Neil Manke (Canada) - Game & Level Designer

Neil is one of the most popular and prolific independent 3D level designers, authoring over a hundred maps and mods since 1997. His creations appeared in countless articles and interviews, including media blockbusters such as Gamespy and PC Gamer. He lives in the vast frozen wastelands of Kamloops, B.C.

Einar Saukas (Brazil) - Game Designer, Project Manager & Programmer

Einar has been involved with games his entire life, starting with Z80 assembly programming at 12, before most of the team was even born. He co-founded Black Widow Games with Neil in 1997, where he's responsible for design, story, scripting, coding, tech support, management, marketing and taking out the garbage. Einar dedicates his life to his wife Rosy, maintains a successful academic and professional career, writes game reviews and articles for the largest Brazilian computer magazine, and plays soccer regularly, but still wonders why he doesn't have much free time left.

Magnus Bernekärr (Sweden) - 3D Artist

Magnus is a Computer Graphics student at gsCEPT whose future plans involve working with games, art and exploring the galaxy. He still belives to be a sane person even after building himself the world's only HL2 fridge for his kitchen.

Magnus Jansén (Sweden) - Troublemaker

After working on They Hunger classic mod series, Magnus managed to escape the Black Widows web and went on to create other games, but he still gets tangled up in doing sound and game design once in a while.

Marc Schröder (Germany) - Graphic Artist & Web Designer

Marc started playing Pong in the late 70's and programming on the C64 in the early 80's. Two decades later, his videogame addiction resulted in the critically acclaimed Half-Life SP mod Poke646, developed as his graduation project in graphics and design at the University of Applied Sciences. Marc worked for Gearbox Software as a level designer and texture artist in the commercial games Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and James Bond 007: Nightfire, and now runs his own design studio.

Nathan "Kune" Fearon (Australia) - Animator

Nathan has extensive experience working on animations, including the cartoon series Cow Chase for Animation Strands and Horatio Worm for Animation Station on TV3. He told us that animating flat cartoon spiders on TV qualified him to animate killer spiders in this game - we pretended to believe it and hired him anyway (hopefully he will never find out).

Ulisses "Ulix" Mello (Brazil) - Programmer

After too many years programming language compilers, graphic libraries in Assembly, and all kinds of corporative software, Ulisses finally decided to reject the dark side and join a game development project. He claims this change has also cured his World of Warcraft addiction, although he still preserves the habit of using the computer over the night and sleeping most of the day.

Paul Taylor (USA) - Testy Tester

Paul proudly claims he has been testing single player maps for Neil since the dawn of time (he seems to think the universe was created in early 1998). When he's not building and repairing computers for a living, he's usually playing computer games - his love for gaming started when Wolfenstein was released. Guess who gets to play with all the latest gaming goodies?


Teddy "Bear" Bergsman (Sweden) - 2D Artist

Teddy is a diligent Civil Engineering student at Chalmers University of Technology by day and an artistic freak of nature by night. Besides spending most of his working hours on They Hunger: Lost Souls, he is a game graphics oriented freelance artist. He enjoys playing with Photoshop just as much as he loves playing the guitar, sitar and harmonica - never turning down a creative challenge.

Kelly "Evoken" Maynard (Australia) - 3D Artist

Evoken is a IT System Admin student at TAFE Tasmania, an interest partially driven by his passion for computers and games. Some of his favorite hobbies include fantasy novels and LAN parties.

Robert Briscoe (United Kingdom) - 3D Artist

Robert graduated in Multimedia Design at De Montfort University, where he specialized in games design and computer animation. He worked four years as 3D graphics artist, creating simulations and realtime environments for defence training, prior to becoming a full-time freelance artist focused on game development. For They Hunger: Lost Souls, Robert designed the cargo boat, broken well and tape recorder models.

Björn "CgMonkey" Sörensen (Sweden) - 3D Artist

Björn is a co-founder and manager of Sweden's largest gamedev portal, and a Computer Graphics student at gsCEPT. His background includes modeling for the official Enemy Territory remake of the popular mod Urban Terror and the commercial RPG game Dawnspire.

Jeremy Chapman (USA) - 3D Artist

Jeremy is a freelance artist, graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia with a Bachelor degree in Media Arts and Animation. He's currently working at EG&G on simulators for the government, and spends the rest of his time developing and playing games, as well as soaking in as much anime as possible.

Dylan 'Bonebrew' Brady (USA) - 3D Artist

Dylan's modeling background comes from developing mods and studying Game Art at Golden West College. He loves modeling, texturing, and painting, about as much as playing drums and surfing.

Daniel Schönherr (Sweden) - 3D Artist

Daniel's life is a mystery to us. According to rumors, he graduated from Gotland University and currently works for DICE. We only know for a fact that he modeled a main character for They Hunger: Lost Souls.

Paul "Blue2k" Parry (United Kingdom) - 3D Artist

Paul is a professional musician with a passion for computers, art, and esoteric fringe science. He lives and breathes games, and wishes he could paint his house with Photoshop and build him a shed with 3D Max. He's been married for 11 years with two kids of 5 and 1 years old. Paul modeled a yellow cab for They Hunger: Lost Souls.

Sebastian "Spawn" Croon (Sweden) - 2D Artist

Spawn has been a regular contributor to Black Widow Games since the SOF 3 project for Quake 2, and worked as main modeler in Underworld Bloodline for Half-Life. He claims to hate studying but nobody really believes him since from time to time he takes classes on computer oriented subjects such as web design and graphic communication. He has recently left the team for a full-time position as 3D Artist at Grin.

Dik "Hollowmind" Askren (USA) - 3D Artist

Hollowmind received quite a few "model of the week" awards for his Half-Life and UT modeling work, although his most widespread model is probably the hilarious zombie chicken from the classic They Hunger mod series. He modeled a flashlight and shovel for They Hunger: Lost Souls.

Damian Sosa (USA) - Animator

Damian's biggest passion is directing films from all kinds of media, ranging from threatrical presentations to cinematics in computer games. He studied computer animation at Riverside Community College, with additional classes in 2D art, advanced art and painting. Damian is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in film at California State University of Fullerton, all the while watching the world and its people freely animate about in real time.

Michael "Graves" Velasquez (USA) - 2D Artist

Modding games since 2002, Mike is best known for his character models from the Jedi Outcast/Academy modding scene. He's currently enrolled at AIPX where he persues a Bachelor of Arts degree. When not beefing up his portfolio, his little spare time is spent behind a computer pwning noobs and making little kids cry in Counter-Strike: Source.

Michael "Zioko" Schmid (Germany) - 2D Artist

Zioko works as media designer and he's also a musician, composing mostly orchestral and techno. He created texture skins for insects and jeeps in They Hunger: Lost Souls.

Ryan "Loom" Bargiel (Australia) - 2D Artist

Loom currently works for Krome Studios as texture artist developing a commercial console game, and he's also a I.T. Computer Technician student at TAFE NSW. He created texture skins for the crucifix models in They Hunger: Lost Souls.

Pedroleum - 3D Artist

Little is known about Pedroleum's true identity, except he's a popular level designer that has kindly provided a few vegetation models for They Hunger: Lost Souls.


Tad Goddard a.k.a. Tad Olson (Canada) - Musician, Singer & Songwriter

Tad has collaborated and composed songs on movies such as Ripper: Letter from Hell and Ripper 2: Letter from Within. He has performed live to thousands playing bass guitar with Prism, Swenny Todd and Steeler, and is currently recording his own songs due out Fall 2007 with partner Ray Roper at Rays Studio. Contact: [email protected].

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