valuable investment to count on for many coming years.

  • 5” display
  • QUAD HD resolution
  • 4ms response time
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • VESA Mounting
  • VA panel

2. Philips 325E1C

Phillips E line series is an amazing gaming monitor lineup that has revolutionized the whole gaming realm by coming up with their splendid visual clarity and extensive gaming features together in a single monitor that is offering the combo of two different realms that is gaming and graphic design. This monitor is no exception to the manufacturers’ legacy and has retained their crisp clear display while adding in them the required gaming features.

Philips 325E1C


This E line monitor has a 32-inch curved display screen that has a viewable screen size of 31.5” and this large viewable screen is owing to its frameless three-sided ultra-bezel body. This monitor is coming up with the LED instead of the LCD and an enriched color gamut that is acting as the base for its visual clarity.

The curvature of the monitor is not the industry’s leading one and rather is set at 1500R that provides enough curves to provide an immersive field of view encompassing in it a 360-degree scan from the surroundings.

The color gamut of the E line monitors has the standard 123% sRGB coverage which is a very prestigious spectrum cover and is higher than many high-end devices that are coming with a maximum of 100% sRGB spectrum. Apart from that it also includes in it a 102% spectrum cover of NTSC gamut which is yet again the highest one in our selection, unlike the 100% NTSC spectrum.


Philip gaming monitor offering you the best in class color gamut with 75Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync Technology with the 2K QHD resolution and many other high-end features coming at 4 years warranty is a very worthy monitor that must not be missed at such an affordable cost tag.

  • 32” display
  • 2K QUAD HD resolution
  • 123% RGB
  • 75Hz Refresh Rate
  • VESA Mounting
  • AMD FreeSync
  • 4yr Warranty
  • VA display panel

3. Acer Predator XB271HU

Acer Predator is the name that needs no introduction particularly if you are having some dig into the gaming realm. Acer predator is enjoying the pristine position of the best gaming monitor lineup though many other quality rivals are there to hype up the competition but, the satisfaction that the predator series enjoys from customers reviews is beyond the current competition.

Acer Predator XB271HU


This is a relatively budget-friendly device from the predator lineup which is usually the costlier kin of the Acer manufacturing excellence. This cost-effective monitor has a 27” display screen that is coming with a3 sided border-less body to save the display from covering up into borders and edges and rater has a frameless built to preserve much of the display as a viewable screen.

The resolution of the monitor is undoubtedly the 2560 X 1440 pixels which is the WQHD domain of resolution coming as an enhanced form of FHD resolution for wider screen display and this monitor is an epitome of that. The WQHD resolution provides the screen with the natural lifelike imagery on-screen that produces a crisp clear display and spellbinds the user to a cinematic view.

The refresh rate of the screen is again a satisfactory point for the potential buyers and this 144Hz speed is enough to boost the gaming morale and knock out the enemies in the virtual battlefield. The latest addition in this monitor is its eye care technology that provides it a flicker-free screen and an anti-glaring display both of which are mandatory to enhance the screen time and reduce the digital eye strain.


This monitor by the predator lineup is a quality product that is having all the goodness of being a compact, sturdy, powerful, and cost-effective device offering you the desired specs at a reasonable price tag.

  • 27” Display
  • WQHD Resolution
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • TN Panel

4. LG 27QN600-B

LG’s motto of Life’s Good is not only for the working scenarios or the household consumer goods but rather manufacturers are deeply concerned with every single necessity of their customer that is in pursuit of an electronic addition to their life. The scenario is particularly fitting a hardcore gamer whose life is in line with having an amazing and efficient gaming monitor by a reputable brand that will gear up his repute in the virtual world and will let him outshine all other potential rivals in the gaming realm.

LG 27QN600-B


This LG monitor is surprisingly low priced than most of its product and the users must be amazed and spellbound after looking at the price tag of the monitor as it is a common belief that LG goods are generally costly enough to excel in the competition.

This monitor is a 27” screen that incorporates in itself a plethora of features that ought not to be missed and especially when they are coming from a trustworthy and reliable brand like the LG. the reliability of the product is not the only driving force behind its accelerated purchase.

