Best 140mm Radiator Fans Reviews 2020

Today’s article will set out to find what the best 140mm radiator fans are in the market right now. This review is going to be based on our top 8 picks of the best products after we have sifted through the best choices online and the review will be based on addressing the pros, cons, and listing out main features for your convenience.

The motor cooling fan is a device that moves air through the radiator when the vehicle is at more slow speeds or halted. This wind stream is responsible for the expulsion of heat from the coolant made by the motor utilizing the radiator as a conductor. This is a very important device which is why today’s article is going to be directed towards finding out the best 140mm radiator fans. However radiator fans can be used for several important other uses and that’s what we’ll focus on today.

The fan blades that come with high static pressure fans are arguably extensive as they are bent towards the source of heat. This ensures that there is a reduced gap between the adjoining sharp blades of a static pressure fan. These fans are intended to apply a very extreme amount of force in a way that will ensure that the air inside can venture into all the gaps and openings easily and cool down the part or heat source successfully. When you talk about the kinds of uses of these static Pressure Fans, they serve a purpose on devices such as Drive cove admissions, Radiators, CPU Coolers, and GPU Heat sinks.

If you don’t have the time at the moment to go over this review at the moment of our 8 picks, we recommend that you take a look at the Thermaltake Ring 14 High Static Pressure Fan which comes with a hydraulic bearing, anti-vibration rubber pads and an LED ring which comes in multiple colors which we will delve into later down in the article.

However if this isn’t enough to convince you, we recommend you keep reading to make the best decision and before you start reading, take a look at our handy comparison chart as this will educate you regarding the basic features of each product.

Best 140mm radiator fans

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.Corsair ML140 Magnetic Levitation FanMB169B Check Price
2.Corsair Air Series SP 140 High Static Pressure FanMB169B Check Price
3.Thermaltake Ring 14 High Static Pressure Fan MB169B Check Price
4.Noctua NF-A14 FLX Premium Quiet FanMB169B Check Price
5.Phanteks PH-F140MP Radiator FanMB169B Check Price
6.Noctua NF-A14 PWM Quiet FanMB169B Check Price quiet! Silent Wings Cooling FanMB169B Check Price
8.Corsair LL Series LL140 RGB 140mm FanMB169B Check Price

1. Corsair ML140 Magnetic Levitation Fan

First up on our list for today we have the Corsair ML140 Magnetic Levitation Fan which makes use of magnetic levitation technology as the name suggests and they also come with specially designed and custom engineered rotors which are excellent as they lower down the noise and grant unbeatable overall performance.

Corsair ML140 Magnetic Levitation Fan

One of the coolest things about the Corsair ML140 Magnetic Levitation Fan is that it has been designed with innovation in mind as it comes from the ML Series and therefore can get a higher airflow along with a higher static pressure so that your experience is superior and premium.

Another amazing feature that it boasts is that of Magnetic Bearing and this allows the device to get to make use of magnetic levitation technology so that the life span of the device is increased, there is a higher performance and there are reduced noise levels.

The best thing about this device is that it comes with a control range of about 1600 RPM and this means that you can take control over and can strike the right kind of balance between best performance and extremely low noise abilities.  Finally, this monitor also has a great balancing act between its airflow and its high static pressure and high airflow so no matter what the conditions are, it will persevere.

  • Magnetic Bearing
  • Magnetic levitation technology
  • custom engineered rotors
  • Extensive Control Range
  • 1600 RPM control range
  • None really

2. Corsair Air Series SP 140 High Static Pressure Fan

Corsair Air Series SP 140 High Static Pressure Fan is up next on our list and this is perhaps the best device for our users who don’t want to break their bank for a radiator fan but also reap in all the amazing benefits such as amazing LED light features.

Corsair Air Series SP 140 High Static Pressure Fan

As mentioned earlier in this review, this is an LED version of the Corsair Air Series SP120 High Static Pressure Fan. When compared to its known LED version, there are a few shortcomings as its build quality isn’t all that amazing and the performance is also slightly less than desirable.  This doesn’t mean that the quality is not great as compared to other contenders.

The fan accompanies a feature called sleeve bearing which decidedly is not as good as a water-driven bearing. The device comes with a 3 pin connector and can manage amazing speeds of up to 1650 RPM. It also produces an intense force of 1.46 mmH2O and comes with a wind stream of 57.24 CFM.

The fan has translucent edges which make it super visually appealing, however, it also grants the user the options of a variety of colors such as in Red, Blue, White and Green LED options. There are four LEDs situated on each edge of the fan outline and while the LED lighting isn’t phenomenal, there is no denying that it isn’t dull either. As an inherent flaw, it doesn’t come with any anti-vibration rubber pads on corners but luckily, this does not make it any less of a silent fan.

  • LED light features
  • High Static Pressure Fan
  • 3 pin connector
  • Maximum speed of 1650 RPM
  • Translucent blades
  • Colour customization options
  • Anti-vibration rubber pads
  • Silent performance
  • Average build quality in comparison to the previous version
  • Average performance in comparison to the previous version

3. Thermaltake Ring 14 High Static Pressure Fan 

The Thermaltake Ring 14 High Static Pressure Fan is up next on our list and it comes as a contender in the 140mm Thermaltake Ring Radiator fan series. The fan is named as a high static weight fan since it produces a moderate measure of static weight at 1.58 mmH2O and wind current of 51.15 CFM. This makes it a very powerful fan and in terms of design this fan comes fitted with an LED ring around the fan outline and is accessible in a range of colors including red, green, white, and blue hues.

