Are FM2 and FM2+ the Same?

Both FM2 and FM2+ are similar to each other only the number of pins is different between them. The following is the detail about both FM2 and FM2+.

About FM2

Socket FM2 is a socket for mid-class and spending AMD work area Accelerated Processing Units and microchips, based on Piledriver (upgraded Bulldozer) 32nm engineering. The FM2 succeeded socket FM1, utilized by “Llano” APUs and CPUs, anyway the sockets are not viable with one another. At first, dispatched in 2012 in OEM work area PCs, the FM2 upheld double and quad-center APUs with the “Trinity” center. Later in 2012, AMD delivered a couple of Athlon-marked FM2 CPUs that had coordinated GPU impaired and required an outside design card to work. In 2013 AMD presented “Richland” APUs that were likewise viable with the socket.Get Best Fm2+ Cpu it will help you to increase performance of your pc

Right now the FM2 underpins all double center and quad-center “Piledriver” processors with and without on-chip GPU, working at frequencies up to 4100 MHz. It likewise underpins double-channel DDR3 memory with information rates up to 2133 MHz. In January 2014, AMD dispatched the socket FM2+ stage, which highlighted a new and more productive Steamroller microarchitecture. The FM2+ socket was in reverse viable with the FM2 and upheld more seasoned Trinity and Richland APUs. Nonetheless, Steamroller-based Accelerated units were not viable with socket FM2.Learn What other AMD Processor Will Often fit in an fm2+ Socket?

The socket FM2 has 904 pin openings, masterminded as 31 x 31 framework. It has 13 pin gaps stopped at the sides of the lattice, 7 x 5 segment eliminated from the focal point of the framework, and 9 pin gaps stopped close to the middle. It means Socket FM1, and FM2 use a switch that bolts the processor’s pins also availability between the pins and socket contacts.Learn Is FM2+ Compatible With AM3+?

About FM2+

Socket FM2+ is a socket for the most recent age of AMD Accelerated Processing Units for work area and All-in-One frameworks. The FM2+ is another modification of socket FM2, which is the reason it is regularly referred to as FM2r2 in AMD documentation. The socket was presented in January 2014 alongside the initial two “Steamroller” APUs, and right now (February 2015) it underpins more than twelve processors, based on the “Steamroller” microarchitecture. This incorporates A6, A8, and A10-Series APUs, that accompany 2 or 4 CPU centers and GCN designs unit. The FM2+ is additionally viable with Athlon X4 quad-center microchips, that need incorporated illustrations unit. The socket underpins double-channel DDR3 memory with information rates up to 2133 MHz. 

The socket FM2+ has 906 pin openings, orchestrated as 31 x 31 lattice, with 13 pin gaps stopped at the edges of the framework, 7 x 5 area cut from the focal point of the matrix, and seven pin gaps stopped close to the middle. Like FM1 and FM2, the FM2+ is a zero addition power socket that utilizes a switch to secure the processor and guarantee great availability between the pins and socket contacts. The FM2+ is generally set apart as “FM2b” on the real socket, and it is ensured to last in any event 50 CPU substitutions.

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