The 99% sRGB coverage of the color gamut is a critical factor that is nothing less than a mandatory addition to the monitor these days and this is to ensure the visual clarity of the screen and its crisp clear imagery that is giving glimpses of a natural display on an amazing and a brightly lit screen.


LG gaming monitor with a 27” standard display is a reliable product that is good enough for the newbie gamers but if you are looking for a hardcore gaming device by the LG brands that have all the premium features then you must get yourself prepared for breaking your bank.

  • 27” display size
  • QHD resolution
  • 99% RGB
  • HDR10 compatible
  • IPS display panel
  • Limited connectivity

5. Sceptre E325W-2560AD

Sceptre monitors are groundbreaking initiatives that are proving their worth in the market by always coming up with the great quality features that are mandatory for a gaming device and the manufacturers move a step ahead to add a couple of features that make the product stand out from the competition.

Sceptre E325W-2560AD


This Sceptre model is coming up with a 32” display that is offering many worthy features that are nothing less than a quality investment to linger on for many years. This monitor is coming with the best-in-class features which are although coming up with bits and pieces of the premium features but this minimal price tag of under $250 is just as amazing as the device.

The most praiseworthy addition in this device is its built-in speakers that were not found in earlier models but their inclusion in this model makes a worthy addition and lets the users have a complete cinematic view before their screens without needing any additional audio source like the external speakers.

The ergonomics of the stand is also not a point to miss mentioning here and particularly when the stand is supporting all the necessary traits like the pivoting, tilting, swivel base, and a height-adjustable base. This monitor is not coming without bottom lines, like all other monitors, and the biggest drawback of the device is its slow response time that complicates the task of swift gaming action.


The sceptre monitor having a 32-inch screen size and an IPS Panel offering QHD resolution with the necessary ergonomics and eye care techs to give an enhanced and comfortable screen time is a quality investment that ought not to be missed.

  • 32”
  • QLED
  • 85Hz
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Slow response time

6. Dell P2418D

Dell has been the crowned king of the monitor manufacturing world and this is not just to say because it is evident by the best computer manufacturing brand of the year award that dell has won for four consecutive years. This crowned king is no doubt facing some dwindling forces that are throwing it down but the technological advancements and customer satisfaction is making it hard for the rivals.

Dell P2418D


The foremost notable feature of this monitor is its QHD display of 1440 pixels resolution that is making it a crisp clear screen and its ultra-thin bezel-less design is making it a fashion statement in the house of its owners.

The earlier monitors were although good gaming jacks but the common downside of them was laying in the type of display panel they are coming with. IPS is the standard display panel if you are looking for a breathtaking view and you need to ensure that your potential purchase has an in-plane switching type panel.

The great necessity of these days in a monitor is the ergonomics stand that is enabling it for a variety of features like tilt, pivot, swivel base and the most important one is its height adjustable feature. All of these ergonomics add on to make a great monitor that provides a comfortable screen time.

The biggest downside of the monitor is its 5 millisecond response time that is a great disadvantage from the gaming point of view and this is because input lag is the most common problem that is associated with the slow response time. To prevent this input lag one must be having a device that is coming with quick response time.


Dell gaming monitor is undeniably a worthy purchase offering you the best of both the worlds by combing the premium gaming features with a stutter-free display.

  • IPS
  • Ergonomics
  • 5ms Response time

7. ASUS ROG Strix XG279Q

ASUS brand is an immensely popular monitor manufacturing firm that is the latest addition to the well-established and reputed brands of the world widely acknowledge for their manufacturing excellence and expertise. The point which distinguishes this newly established brand from the previous giants and tycoons is the striking difference in the price tags of the rival products and ASUS is winning at this point by coming up with budget-friendly devices that are worth each penny of the investment.



The most notable feature of the brand is the WQHD resolution that makes it an all-round monitor that could ideally be utilized for a great number of purposes like graphic designing or the day trading. Its crisp clear visuals and the smooth display also make it possible to be used for home entertainment and cinematic purposes and this is owing to its high-quality display and the HDR compatibility.

HDR 400 compatibility allows the model to blend the best frames of a view into a single image that retains all the best angles and produces an image that is far better than the non-HDR image and in this way users can have a visual clarity that is beyond imagination with a non-HDR monitor.