Thermaltake Ring 14 High Static Pressure Fan 

It also has amazing features such as including hydraulically powered bearing, being completely Tt LCS certified, and of course is fitted with anti-vibration rubber padding. The most extreme speed of this fan is 1400 RPM which is great and it also accompanies a 3 pin connector. The fan is visually appealing thanks to the LED lights and thanks to the padding it is a very quiet product that comes packaged with Low Noise Cable or LNC  for running at decreased speed for excessively quiet activity.

The coolest feature in this device has to be the fact that it is fitted with a wind Blocker Frame which allows it to accomplish most extreme static pressure in all applications and what this does is that it decreases the blade’s noise and vibration, making an ideal harmony among force and sound.

  • high static pressure fan
  • LED ring
  • Hydraulic bearing
  • Anti-vibration rubber pads
  • Low noise bearing
  • None really

4. Noctua NF-A14 FLX Premium Quiet Fan

Up next we have the Noctua NF-A14 FLX Premium Quiet Fan and when we talk about the top 140mm radiator fans, it is impossible to miss out on this premium quality and super quiet one. It is a 140mm fan with a square frame that complies completely with Noctua’s AAO which is its proprietary Advanced Acoustic Optimization standard. Its square shape and 140mm mounting openings which are at 124.5mm spacing make it perfect for use on water-cooling radiators or as an upgraded design for 140mm case fans.

Noctua NF-A14 FLX Premium Quiet Fan

It is also fitted with anti-vibration padding which is inbuilt and this is produced using extra-delicate silicone material which decreases the transmission of even the tiniest vibrations while also somehow maintaining full compatibility with all mounting systems on the fan.Soundbars Under 150 can provide your great benefit with of high volume music in less price

  • 140mm fan
  • Advanced Acoustic Optimisation standard
  • 140mm mounting holes
  • Integrated anti-vibration pads
  • None really

5. Phanteks PH-F140MP Radiator Fan

Next up e are looking at the Phanteks PH-F140MP Radiator Fan and this is a 140mm high static pressure model which is the latest update before the Phanteks PH-F120MP radiator fan but when you compare the two, it does not generate as much static pressure but does manage a higher airflow compared to its 120mm version.

Phanteks PH-F140MP Radiator Fan

It comes fitted with new nine high-pressure MVB blades which are angled in a manner that allows it to generate a silent and controlled airflow. The blades produce what is called a downdraft vortex which makes sure that it allows for a greater amount of air passage through and simultaneously reduces the airflow turbulence across the blade surface.

  • 140mm high static pressure
  • Nine high-pressure MVB blades
  • Downdraft vortex
  • UFB bearing
  • Silent functioning
  • None really

6. Noctua NF-A14 PWM Quiet Fan

The Noctua NF-A14 PWM Quiet Fan is up next and it comes with a square frame which means it is the best device for water cooling radiators and even though it has a chroma black design, it comes with swappable red, blue, white, green, yellow and black anti-vibration pads that allow the color-customization.

Noctua NF-A14 PWM Quiet Fan

It also makes use of the NF-A14’s quiet cooling performance.

  • Colour customization
  • Best for water coolers
  • None

7. be quiet! Silent Wings Cooling Fan

Up next we have the be quiet! Silent Wings Cooling Fan and it is a fan that highlights a maximum RPM of 1,000 at 12V and also comes with a 300,000-hour life expectancy.

be quiet! Silent Wings Cooling Fan

The coolest feature has to be the 4 pion PWM link which is 500mm and this is adequate. The fans like all of this brand’s products are completely dark which is of course appealing visually but offers no customization room.

The performance on offer from the be quiet! Silent Wings 3 fans are quite nice as even though these fans aren’t made to push out huge amounts of air, they are still capable of staying quiet at all times.

  • 300,000-hour life expectancy
  • 4 pion PWM link
  • Super quiet functioning
  • No room for customization

8. Corsair LL Series LL140 RGB 140mm Fan

Finally, we have the Corsair LL Series LL140 RGB 140mm Fan which is an amazing addition to this list as it mixes the ability to reduce noise levels in its processing, has an excellent and comes fitted with 16 brilliant independent RGB LEDs which are divided between two separate light loops which are placed around the fan and the hub area.

Corsair LL Series LL140 RGB 140mm Fan

The easiest way to achieve this is by combining this with an existing ll140 RGB kit but you can also purchase a Corsair lighting Node Pro to customize your lighting experience with many different vivid effects and patterns. The only let down here is that this Node is sold separately.

This device makes use of an optimized 140mm fan blade and also offers users PWM control so they can set the speed of the fan anywhere from 600 RPM to 1300 RPM so that the adjustment of the airflow and the levels of the noise are under control. This is a device that is designed keeping in mind users that need the most powerful lighting, excellent airflow, and alternate it with quiet operation.Get Best GPU For Ryzen 5 3600

  • 140mm fan blade
  • PWM control
  • Excellent airflow
  • Low-noise operation
  • 16 brilliant independent RGB LED
  • Corsair Lighting Node Pro sold extra
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