The response time of the device is again 1 millisecond that is the most common yet most desired one ad this is owing to its swiftness and quick action that is like the heart of the gaming action. The refresh rate of 170 hertz is the highest in our selection and this makes it counted among the best gaming monitors that are coming with 2560x 1440 pixels resolution.


For those hardcore gamer who want to excel their rivals with the fastest gaming action, this ASYS model is the best choice that will allow them to use a 170Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time along with NVIDIA G sync and IPS panel.

  • WQHD
  • G Sync
  • 1ms
  • HDR 400
  • Pricey option

8. Samsung Business SH850

The hype that Samsung products have created in the market is not a hidden secret or a surprise for anyone and this is evident through all major media platforms and advertising agencies. The brand is fully worthy of all the hype it has created owing to the durable and reliable products it is continually launching in the market. Samsung monitors are no exception to their prestige like the Samsung android smartphones.

Samsung Business SH850


This monitor is particularly famous for its connectivity that is the hallmark for multimedia sharing and therefore business purpose and this is a mandatory feature of the Samsung business series whose prestigious member is this current monitor. This is a quality monitor that is coming with a USB c port and in this way, business owners and retailers can connect their smartphone devices with their monitors and go presenting their idea without sny external setup requirements like having a laptop for HDMI connections.

Though this monitor has dual HDMI ports for inlet and outlet yet the addition of a USB is a great feature that needs to be cherished every single moment either from a multimedia sharing perspective or to keep your smartphone fully charged while at work.

Though the flexible connectivity is the most praiseworthy part of this monitor, its ergonomics and display is nothing of lesser value and an ergonomic stand coming in a Samsung monitor is a great quality feature that not only enhances the screen time but also makes it comfortable reducing the neck stiffening and backaches. This is also helpful in reducing eye strain that is the most concerning health issue with monitor usage.


This Samsung business monitor is a robust device having a flexible range of connectivity coming in an ergonomic device with the QHD IPS display and all of these features add on to make it an overall great device.

  • IPS
  • QHD
  • USB C
  • Ergonomics
  • Not best for gaming

Buying Guide:           

Having the best gaming monitor is a complex task and the overwhelming number of options one can have in the market potentially complicates the task of finding the right product. But here we are to help you pull through this and sort out your preferences by going through our cleverly crafted buying guide where you can have the awareness about the necessary features and specs in a gaming monitor.

Refresh Rate

The most notable feature of any gaming device is its refresh rate and therefore it should never be looked down upon before buying any gaming monitor. The most common refresh rates in the market are 60Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, 180Hz, and the 240 or 280Hz.

The lowest of any refresh rate that a monitor can support is 60Hz while the most desirous one is 144Hz owing to its best price and performance. While the higher rates like the 220 or 240 are nothing less than dream refresh rates but you must be ready enough to splash a good amount of fortune to buy yourself a 240Hz device.

Response Time

Refresh rate cannot singlehandedly determine the pace of action of a gaming monitor and this is because response time is an equal factor to be given weightage in a smooth and swift action of the monitor.

Response time defines the time taken for the display of the output after the command and therefore, it should be placed at a lower time to have a quicker action. The most common and desired response time is the 1ms while many devices are also coming with 4 or 5ms and a few of them have even lower than 1ms response time like the 0.5 or 0.3ms.

What is the best monitor for gaming 2020?

AOC CQ32G1 is the best monitor for gaming 2020 and is offering its buyers a 1440 pixels QHD resolution along with the most hyped combo of 144Hz refresh rate and the 1ms response time.

What is the best 1440p 144hz monitor?

Acer Predator XB271HU is coming up with the 144Hz refresh rate and the best thing about this gaming monitor is its NVIDIA G-Sync that complements its fast refresh and produces a much smoother stutter-free display.
What monitor is better for gaming?

ASUS ROG Strix XG279Q is a very renowned gaming device that is yet again another 144Hz refresh rate gaming device and its inclusion of NVIDIA G-Sync and HDR 400 compatibility make it a better gaming monitor.


After going through our article you must be now standing in a better position to get the best QHD monitor for yourself. Before going for the final purchase don’t forget to give our buying guide a review and then choose the gaming monitor suiting your needs and budget constraints.

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